You Can Take That Needle And…

I posted last week about the possible reasons why the U.S. government and all other Western governments are urging their citizens to get the COVID “vaccination” with the most intensive propaganda barrage I’ve ever seen.

Up until now the incentives offered have been mostly carrots — cash payouts, free stuff, tickets to Bruce Springsteen concerts, the right to enter restaurants and dine indoors, etc. However, one could sense that the sticks were on the way. They’ve become more obvious in the last couple of weeks, with the mandates imposed by the French government, and the restrictions on the unvaccinated announced by New York Mayor Bill “Stalin” de Blasio.

Yesterday a couple of new data points appeared that help us understand which way the wind is blowing. First of all, President Joe Biden said that he expected the FDA to give full approval to the vax by “mid fall”. Immediately following that announcement, like magic, someone at the FDA leaked information to The New York Times saying that the Pfizer “vaccine” will receive full FDA approval this fall.

This will clear the way for the federal government to impose a national mandate requiring citizens to get the jab. As long as the mRNA/spike protein treatment remained experimental, the government’s ability to make the vax mandatory was hobbled — that pesky Nuremberg Code kept getting in the way. With full FDA approval, however, the jab is no longer experimental, so that particular obstacle will be removed.

For myself, I intend to be a broken record about the “vaccine” for as long as I can, until four burly orderlies pin me down while the nurse sticks a needle in my arm. According to law, everyone is entitled to give “informed consent” to any medical treatment. I wish to be fully informed, so please show me the results that show the adverse effects of the “vaccine” after five years, according to the clinical studies. No such information exists, of course, and will not until at least 2025. Therefore I cannot be informed. Therefore I deny my consent, for all the good it will do me.

I expect the government to hold back from the Full Monty on vaccine coercion for a little while. Not all federal judges are yet fully under the thumb of the new regime, so the Powers That Be inside the Beltway, if they are shrewd, will avoid any executive orders that would be in obvious violation of Constitutional protections.

However, the feds have numerous methods of getting around that annoying Constitution; they’ve been using them for decades. Those methods mostly involve the power of the purse: any entity that receives federal funding must comply with the federal mandate, or risk losing that funding. Such entities include state and local governments, hospitals, family practices, public universities and community colleges, public schools, non-profit organizations, numerous private corporations (including grocery stores that take food stamps etc.), and individuals who receive Social Security payments or disability or are treated by practitioners who receive Medicare or Medicaid. In other words, damned near everyone in the country can be forced to get the jab at the risk of having vital resources withdrawn, all without violating their Constitutional rights.

That’s what I’m expecting. I’ll be tightening my belt and hunkering down. I’m hoping the Amish markets will resist the federal mandates even after Food Lion caves in.

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Brandon Smith has posted an excellent essay entitled “We Will Not Comply: A Campaign Against Medical Tyranny”. His basic idea is that we “vaccine hesitants” should consciously decide to act as a decentralized resistance against the new Stalinist reality. To be organized and have leaders is to invite FBI infiltration and prosecution. However, if we simply act spontaneously and support each other, we can make the enforcement of full compliance quite difficult for FedGov. After all, there are many millions of us.

To that end I have included his graphic at the top of this post. I’ve appended various additional anti-vax graphics below, which everyone can borrow and distribute as they see fit.

For my own part, my contribution is simply that I WILL NOT COMPLY. I won’t voluntarily allow myself to be jabbed, and am willing to live with the consequences, whatever they may be.

Hat tips: WRSA and Conservative Tree House.

14 thoughts on “You Can Take That Needle And…

  1. My take would be that as they reached 70+ percent vax rate, the sticks will come out fast. As the sheep obeys, there will be mandatory booster shots, (they are talking 2-3) and by that time who knows what will be injected. Maybe a chip, just to make it scannable for the venues. Connect it or not to the bank accounts, one will not be able to sell, buy or have gainful employment unless they have the “vax”. And some people say that the devil doesn’t’ exist. Phleeese…

  2. I like the Mr. Natural cartoon.
    BTW, I remember R. Cobb’s album cover for Big Brother & the Holding Company’s live concert as well as his version of the Old Testament.

    • Yes, wasn’t that one of the mantras of the hippies in the sixties; “live natural”? Communes; growing their own food; primitivism against modern technology; no pesticides and toxic water and air? What happened to them? They’re the first to get the toxic Covid shots. Boy has the world turned upside -down.

      And remember “free speech” marches in the sixties? Now you’re cancelled for exercising that right if “they” disapprove of your words.

      The world is confused and divided. Jesus Christ the Savior is coming soon. Repent and be saved from the wrath of God to come.

      • Confuse, O Lord, divide their tongues,
        For I have seen violence and strife in the city.
        Day and night they go around her upon her walls,
        And iniquity and mischief are in her midst.
        Destruction is in her midst;
        Oppression and deceit do not depart from her streets.

        For it is not an enemy who reproaches me,
        Then I could bear it;
        Nor is it one who hates me who has exalted himself against me,
        Then I could hide myself from him.
        But it is you, a man my equal,
        My companion and my familiar friend;
        We who had sweet fellowship together
        Walked in the house of God in the throng.
        Let death come deceitfully upon them;
        Let them go down alive to Sheol,
        For evil is in their dwelling, in their midst.

        As for me, I shall call upon God,
        And the LORD will save me.
        Psalm 55

  3. Corona Macht Frei picture – is out of date. Today, the Vaccine will set you free!

    the only thing which I disagree on, so I had to comment. Otherwise, the article is 99.87% effective 🙂

  4. Can the phrase “vaccine refuseniks” be used in addiiton to “vaccine hesitants”? Also I have heard that the White House staff is not required to get the jim jones jab.

  5. I am in the same boat as the Baron and am becoming increasingly terrified of just how far the Bidenistas will go to force the shot on people like us.

    I have medical reasons for not getting the vax and I truly believe that we have reached herd immunity in any case. Now we are finding out that the shots are no better than regular Flu shots anyway.

    Clearly there is no point to forcing us to get jabbed other than to make a political point. Like in the Holocaust.

    Like the Baron and no doubt, most of us who come here, I am an avid reader. I can no longer deny the obvious- the Marxists have won. There was a coup last November and the Commies managed to overthrow the real President and take over.

    They have caused unimaginable destruction in just a few short months. We no longer have a southern border and millions of filthy, infested savages are literally being brought in every day and flown all over the country.

    None of them are being forced to get the shot- just American citizens. Think about that for awhile!

    I will hold out as long as I can but who knows what that means.

    • I agree with you.
      I am from Germany and now the first Tafel (private organisation that collects and gives food to people with little money) in Marburg has decreed you must meet 3G standard: vaccinated, tested or recovered from COVID

      I fear what will happen in the future because the vax doesnt work. It doesnt matter if you have taken it or not – you get Delta. So why take the vax?
      And I want to know the long term effects too.
      The pictures of the woman who lost her lower legs and her hands frighten me to the core.
      And the vaxxers tell me that I shouldnt worry, such side effects show up rarely.

      Does anybody remember the arguments of the anti-nuclear people?
      According to the nuclear power industry a nuclear reactor has one big incident every 10.000 years – statistically speaking.
      And the Anti-nuclear people say: Yes, that doesnt mean in 10.000 years. It could be tommorrow.

      I say the same to the vaxxers.
      Yes, those sideeffects happen rarely, but what if I am the one? Will anybody give me new legs or hands?
      Or if I die because of the vax, who will give me a new life?

  6. An unelected regime in DC is the definition of tyranny to begin with so it follows that the regime would use tyrannical measures to force obedience to the ruling class agenda.

  7. This GoV editorial is a very important milestone in this war. It is not a declaration of war: it is the Baron reading out loud “Their” declaration of war on us — that is otherwise deliberately kept hidden. And exactly this is what we must expose.

  8. I am a plaintiff along with a bunch of others in a lawsuit fighting mandates, and it’s headed to the Supreme Court.

    To keep track of its progress, check out

    If you are so inclined, you can donate to the linked GoFundMe. Supreme Court cases are expensive.

  9. “I wish to be fully informed, so please show me the results that show the adverse effects of the “vaccine” after five years, according to the clinical studies.”

    Well good luck with that. Bring plenty of magazines for your wait.

    Just like “FDA approval” your going to be shown a piece of paper that Fauci “double crosses his heart and hopes to die” promises is a true copy of the the official piece of paper that validates all preceding official pieces of paper. A system predicated on intellectual chaos and insanity can be neither trusted or rationalized.

    Solzhenitsyn and Stockdale had it right. Say “no” and mean it. It’s the only answer you can give the cadres and keep either soul or honor intact. Your body will be another matter.

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