Tragic Consequences of the Vax in Hungary, Part One

The following video is the first installment of a series of excerpts from a longer Hungarian video about the tragic consequences of the “vaccination” against the Wuhan Coronavirus, featuring interviews with people who lost loved ones after the jab.

Our Hungarian correspondent László, who translated the clips for subtitles, provides this general introduction to the series:

Family members of people who died ‘with the jab’ tell their stories publicly, to the chairman of the Mi Hazánk party. The official title of the video is “Mysterious deaths after vaccination”. If you click into the video at some places, you will see the atmosphere: these people are mourning. They come forward with their faces and names, and they often show the medical reports to the camera. The video concludes with the moral that ‘something strange is going on’ with the virus and with the jabs.

The medical expressions are difficult to translate properly. In addition, the people being interviewed are not doctors, and they are telling the medical stories in their own words. Viewers may want to suggest alternate phrasing for some of the technical terms.

Caveat: to some extent this is a political campaign video, because László Toroczkai (there are a lot of Lászlós in Hungary!), the president of Mi Hazánk party, uses the situation against the government. On the other hand, the interviews seem to be honest, truthful and nonpolitical in themselves.

The full original video is here.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

02:37   I owe you one more personal confession:
02:40   If I were not personally involved in this story, then this video might not have been made.
02:47   My mother, who got her Pfizer vaccine some weeks ago,
02:53   she technically died and had to be resuscitated in a swimming pool in Szeged.
02:57   My mother has swum every day since childhood; she used to be a competitive swimmer, too.
03:05   After getting the vaccine she went to swim; and swam her usual distance.
03:08   And then she collapsed right there in the swimming pool.
03:11   Her heart stopped and she had to be resuscitated,
03:14   even though she had no health problems before at all.
03:18   She had no diabetes, no high blood pressure and she had no problems
03:21   with her heart — not even since then, thank God.
03:24   But my mother only survived because there happened to be a woman in the pool near her,
03:30   who has worked in healthcare for decades and knew how to resuscitate.
03:35   So I thought I would travel around in the country and listen to those people
03:43   who unfortunately lost close relatives right after taking the vaccine.
03:53   This video is not intended to cause panic. My aim is,
03:58   and I think that all responsible political leaders
04:02   in a situation created by the Corona virus — when we don’t even know what the Corona virus is;
04:08   whether it came from a laboratory or was artificially invented, or even what its origin is,
04:14   when we see that it mutates almost weekly;
04:17   and that in many countries vaccinated people get infected in the same way,
04:21   and they get sick as well… I therefore think it is time
04:25   for a thorough investigation and fact-finding.
04:28   This video will feature people who, like my own family, have had serious incidents in their
04:35   close families, as a result of the vaccination. In fact, we will now report about deaths.
04:55   My husband’s father was vaccinated with Sputnik V on March 23;
05:01   before that he had a negative rapid test,
05:06   so we tried to rule out that any latent virus was in him.
05:12   Then he got a fever in the evening and started to feel bad.
05:18   It unfortunately did not abate; he had moderate fever every day.
05:27   Then, after a week and a half, his blood oxygen
05:32   level was measured with a pulse oximeter,
05:36   Which was drastically low: 60.
05:40   In fact, he felt… he was already having a hard time getting up — he had fallen back into the bed.
05:46   He didn’t cough. So we didn’t attach that much importance to it.
05:52   We thought it was just a side effect of the vaccination.
05:56   But then we looked up on the internet that the 60 was too low, we called the ambulance,
06:03   Where he was tested. There his quick test first was negative,
06:08   then they waited a bit, and then another test came out positive;
06:13   they took him to the hospital, saying they did not dare
06:17   leave him at home with such low blood oxygen levels,
06:20   and in the hospital they began treating him with the Covid protocol.
06:26   It was Saturday when he got in. We were told on Monday that his condition was not too good:
06:35   he has bilateral pneumonia and if he gets on a ventilator he has little chance.
06:42   So at that point they already told us this. Then he was put on a ventilator on Monday evening.
06:48   He was on the machine for five days, and at 9:30
06:53   on Saturday night his circulation collapsed… and he died.
06:57   How old was he? He was 68 years old. He had had no serious illnesses, he had been healthy,
07:05   lived an absolutely active life; they did carpentry with his son on a daily basis,
07:11   he helped us too; he left three beautiful grandchildren here. This is a very big loss for us.
07:17   And did he have symptoms right after the vaccine was administered? Yes, absolutely.
07:23   He was already feeling bad in the afternoon; and he phoned a friend of his and said to him,
07:28   “Józsi, do not take it, do not take this vaccine!” Because he felt that it was not…
07:32   What did the doctors say? What is in the hospital report?
07:36   Well, that the viral Covid pneumonia got bacterially superinfected.
07:43   …which they could not find then; so they kept telling us that
07:48   “it’s still in the lab” and they “haven’t figured out what kind of antibiotic is good for it”…
07:54   …and they finally figured it out on Friday… yet the sample had been in there
07:57   since [last] Saturday when they smeared it right there.
08:00   And it turned out on Friday what bacteria was in the background. And he died on Saturday.
08:06   So we had to wait for a very long time till he was treated properly.
08:11   There was no proper treatment there. —So the doctors say that, in theory,
08:15   he must have caught the Coronavirus after the vaccination. —That’s right.
08:20   Because it couldn’t have happened before, because he’d been tested, so it had to happen after that.
08:24   That’s right. But if he had symptoms right after the vaccination… then something is wrong.
08:27   That’s right, that’s right. —Something is not right.
08:30   And they closed the case like that? Have you not tried and found out,
08:33   or have you not tried the legal ways…? —Yes, we have, absolutely. It leaves us restless,
08:41   for we feel as if our relative, my father-in-law, had been killed.
08:46   And we are just being told “well, he has Covid”…
08:52   and “there’s nothing to do, that’s it,” — they have closed the case, and they just
08:57   don’t address this issue. Though it is on the final report too, that he was vaccinated.
09:01   Why, then, they do not address the question whether there could be a correlation between the two…
09:06   We were awaiting the result to find out what kind of bacteria was causing it all;
09:13   but we were surprised when we figured it out ourselves…
09:18   My father-in-law died on Saturday and we got the result finally on Friday.
09:25   But by the time they could have started the [treatment] protocol he died.
09:28   And it turns out afterwards that a superbacterium, called pseudomonas aeruginosa
09:33   that spreads on ventilators… I, as an English teacher,
09:39   I researched it by myself on English-language medical sites, that it can kill you in five days…
09:46   So they didn’t write it on the…? —No, they didn’t, they didn’t.
09:50   We got the final report. An insider told it to us.
09:54   We requested them only afterwards to give it out,
09:57   and their response was that “this was no longer relevant.”
10:00   But why don’t they include it in the final report that…
10:03   But how would it not be relevant, when you have just said that
10:07   his final report wrote that he had died of a bacterial superinfection.
10:11   That’s right, [but] he is recorded as a Covid death…
10:14   But then he died, not of Covid, but of the hospital infection. —That’s right. That’s right.
10:18   You have things like this… So there are a lot of tangled threads here.
10:21   I think the legal way will hopefully bring result and it gets unraveled what happened here.
10:30   And if the healthcare system worked properly… it’s not normal that
10:34   there are as many hospital infections each year in Hungary
10:37   as [the population of] a bigger city. —That’s right, that’s right.

4 thoughts on “Tragic Consequences of the Vax in Hungary, Part One

  1. I couldn’t find it in the 5 minutes just now, but I remember that at the beginning of the covid vaccination, there were doctors who proved by bulletproof statistics that for a week or two after the covid vaccination, people have compromised immune system, and that they should be really careful because within that timeframe after injection, the covid vaccine will make them sicker, should they get some other disease. This looks like they were right.

  2. In Russia there are also cases of people falling seriously ill and dying after vaccination. There also lots of cases of fully vaccinated people catching Covid and infecting others.

  3. The very low pulse oximetry implies pulmonary embolus…. and the P. Aeruginosa was a nosocomial infection that ended him.

  4. Thanks for posting this. I live in Hungary and have been wondering about the lack of stories of bad side effects from the vaccine. Maybe they are out there and I have just missed them, who knows. My Hungarian is…basic level.
    I cannot believe it took the ambulance any time at all to decide to transport someone with a pulse ox reading of 60…that is an emergency by any standards. The ventilator acquired pneumonia can rapidly become fatal if untreated. None of what she says surprised me, unfortunately. I have had experience with hungarian hospitals when my mother was hospitalized numerous times and, much as I like Hungary, the medical and nursing care leaves much to be desired. First rule: do not ask questions just accept what you are told. There is no accountability and certainly no quality control of procedures, etc. On the other hand, Austria wasn’t much better…
    Looking forward to the next installment. (and no, I have not had the shot)

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