The Ultimate Vax

The following video shows a German TV talk show discussion featuring the inventor of a new kind of RNA vaccine who managed to attract the interest of Bill Gates, and then funding from the Gates Foundation. His RNA vaccine turns the body into a chemical factory that manufactures its own medicine.

The thought of injecting such a thing into my body gives me the creeps, and I wouldn’t consider doing it. But that’s just me — I’m sure the new Gates wondervax will have lots of enthusiastic customers.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   You then spoke to Bill Gates. In what situation did this conversation take place?
00:05   We started out with the Gates Foundation,
00:10   then it was about a grant, they often do that, they support something and so…
00:14   because we had that too, and than I got a call the next day
00:18   “Bill Gates is in Paris, and we should go by.”
00:21   And we thought the Microsoft founder would prefer PowerPoint.
00:24   He wanted paper. —Paper? Completely analog. —Yes. I’ve already told this story several times.
00:29   What’s bizarre, he was also in a first class hotel, but in the basement…
00:33   In the boiler room. —In the basement!? —Exactly — and I also thought at first,
00:37   this can’t be true, this is a nasty joke someone is playing on us here.
00:41   But it was him, and then there was a spotlight —
00:45   it was a desk lamp, but to me it felt like it — directed at us.
00:48   And he sat there and was already leafing through it. Then I started like I did with Mr. Hopp,
00:52   where I said: Mr. Gates we do something similar to Microsoft… and then he said
00:57   he didn’t want to hear that, and went straight to page 13.
01:01   Hey, here, how does the RNA get into the cells? What do you do so that the RNA gets into the cells?
01:05   We had to rewind immediately, he was really into it and had prepared himself.
01:09   Yes… and then you had also him aboard.
01:13   Did it became clear to you while you were sitting somewhere in a basement,
01:17   with a spotlight pointed at you,
01:20   that such a discovery, of that order of magnitude, could have also a political
01:23   and perhaps a security dimension,
01:26   you also thought of the KGB at the hospital — right?
01:29   Yeah, but that only came to my mind when the first data came out.
01:32   No, there I was just happy that we’d found an investor,
01:35   and I knew we’d no longer have to fight bankruptcy,
01:38   but it was ideal, to have Hopp and Gates was ideal.
01:43   Then the media hype starts, of course, and the level of recognition is so much greater, etc. etc.
01:47   Yes, and for the first time we could employ people we could actually afford,
01:51   and before that it was always a topic that we couldn’t afford a lot of things to get really started.
01:56   Regardless of when the Curevac vaccine hits the market,
02:01   have you got the HOPE, that with this “revolution” —
02:04   you have now often taken this word into your mouth —
02:07   that with this “revolution” you will not only help to overcome the pandemic,
02:11   but maybe also take away the horror of many cancers,
02:16   do you still have this hope? —Yes, because it’s a paradigm shift. It’s not just about vaccines,
02:21   because we can speak with the body. The body makes its own medication.
02:25   There has never been anything like it. Via the RNA we can program the body
02:30   to manufacture its own drugs, and it’s always the same molecule.
02:34   The chemical properties are always the same, only the effect is different.
02:38   You can use it against cancer because cancer cells mutate all the time.
02:42   As you have seen, RNA can be adapted relatively quickly.
02:46   There have never been vaccines approved within a year, and so with cancer vaccines,
02:50   and that you can always adapt and make personalized therapies.
02:53   So follow the cancer patient, take biopsies and see where the cancer is going.
02:58   And then you can make a new vaccine, and then maybe
03:01   you can print it out [create it] also in pharmacies.
03:04   So you have the hope — yes, yes I know that, I not only have the hope, I KNOW —
03:08   That there has already been a study where it did not work with prostate cancer.
03:12   But do you still believe that it will come? —Yes, of course,
03:16   cancer is very, very clever, it mutates constantly,
03:19   cleverer than the coronaviruses, which also mutate constantly.

7 thoughts on “The Ultimate Vax

  1. Has Mr Gates been given a dose of two of these injectables?
    I think Messrs Gates and Faustus would make perfect guinea pigs for these concoctions.

  2. I have sent a separate email about how micro RNA’s affect gene expression in the body and how they are involved in many diseases in the body such as lung cancer, neuroblastoma, schizophrenia, liver cancer, gastric cancer etc etc. micro RNA’s affect gene expression. Many people have the genes for diseases but do not develop the diseases unless they also have the micro RNA enabling it. Gates is looking for the secret to “eternal life” because if you can develop a micro RNA injection which can make the body produce the micro RNA to cure your cancer then he would be a billionaire beyond belief. One micro RNA I have read about a lot is miR-338-3p. From what I can understand ,the level or presence of this micro RNA is critical to the above diseases. For example, as the level of miR-338-3p falls, schizophrenia starts if you have the genes. Not everyone with say a 22q11 deletion develops schizophrenia. They seem to think it starts as the level of miR-338-3p falls below a certain level and the level varies between people. The Chinese are doing an enormous amount of research on the way miR-338-3p affects the development of cancer through gene expression. They have low costs and could find the cause of all disease. When you find the cause you can then find a cure.
    If you google miR-338-3p you will find the 100’s of research papers on dozens of cancers. There are other micro RNA’s but I haven’t googled them and the diseases they relate to.
    Gates is looking for the “Fountain of Youth” or “The Secret to Eternal Life” and so are the Chinese.
    I did wonder if the RNA vaccines were a good way of testing the methodology of introducing RNA’s into the body effectively for the above.

    • If Gates truly want the “Fountain of youth” aka Immortality, he should be given the immortality of Rassilon / the Family of Blood of the Dr Who franchise. Frozen in time, unable to move or thrown into a black hole while fully aware of whats happening.

  3. Gates is another very good example of high expertise on infections and on medicine. AKA known as bastard.

    • Considering how often his software crashes, the last thing I want from him is medical advice.

  4. “The final solution” — as Gates ominously called the mRNA injections…

  5. What went through my Head immediately was;
    This is a WEAPON of Mass-destruction in the Hands of a bunch of Psycopaths.
    This is what Gates and his ilk have been looking for.
    “Eternal Life” for them, and DEATH for most of us.

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