The Big Lie of the U.S. War on Global Terrorism

The Big Lie of the U.S. War on Global Terrorism

by David Boyajian

Millions of illegal aliens swarm across our borders, yet little is done to stop them.

As big cities’ homicides soar, their police departments are being defunded.

Such destructive domestic policies remind us of this destructive foreign policy: Successive administrations and the State Department have often shut their eyes to international terrorism and even covered it up.

As the 20th anniversary of 9/11 and America’s Global War on Terrorism (GWOT) looms, this shocks the conscience. It also endangers the homeland and our military men and women overseas.

We’ll prove that Turkey and Azerbaijan remain among the most egregious sponsors of international terrorist organizations and that the U.S. covers for those countries.

Among these organizations: ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Al-Nusra, Ansar Al-Din, Hamza Division, Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham, Jaysh Al-Sunna, Sultan Murad Brigade, Sultan Suleyman Shah Brigade/Al-Amshat, and more.

Terrorist Turkey

  • Ahmet S. Yayla, Turkey’s counterterrorism chief from 2010-13, has acknowledged that “Turkey was a central hub for… over 50,000 ISIS foreign fighters, and the main source of ISIS logistical materials [including] IEDs, making Turkey and ISIS practically allies.”
  • Veteran State Department adviser Dr. David L. Phillips directs Columbia University’s Peace-building and Human Rights Program. Its research confirmed Turkey’s alliance with ISIS: ISIS-Turkey Links (2014) and Turkey-ISIS Oil Trade (2015/2016).
  • In Turkey: A state sponsor of terrorism? (May 28), Phillips wrote that if a “non-NATO country behaved like Turkey, it would warrant designation as a State Sponsor of Terrorism,” like Iran and North Korea.

    He also describes Turkey’s sending terrorist mercenaries (some listed above) into Azerbaijan against Armenian-populated Artsakh/Nagorno-Karabagh in 2020.

  • In 2014, the New York Times reported that “Western intelligence officials… track the ISIS oil shipments… into Turkey” and that Turkey has failed “to help choke off the oil trade.”
  • In January and July, the U.S. Treasury Department identified Turkey as a financial base for ISIS and Al-Qaeda. However, the U.S. has penalized only some Turkish individuals and companies, not Turkey itself. Regardless, the effect has been minimal.

As with Turkey, the State Department has largely ignored utterly corrupt Azerbaijan’s long record of supporting terrorism.

Terrorist Azerbaijan

  • In the early 1990s, Azerbaijan — with Turkey’s help — recruited Mujahedin, Pakistanis, and others to attack Armenians.
  • Al-Qaeda cells in Baku helped to carry out the 1998 bombings of U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. A dozen Americans and 212 others died.
  • Throughout 2020, Azerbaijan deployed thousands of terrorist mercenaries against Armenian-populated Artsakh and Armenia. Turkey had transported them from Syria and Libya.

    These included the war criminal and former ISIS commander Sayf Balud.

  • The independent, UK-based, Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has confirmed Azerbaijan’s using such mercenaries — numbering in the thousands with 145 dead.
  • Columbia University’s Institute for the Study of Human Rights has identified the chief commanders, including Fehim Isa of the Sultan Murad Brigade, and their organizations — many of them murderers, rapists, kidnappers, and desecrators.

As a result, one hundred bipartisan members of Congress (2021) and the European Union Parliament (2020) have condemned Azerbaijan and Turkey.

Azerbaijan is also violating the UN Convention against the Use of Mercenaries, which it signed in 1997. In November, the UN’s Working Group on Mercenaries excoriated Turkey and Azerbaijan. However, the UN’s leading member has refused to raise this issue.

Candidate Joe Biden pledged to “rally the world” against “transnational terrorism.” Yet the White House has done nothing about Azeri terrorism. Armenia, incidentally, is the only country in that region with no ties to international terrorism.

We’ve let our government make a farce of the GWOT.

More Cover-ups

On July 21, Senate Foreign Relations Chair Bob Menendez (D-NJ) asked Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland about “Turkey facilitating the transfer of fighters from Syria to Azerbaijan” last year.

Her “answer”? She’d discuss it only “in another setting,” as if Menendez’s assertion wasn’t already public knowledge.

Thus, Nuland covered for Azerbaijan and Turkey.

At a 2016 public forum in Cambridge, Massachusetts, I quizzed then-U.S Ambassador to Armenia Richard M. Mills about Turkey’s support for ISIS.

I also mentioned that I’d be distributing Dr. David L. Phillips’ ISIS-Turkey Links study to the audience.

Mills angrily denied any and all ties between Turkey and ISIS or similar groups. Like Nuland, he covered for Turkey.

We know Mills lied because in 2014 Vice President Biden told his Harvard audience that Turkey and others had been giving “hundreds of millions of dollars [and] tons of weapons” to Al-Nusra, Al-Qaeda, and ISIS.

President Obama immediately covered for Turkey by ordering Biden to apologize to President Erdogan.

Just after 9/11, then-U.S. Ambassador to Azerbaijan Ross L. Wilson spoke at Harvard before a small group that included me.

I grilled him about a study on Azerbaijan’s being a terrorist hub.

Wilson angrily denied it all, even though the State Department had publicly acknowledged that Al-Qaeda in Azerbaijan had helped to carry out 1998’s American embassy bombings.

Like the others, Wilson covered for Turkey.

Silence isn’t Golden

The State Department apparently believes that terrorists are acceptable — provided they’re backed by a NATO member (Turkey) or a country (Azerbaijan) with sundry gas and oil fields.

The relative silence of Americans and American organizations who favor a strong military, declare their opposition to terrorism, and lay claim to the religious high ground is similarly hypocritical.

Let us speak up and take action — or become complicit.

David Boyajian is an Armenian-American freelance journalist. His primary foreign policy focus is the Caucasus. Many of his articles are archived at

For his previous essays at Gates of Vienna, see the David Boyajian Archives.

9 thoughts on “The Big Lie of the U.S. War on Global Terrorism

  1. Some congressmen rebuked turkey and Azerbaijan … oh devil … That is an effective whip to the back of Azerbaijan and turkey .

    They will stop their aggression against infidels. as if they don’t know all Western governments convey special dog whistles to Turkey and Pakistan and Azerbaijan over the last 200 years . the Western countries protect and promote Islam more than Muslims themselves . as a matter of fact 90% of problems in the world and torture of Christians and Jews are because of that perverted policy.

    with their lips …. Western countries say no to Azerbaijan turkey and Pakistan but practically and from the bottom of their hearts they encourage them to establish caliphate and decimate Christians and Jews as in Algeria Nigeria Bangladesh-pakistan and here under our noses this is a doomsday phenomena the west

    helping Antichrist powers and forces

  2. Re: “David Boyajian is an Armenian-American freelance journalist. His primary foreign policy focus is the Caucasus. ”

    Kudos to Mr. Boyajian for turning the harsh light of reality upon the crimes of Turkey. As an Armenian, he is undoubtedly well-aware of the fact that the Sunni Muslim Ottoman Turks committed one of history’s most-notorious genocides a century, c. 1915-1921, when the Ottomans slew an estimated 1.5 million Armenian, Greek and other Christians.

    Today, the Erdogan government still enforces the official silence about this enormous crime, and it remains a crime to speak of the genocide in today’s supposedly enlightened and modern Turkey.

    And it isn’t just crimes of the past for which the Turkish government should answer. President Recep Erdogan sees himself as a neo-Ottoman, a modern-day successor of the Caliphs and Sultans of old who ruled an Islamic empire of centuries duration.

    Erdogan, along with collaborators such as Angela Merkel and Barack Obama, has helped engineer the de facto invasion of Old Europe via demographics, namely the flood of so-called “refugees” streaming northward into southern Europe and the Balkans from Africa and the Middle East.

    President Erdogan’s son, Bilal, was caught red-handed a number of years ago running an illicit fleet of Turkish-flagged tankers which were being used to smuggle oil to market for sale – the profits from which were being used to support the jihadist group ISIS/Islamic State, among others.

    Finally, the Turkish intelligence service – presumably at Erdogan’s direction – has been caught committing a series of false-flag acts of terror in the Middle East, in particular in the context of the Syrian civil war. Some years back, independent observers and auditors of that conflict noticed irregularities in the official version of media stories about the alleged gassing-to-death with chemical weapons of some two-hundred Syrian civilians alleged to have been killed at the orders of Syrian President Assad.

    After investigation, it was discovered that the Assad government had played no part in the incident; it had been staged by the Turks – the actual murders of the innocent people – and then blamed on the Syrians. A classic, textbook false-flag operation, which was only caught because of the diligence and courage of those independent observers.
    When confronted later, an official of the Turkish intelligence service later admitted with a shrug of his shoulders “that sometimes, those sorts of operations worked, sometimes not…”

    Turkey was also intimately involved in 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh War between Armenia and Azerbaijan – and whose supply of high-tech weaponry to the winning side, including advanced UAVs and drones, proved decisive to the Azerbaijan victory.

    In an act of monumental historical short-shortsightedness, Turkey was admitted to NATO – the North Atlantic Treaty Organization – when that alliance was formed, purportedly for her strategic importance against the Soviet Union. Whatever benefits conferred then are long-past their “sell-by” date, and Ankara has since proven many times it is no friend of Europe. Not surprisingly, really, if one stops to consider that in the long twilight war between Islam and the West (Christendom) for the last 1,400 years, it is the Ottomans – the Turks- who have proven to be the most-implacable opponents of Christian Europe, or what we now term western civilization.

  3. Speaking of “big lies” about the so-called “global war on terrorism,” another dangerous nation which has been coddled for far-too-long is the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

    Pakistan is our ally dating back to the Cold War when early in India’s history as an independent nation, the Indians allied themselves somewhat with China and the USSR, even though they were officially non-aligned. India bought a great deal of military hardware from these two nations, for example. Therefore, in order to oppose the U.S.S.R., the U.S. formed a relationship with Pakistan, a nation which has virtually nothing in common with the United States. Geopolitics made for strange bed-fellows, and none more so than Cold War geopolitics.

    This inertia has kept the U.S. in Pakistan’s orbit, despite the fact that a much more natural and better-fitting ally and friend in the region would be India, the world’s largest democracy and geopolitical rival and check upon Islamabad. And despite the fact that the Pakistanis have been playing both sides for years, smiling and accepting more U.S. government foreign aid, while the Pakistani intelligence service, the ISI, funds and otherwise aids jihadist and Muslim terror groups around the world.

    The fact that Islamabad knew Osama Bin Laden was hidden a mere six miles from the Pakistani military academy for six long years, is the proof of that particular pudding.

    If Pakistan is a “friend” and “ally” of the United States and the West, I’d hate to see an actual enemy!

  4. There is generally an interesting story with Armenia. The Turks, these territories, taken from them by the Russians in the 19th century, are considered their own by definition.

    The tsarist government also had an interesting policy in its time. The Holstein Germans, who had usurped the Russian throne, hated and oppressed the Russians, and therefore Transcaucasia, watered with Russian blood, they preferred to settle with Armenians from Iran. If it is interesting, I will throw off the historical link in Russian.

    Let’s go back to Azerbaijan and Turkey, to what I mentioned. Now the proximity of these peoples is being actively discussed, it is even mentioned that this is “one people”.
    Now in Russia there are very strong pan-Turkic sentiments among the corresponding peoples and they no longer hide in Russian what they have in mind.
    Yes. Apparently, they have serious views on Armenia and are already calling it Ermenistan.

    One conspiracy theorist I know (this is only a private opinion) claims that everything indicates that the world will allow the Turks to devour Armenia. Already the so-called “Christian Georgia” recognizes the supremacy of its Turkish neighbor.

    Armenians overestimate their lobby on a global scale.
    I think that the Russians this time will not fit in with Armenia – those resources are no longer there and, by indirect indications, the Muslim and Turkic lobbies are much stronger.
    So it goes.

  5. Once again about the arrogance of Azerbaijanis.

    After Azerbaijan captured Artsakh / Karabakh, for propaganda purposes, they began to tell how the Armenians turned mosques into pigsties. Which, in principle, is not far from the truth.
    Naturally, Russian Muslims began to inflate this topic with pleasure.
    And Russia is a police state with its own police games (history shows that this does not lead to anything good), Russia punishes both pro-Islamic and anti-Islamic sentiments equally harshly.
    The imam who incited hatred against the Armenians received a corner case and a suspended sentence.

    And now the main Muslim cleric of Azerbaijan began to criticize the operation of the Russian law and demand its abolition. This is arrogance: to tell Russia what to do in the Ural city of Chelyabinsk.
    The head of the Muslims of the Caucasus spoke in defense of the assistant to the imam of the mosque of Chelyabinsk

    If interested, read the original through an online translator.

  6. Hello Baron,
    to your ” provided they’re backed by a NATO member (Turkey) or a country (Azerbaijan) with sundry gas and oil fields.”

    I am reminded of a cartoon some time ago.
    The first picture showed a woman marooned on an island, putting stones to write the words “Hep me!” in the sand. Planes, ships etc passed by and nobody was interested.

    In the second picture she put the stones to write the message: “I have gas and oil and wont give it to the US.”
    The third picture showed a carrier battle group before the island, Marines storming the beach with tanks, artillery and the woman was placed in cuffs.

  7. Write about Azerbaijan

    Over the past two weeks, seven women have been killed in Azerbaijan. These are just those cases that got into the media. Four women were stabbed to death by their husbands or roommates. One husband strangled, another died from “blows with a blunt object.”

    The last of the victims, 23-year-old Sevinj Maharramova, has long complained about her husband’s violence. The police opened a criminal case three times, one of them even went to trial. However, the rapist remained at large all the time, and the trial dragged on.

  8. The bloody GD turks, always a thorn in the side of the west including Russia, how short sighted were we when we allowed those bloody savages to have the north side of the Bosperous Straight when the Russians where in the perfect time and place to put the fear of God into them and shoved them into Anatolia proper. Never trust a bloody turk.

    • Bojo de Clown de Albino Billy Bunter of the UK is a source of great pride for
      Erdoggen. “a son of Turkey”. Will the west ever get it together again?9

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