Murphy Rears His Ugly Head

My phone and Internet service just came back on after being out for more than 24 hours.

Yesterday afternoon there was a moderate thunderstorm in the area. A little bit of thunder, a modest amount of rain. When the rumbling started, I thought about putting up a bad weather post, but then said to myself, “Nah — this is hardly anything. Why bother?”

Well. What better way to invoke Murphy’s Law?

After the storm was over, and the rumbling had mostly stopped, the phone and Internet abruptly went out. The phone line was completely dead. Most of the time when that happens, service spontaneously comes back in a few hours. So I decided to wait it out. No luck — bedtime came, and the line was still dead.

When I got up this morning it was still out. Very annoying! I waited for it to come on; if it didn’t, after work hours I was going to drive to see one or more friends and ask to use their phone to call the phone company. There’s no cell coverage here at Schloss Bodissey, but there is some a few miles down the road, so I’d be able to get help even if the landline outage was widespread (but if it was widespread, of course, I wouldn’t need to call the company — I could be certain they were already working it).

Ten minutes before I planned to put my shoes on and go, the phone company, in its infinite wisdom, decided that it was time to restore my service.

I’ll be a while catching up. I have a lot of material backed up, but I spent yesterday evening formatting it for posting, so I should be able to put it up tonight. And I have a gazillion emails to go through, so be patient.

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