Keep on Truckin’ — NOT

In the following video a French truck (or lorry) driver warns President Emmanuel “Toy Boy” Macron that he and his colleagues will be going on strike shortly to protest the recently imposed “health passport” policy. He says they intend to shut down the country’s road transport system.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Hello Mr. Macron! Hello Ms. Brigitte Macron!
00:06   How are you doing? Enjoying your vacation? You look great in your T-shirt! Oh-la-la!
00:11   Looks like a great vacation, but you’re not too hot are you? No? Ah, but you will be
00:15   getting really, really hot soon. It’s Wednesday the 11th of August;
00:19   we’re being nice and warning you in advance, we truckers will join the citizens
00:24   protesting against the health passport. OK? Let me be clear: against the health passport,
00:28   for our freedom. For the moment, you haven’t done much.
00:33   Ah yes, you allowed the road restaurant owners to not require us [truckers]
00:38   to have the health passport. That’s good. Did you forget that we have wives and children?
00:44   Did you forget that the average person has their routines on Saturday?
00:48   You know, they have families.
00:53   Get ready Mr. Macron. If you haven’t felt the heat yet, you’ll feel it now.
00:58   It’s going to be a rough ride. It’s going to get real hot starting the 15th of August.
01:02   Then the 16th, 17th, 18th until the end of August. I can reassure you Mr. Macron,
01:06   we’re not numerous just because it’s vacation time. In September,
01:11   everyone’s coming back. Believe me, it’s going to snowball.
01:16   OK? It’s going to snowball. We’re going to block up the entire country
01:20   until you drop this health passport. Until you stop,
01:26   because we won’t stop. Good luck, Mr. Macron.

9 thoughts on “Keep on Truckin’ — NOT

  1. At least when the French say they’re going to have a protest they have a protest.

    I am curious why the tactic of general strike or at least targeted strikes in certain key industries like trucking or fuel transport aren’t employed in the United States. Granted, people here have bills to pay but the same is also true in France. Or maybe class identity isn’t really a thing here like it is in much of Europe?

    Workplace unions are mostly extinct and ineffective when it comes to representing the interests of its members. Those that exist are mostly in vestigial forms of their former selves and mostly have been co-opted by the management or just are tools to enrich their leaders.

    Perhaps what’s needed is a general union across an entire class to represent its own interests; kind of like what political parties used to do but with the clout through general strikes to bring the country to its knees regardless of what the elites that dominate the political uniparty and the financial interests want. Another pole of power that would allow the working class regardless of politics or race to be able to use their strength in numbers to have some say over their own destinies and stand up to the elites.

  2. Generally the idea behind such strikes is that they threaten the leaders who fear the collapse of the infrastracture — which does not seem to be the case now.

    Blocking, even taking down, critical infrastructure, such as truck transport, is a tactical element of the Plan and is happening anyway. Allegedly “they” have been Corona-testing the truck drivers in Europe into house arrests (‘quarantines’) like crazy, for the exact purpose of blocking transport in order to disrupt supply chains and wreck the economy.

    Therefore the goal stated by this driver to “block up the entire country” aids the Plan of the Powers as well. It only support ‘lockdown’ and the weakening of the population.

    This, in essence, is a siege: “they” want to starve us out so that we get down on our knees and accept Their terms.

    Therefore this strike may even be an enemy operation masked as grassroot resistance.

    However, if the resistance comes sooner and is much more unified than the Powers expect and are prepared for, it might be successful. Depending on what we call success: there are no good outcomes any more, only bad and worse — as it happens in wars.

    Too bad that such strike-scenarios have been war-modelled at Event201 in 2019…

    I am just speculating but I cannot take any piece of news at face value any more.

  3. You can bet that before you can say hello the government will bring in the strike breakers, like the army or they will let Antifa loose.
    You know striking truckers are fascist or something like that.

    • Ah yes, the army. The truckers must be really scared of that…

      The Taliban have just proven that ragtag rebels can win against big modern armies…

      That’s the takeaway from *that* event!

    • The good ole Grand Army of the Republic of France will not break up the strikes, period. They have specifically stated they will not move against the native French, but if pushed any further, will move against the 3rd worlders and their leftist enablers. The defining moment in all this will be, when the Legion moves into France proper, that is when you know the SHTF.

      • I disagree with you both.

        The Taliban have guns and RPGs etc, the truckers nothing.

        I once read that the french army has faultlines between its soldiers, you know between non-muslims and muslims.
        How easy would it been to transfer all muslims into one division, send all non-muslim soldiers home (to ease the tension) and in the night the muslim division takes control of all the military bases that are nearly empty.
        And I bet that this muslim division would have absolutely no qualms about gunning down native french.

        • Sorry Alex, but, the French army is commanded by patriots, unlike ours in the US these days, and they will never allow any politician to do what you just stated. The faults lines are there, and the French watch these 3rd worlders in the ranks like a hawk, any sign of trouble, they are immediately dealt with, often with very ruthless efficiency and nary a word is ever said about it.

          As for the truckers, they have trucks that can block any road in the nation, and once that happens, the country comes to a standstill. What the government can to about it remains to be seen, if they go hard at them, the backlash will be tremendous.

  4. There are two reasons we don’t have general strikes in the United States:

    1) Like most Anglo Saxon countries, we are “a nation of dobbers [snitches].” Overall, we love following rules and enforcing them on other. See all the masking. It’s not just government mandating them. Every American business and every busybody Karen has enthusiastically embraced them.

    Americans are pretty smug about being “tough” and “free” but the evidence shows that continental Europeans are tougher and freer. They know that government rules are often silly, so they flout them or protest them. While in the US, Canada, UK, New Zealand, etc., the people tend to be quite obedient, and much more likely to rat each other out than French or Italian or German people. It’s a cultural thing. For one example, look at cigarette smoking. Europeans still do it, regardless of what “authorities” say. Anglos were told that smoking is the worst thing ever, and we really believed it.

    2) All that said, there’s one other big reason we don’t have general strikes here. And that’s the fact that health care is tied to employment. If you lose your job, you could lose health coverage for your kids. And if your kid gets sick, you’ll go bankrupt quick. This is not the case in Europe. Health care is free to everyone, and it has nothing to do with whether or not you’re employed, unemployed, on strike, whatever.

    • Kinda true about healthcare in western
      Europe. In Ireland however it is ‘means tested’ and more often entry level Islamland degree is what is on offer.

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