Justice for Yazidi Victims of ISIS

A Yazidi-Dutch group is seeking justice for Yazidi victims of the Islamic State. The article below includes an English-language video explaining their work.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this piece from GeenStijl:

Dutch Yazidi women hunt ISIS-women

Just an interview to forget the forgotten victims and forgotten perpetrators a little less

Pari Ibrahim, a Dutch-Yazidi woman, with her international foundation, is hunting for ISIS women and evidence that they did more than cook, wash dishes, and change diapers. Going to the slave market, buying slaves themselves, forcing them into a household, and preparing the slaves to be raped, for example. Pari: “With Yazidis, the information on perpetrators is burned into their souls, their names and physical characteristics. Our team is very good at collecting the data, so that justice officials can build a case. That can take years. But we are ensuring that none of the perpetrators can sleep peacefully.”

However, the burden of proof seldom gets through to a Dutch court. “We work day and night. Bit by bit, we hear more stories. Some victims to this day have not spoken. We do interviews and ask: What names can you remember? What did they look like, what language did they speak? Evidentiary material collected by our foundation is shared with European prosecutors.”

We brought one back on the red carpet on June 4, and 6 more are waiting. According to the AIVD, 30 more Dutch ISIS women are sitting in Kurdish camps. If they only get their own play. Then the Yazidis.

Pari: “Your blood boils when you see that the most serious group of perpetrators that we know, their co-perpetrators, get a podium to proclaim that they are pathetic victims, while they know very well what was happening. Women went to the slave market, paid for slaves with their own money, forced them to do the household work, or prepared them for rape. Our goal is to make sure that ISIS people don’t get away with their crimes. Thus can the Yazidis finally get justice.” Impossible all of them.

5 thoughts on “Justice for Yazidi Victims of ISIS

  1. Sounds like the Yazidis need to resurrect Operation Nemesis. There are other extralegal ways of getting justice after all, if useless European courts are unwilling to oblige the legal means.

    • This Europeans courts a specially in This [sumps] corrupted countries like Germany, France, Sweden, Holland , Britain, are totally corrupted , in Germany Merkel&CO did make sure all crimes committed by Het favourite illegal pets are protected, all this criminals are free beacuse of this rotten system ..

    • As I recall, the Armenians after the genocide hunted down bloody turks in western countries and dealt with them in terms they understood. The Yazidi’s need to do the same and make a lasting impression of it.

  2. It’s meaningless. Our countries have been signed over and all needed resources placed at the disposal of the winners-without-a-war. It is now up to the Muslims.

    • Like all muslims, they will push until we go all out war on steroids where the so called rules of war are thrown out the window and there will not be a 3rd worlder left in the west. Mark my words, it is coming.

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