Germany Greets the Taliban!

It’s 2015 all over again in Germany.

Below are seven German-language articles about the Afghan “refugee” crisis and the entry of untold thousands of Afghan migrants into Germany, encouraged and aided by the German government, especially Foreign Minister Heiko Maas.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translations.

First, from PolitikStube, a report on Mr. Maas’ efforts to enable the departure of the migrants from Afghanistan and their journey to Germany:

Ten thousand Afghans? Maas wants to enable local workers to leave Afghanistan via neighboring countries

One has the impression that a large number of Afghans are to be settled in Germany in the guise of “local staff”.

The Bundeswehr has flown more than 5,000 people out of Kabul, including 3,000 local staff and Afghan citizens. According to an estimate by the Federal Foreign Office, more than 10,000 Afghans who have a guarantee of admission remained behind; they are former local workers and people in need of protection. Therefore, Maas would like to enable the exit via countries adjoining Afghanistan and their entry into Germany.

Somehow you get the feeling that a cover-up tactic is being used here. Currently the government knows that many citizens have agreed to accept the “local staff”, but a large contingent is quietly being taken in through the back door, which they want to keep silent about before the BTW [General Elections].

Maas wants to enable local workers to leave Afghanistan via neighboring countries

Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) wants to look for quick exit opportunities for people at risk from the crisis state on a trip to the neighboring countries of Afghanistan. In his talks, the minister wanted to explore possibilities for Afghans with an entry permit for Germany to travel overland to neighboring countries and from there to travel quickly and easily to Germany. The German embassies in neighboring countries will quickly and easily issue entry documents to those former local workers and other people at risk who have received an acceptance letter. You will be provided with additional resources for this.

The Federal Government is continuing to work to enable those people in Afghanistan for whom we have special responsibility to leave the country safely.

The second article, also from PolitikStube, is a report on the demonization of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany), and the scale of the migration flood heading for Germany:

Who is lying here? Kretschmer (CDU) rumbles against AfD: Comparison with 2015 is malicious propaganda

Saxony’s Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer (CDU) rumbles against the AfD and has sharply rejected the warnings of a new refugee crisis as in 2015. “The comparison with 2015 is far-fetched and malicious propaganda,” he told Die Welt (Saturday edition).

The Federal Foreign Office now estimates the number of local employees and vulnerable people at more than 10,000 people who have an entry permit for Germany and who will bring their families with them. But it’s not just about this group of people, but also about those “refugees” who are already on their way to Europe or who are planning to jump into the EU. Tens of thousands of Afghans were already on the road in the past few weeks. According to estimates, up to 1,500 people crossed the Iranian border into Turkey every day, the majority wanting to go to Germany. And the flood is not stopping; currently up to 1,000 Afghans reach Turkey every day; authorities fear mass migration from Afghanistan.

Even Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer expects a new wave of refugees, with a vague estimate of 300,000 to five million Afghans.

If hundreds of thousands or even a million Afghans gain access to Germany via safe third countries, then Kretschmer should not just retreat to his Munchausen shell (nobody loses his basic rights if he does not want to be vaccinated) with his head bowed, but resign because of malicious propaganda against the AfD.

Epoch Times:

Saxony’s Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer (CDU) has sharply rejected the AfD’s warnings of a new refugee crisis like in 2015. “The comparison with 2015 is far-fetched and malicious propaganda,” he told Die Welt (Saturday edition). “And of course we will also take in refugees in Saxony who have previously worked for the Bundeswehr and NGOs.”

But everyone who comes has to go through a security check. “And there must be a clear reason why the person concerned needs protection.” With a view to the volatile situation in Afghanistan, Kretschmer said: It becomes clear that “we Europeans are not capable of acting in such situations without the USA as the leading military power.”

NGOs that enabled migrant “rescues” in the Mediterranean are involved in organizing charter flights from Afghanistan. In other words, George Soros is scheming to bring them in.

First, a short report from PolitikStube:

Totally crazy! Green politician Marquardt organizes his own Kabul charter flights

Aid is still being sought in the flood disaster area, the clean-up work is only progressing slowly, but this disaster does not really fit into the topic of the Greens, at least for Erik Marquardt. The Greens are focusing on Afghanistan, and are planning to organize charter flights to smuggle as many Afghans in need of protection into Germany as possible… to fly in, of course, without checking their identity.

You can classify this action as an election campaign effort of the Greens, on the other hand as a business to generate donations. In 2018, Klaas Heufer-Umlauf also wanted to charter a “sea rescue ship”, for this purpose the “Civil Fleet” association was founded and Erik Marquardt was appointed as chairman. Donations totaling €297,000 were raised , but a ship never left and the failure was probably more due to incompetence.

Even with the current initiative, an expected termination may occur, but at least Marquardt then showed himself to be hyper-moral.

And from Die Welt:

Green politician Marquardt organizes his own Kabul charter flights

An initiative led by the Green politician Erik Marquardt wants to bring people from Afghanistan to safety. A first evacuation flight is being prepared in detail. Military experts speak of a high-risk project.

Activists involved in sea rescue in the Mediterranean are planning donation-financed charter flights to evacuate people from Kabul. The Civil Fleet Support association, headed by 33-year-old Green politician Erik Marquardt, claims to have “chartered a plane that we will use to fly to Kabul.”

The new website literally says: “The formalities have been clarified, now it’s about the implementation.” Details on the time of the planned charter flight or the size of the aircraft are not given. So far, the German government has been using A400M military transport aircraft to evacuate vulnerable people after the Islamist Taliban came to power. The missions are considered dangerous. The Bundeswehr aircraft practice special approach maneuvers in order to get within range of guided weapons as late as possible, and are also equipped with defensive means that a civil aircraft does not have. It remains to be seen whether a civil charter aircraft would even be allowed to land.

Military experts speak of a high-risk project. At present, the US is still practically in control of the approach and use of the military part of Kabul Airport . Last Monday alone there were 152 take-offs and landings. According to US data, a total of 21,600 people were flown out of Kabul within one day. The USA itself carried around 12,700 people with 32 flights of its large C-17 transport aircraft and five flights of the smaller Hercules C-130. There were also 57 flights from other nations with 8,900 passengers.

“Government needs support in the rescue”

From insiders it is heard that there are allegedly talks between the USA and the Taliban that Kabul airport should continue to operate civilly after the requested withdrawal of the USA on August 31, possibly under the protection of the United Nations.

As stated on the Airlift website, as many people as possible should be rescued from Kabul. “The government needs support in the rescue, because we have hardly any time.” The association allegedly has “lists of people who need to be rescued and are in contact with hundreds more.” Literally: “We see that there are more options for making access to the airport more secure and we expect that these options will be used in the coming days.” As many aircraft as possible are to be organized through donations.

According to its own information, the initiative for the charter flights works closely with the situation center and the operational command. “However, the bureaucratic processes of the German bureaucracy prevent flexibility in many areas, which we can ensure,” says the campaign website.

In a video published on Twitter, the Green politician and chairman of the Civil Fleet Support association speaks of the fact that the charter flight to Kabul is “also in consultation with the federal government.” It was not communicated in advance because it should be ensured beforehand that the charter plane can be used. “We want to fly to Kabul as often as possible,” says the video message, which is linked to an appeal for donations.

In the short term, no further information was available from the Green Party politician Marquardt, the Airlift Initiative or the Bundeswehr Operations Command. “We are currently busy around the clock with our evacuation flight to Kabul. Please understand that we cannot give interviews at the moment because we simply don’t have the time,” said the initiative.

Marquardt was the spokesman for the Green Youth and has been a member of the Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen party council since November 2015. Since the European elections in 2019 he has been a member of the European Parliament as part of the Greens / EFA group. He is chairman of the Berlin association Civil Fleet Support, which chartered rescue ships for civil sea rescue in the Mediterranean through donations. The initiative of the Kabul charter flights now announced by the association is supposedly supported by around 100 initiatives and groups, as a list under the call for donations shows.

Foreign Minister Heiko Maas acknowledges that 70,000 Afghan migrants need to be brought in. But will there be more?

From PolitikStube:

Now there will be 70,000 Afghans — Heiko Maas in the admission frenzy

Almost every day a new water level report. Yesterday it was 40,000, and today there are already 70,000 Afghans that Heiko Maas wants to bring to Germany.

These numbers were never mentioned. Actually it was about a few hundred helpers and their family members. This is called “salami tactics”, and is known from other areas.

Now the same mistake is being made as in 2015. At that time there were only a few thousand at Budapest train station who were brought to Germany for humanitarian reasons. Ultimately the welcome doors remained open and millions came.

A protection promise for 70,000 Afghans — no one has heard of any EU country; we take in “70,000” Afghans.

We’ll wait and see whether the hundred thousand mark will be cracked in the next few days.

A report from Der Spiegel that tugs on the heartstrings of the Gutmenschen:

Afghan local workers at risk

“Our work continues until everyone is safe”

After the end of the Bundeswehr Airlift, a second phase to rescue endangered Afghans is to start. Foreign Minister Maas says the German promise of protection for around 70,000 people continues to apply. But how can their departure succeed?

At the start of a hastily planned crisis mission to countries adjoining Afghanistan, Foreign Minister Heiko Maas made far-reaching commitments to the local Afghan armed forces left behind in the Hindu Kush as well as to endangered human rights activists and journalists. On behalf of the federal government, he promised everyone who did not make it on the Bundeswehr rescue flights that they would not be abandoned.

At the first stop of the three-day trip, Maas emphasized in Turkey that Germany would keep its promise to protect up to 70,000 endangered Afghans that they wanted to bring to the Federal Republic as soon as possible.

The German rescue mission is far from over with the cessation of the military evacuation. “We want to continue the relief operation,” says Maas, “but it is now entering a second phase.”

The offer of help for around 10,000 Afghans who were active in the armed forces or in development projects continues to apply. There are also around 1,600 activists and journalists who fear the Taliban’s revenge . If you include the closest family members in each case, that would be around 70,000 people.

“Our work will continue until everyone for whom we are responsible in Afghanistan is safe,” said Maas.

Maas is negotiating two options for quick departure

On his trip, Maas now wants to negotiate two options for the quick exit of vulnerable Afghans. In Turkey, the main concern was to prepare the largely destroyed civil airport of the capital so that charter jets could at least land there again.

The Americans are currently managing air traffic in Kabul using military means. Since the tower was badly damaged, a so-called AWACS jet from the USA was constantly in the air, and the flying radar system coordinated the airspace over Afghanistan.

Turkey is already negotiating with the Taliban to resume civilian flights from Kabul. Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavusoglu spoke of a “request for technical support,” and Turkish experts were already on site. But the first balance sheet is bleak.

“There is very considerable damage to the runway, the radar tower and all buildings,” says Çavusoglu. He didn’t say how long the necessary repairs might take, but he didn’t seem very hopeful. For a long time, Çavusoglu pondered the security at the airport alongside Maas.

It is already clear that the Taliban will no longer accept foreign troops in the country who would protect the airport like the Americans are currently doing. According to the Turkish minister, no one is prepared to send civilian personnel for the airport “to a risk area.” That is why there is already talk behind the scenes with a security company that could organize protection and operations.

Without the goodwill of the Taliban, the mission charter flight will not work. So far, at least the political arm of the Islamists has assured the departure of local staff even after the end of the US mission. It is difficult to predict whether the forces on the ground who are already in control of the civilian part of the airport will keep these promises.

In addition, with each of the flights there would be another storm of thousands of those wishing to leave for Germany who were not working for Germany at all.

Uncertainties when leaving via third countries

The second exit option also has many question marks. Maas wants to negotiate with countries adjoining Afghanistan to allow local workers who are on German protection lists to enter, and then fly them from Uzbekistan or Pakistan to Germany. The embassies have already strengthened their staff, as the first local staff and human rights activists are already asking for visas there.

The option sounds good on paper. For example, the Foreign Office is considering sending employees to the border posts of Afghanistan in order to facilitate the entry of Afghans who are already listed there. Aid pledges are used to make it more palatable to the neighbors not to block entry. It won’t be easy in countries like Pakistan. The government has been complaining about more than two million Afghan refugees in the country for years. There they worry that a new stream of refugees will come towards the neighbors.

The main question, however, is how those seeking protection might even get to the borders. This would only be possible if one negotiates concrete security guarantees with the Taliban, which are then kept on the ground. The Foreign Office hopes that this will succeed, because the Taliban are also dependent on aid payments worth millions from abroad. Nevertheless, the idea seems surreal that the local staff should ultimately go through dozens of Taliban checkpoints, whose revenge they fear.

The last stop will be about cooperation with the Taliban. In the Gulf emirate of Qatar, Maas wants to talk to the government there; it has the best connections to the Taliban. For years Doha hosted the Islamists’ political bureau, and the German diplomat Markus Potzel speaks here again and again with their leaders. That Maas might speak directly with the few remaining Taliban in Doha is considered to be out of the question. Instead, the government of the emirate is supposed to act as a mediator.

For Maas, it’s also about his own reputation

The hectic pace of the trip illustrates how much Maas is currently on fire. For him, the so-called “Phase 2” is much more than just a project, it is also about his reputation. The many mistakes on the subject of Afghanistan, the misjudgments about the advance of the Taliban and the extremely slow crisis management — all of this has stuck to the foreign minister for days like annoying chewing gum.

The Süddeutsche Zeitung recently ran a rather toxic headline that the SPD man gave the blatant failure of the federal government a face. Maas is currently pretty much alone in the public pillory. His ministerial colleague Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer can be celebrated for the success of her troops at the airlift from Kabul. After all, the A400M aircraft of the Luftwaffe were able to fly out a good 5,000 people in just a few days. This gives the minister beautiful photos and the reputation of acting quickly.

Maas, however, must be asked whether he reacted negligently late, since he only had the German diplomats evacuated after the fall of Kabul. As a result, what is perhaps the most important mission of the end of his term in office as Foreign Minister is not only about local staff, but also about his own reputation. If the minister can actually forge some kind of deal for the orderly departure of thousands of local workers and other vulnerable Afghans, he will at least regain a bit of profile. But for this, nobody knows that better than Maas himself, he now has to present concrete results very quickly.

All these Afghan “refugees” who are coming to Germany — what do they think of the wonderful multicultural paradise that is about to become their new home?

From PolitikStube:

Ex-Colonel of the German Armed Forces on Afghan local staff: “Inwardly, these people despise us”

A former colonel in the Bundeswehr reports in a letter to the editor about the Afghan local staff. The conclusion is not very flattering, but based on his observations and the on-site work, his descriptions are likely to be more credible than the ramblings of politicians. Peter Scholl-Latour reported on the actual conditions in Afghanistan back in 2009, and the videos can still be viewed on YouTube today.

The following is the letter to the editor that the FAZ [Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, page in the archive] published:

I, too, belong to the soldiers of the Bundeswehr who were deployed in Afghanistan. In 2005/2006, I was a colonel in the 9th and the newly-established 10th German contingent in command of Camp Warehouse in Kabul, the largest international camp at the time, with around 2,400 soldiers from more than 20 nations.

As for the local staff, I have a different approach than what is usually given in the media. As the commandant of Camp Warehouse, I had some local staff. These young men (there were even some Afghan women on Radio Andernach) knew exactly the situation in the society around them.

Unselfishness was the last thing that got these people working for us. Those romantic and idealizing ideas are unknown there or meet with complete incomprehension.

Life is far too hard for them to deal with this kind of affluent drivel.

Our local workers were rewarded like kings by Afghan standards, were treated well, and partook of our excellent lunch. The soldiers of the German contingent usually gave them clothes, shoes and so on when they changed contingents. I signed dozens of so-called removal certificates so that these gifts would not be taken away from them during the check-out by the guard.

So it was worth working for us. This was of course also known to those around them.

If they belonged to strong families, tribes or clans, they too benefited, and protected these people from it. Good to know: An Afghan is defined solely by his family or tribal affiliation. Individualism is unknown. If they belonged to weaker groups, protection payments were due in order not to be killed. In addition, information had to be provided.

The Taliban or similar groups were thus informed in detail about our numbers, equipment, and possibly even about our intentions.

My two German soldiers, who supported me in running the camp, were instructed accordingly and warned to be careful when passing on information.

I am not surprised that all of these local staff now want to come to us; they had gained a very precise insight into our standard of living.

Inwardly, these people despise us, which, for understandable reasons, they will of course never admit. You want to achieve something: Germany, a magnet for affluence.

I do not want to ignore the fact that there may be exceptions. Only: I did not meet them. But maybe I was and am blind.

With the latter, however, when I look at the reports on the collapse of the political order in Afghanistan promoted by the Western states, I am in good company.

— Dr. Thomas Sarholz, Colonel a. D., Andernach

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