French Supermarket Customers Protest Health Passport

In the following video, shoppers outside a supermarket in France protest the recently-introduced requirement for “health passports”, which show that the shopper has been “vaccinated” against COVID-19, as a condition of entry. At the end of the video the crowd chants in unison in a spontaneous display of solidarity.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   We’re just following the law. —Where is the law? —Watch out, watch out, please.
00:06   Where is the law? —Please allow people to pass. —As you see, they are over there, madame.
00:10   No, that’s not the law. —The law is over there. Please, the law is over there.
00:14   Don’t you see the police over there? —This is discrimination. —OK, I’m discriminating, madame?
00:21   You can report it to the police if you feel I’m discriminating. Thank you, madame.
00:25   There is no sign; you should have a sign posted. —This is discrimination. — Madame, if you
00:30   believe I’m discriminating, you can go to the police. — If the director of Leclerc made
00:33   a formal notice then you need to as well, right?
00:36   If you feel discriminated against, go to the police.
00:40   You can file a report. Move over, please.
00:46   The Auchan [grocery store], which is much bigger, doesn’t require a health passport.
00:49   It’s the law, madame. —OK, so, so now we want to see the law on paper. Signed.
00:53   The police are just over there. —Yes. The signed paper. —You can go over there and ask them.
00:56   You are the one representing Leclerc, not them. —So I advised you to go ask the police.
01:01   No, I want it on paper. No. A signed paper. No. It’s not the law. No, it is not the law.
01:06   We’re hungry, we want to eat. We’re hungry. —Yes, stop playing the tyrants.
01:10   Stop playing tyrant! Please.
01:19   No. What law? No. No. Stop your blah, blah. You’re not within the legal basis.
01:35   We’re hungry! We’re hungry! We’re thirsty! We’re hungry!
01:45   This isn’t a comedy sketch. —Why can’t I shop here? —There are other shops.
01:54   You have until 5 o’clock to leave or I enforce the law. The police are over there.
01:58   That’s a three-kilometer walk from here. —It’s not even three kilometers, sir.
02:07   The Intermarché is 50 meters away.
02:12   What about the older people who can’t go that far, or aren’t mobile?
02:21   If you would allow me to ask a question, if you want,
02:26   there was a woman who showed her health passport
02:29   and wasn’t allowed to enter, could you please explain that.
02:33   She didn’t follow the rules. —Yes, sir, she did.
02:37   Why was she refused entry? You don’t have a response?
02:41   So now, we want to see the signed paper proving
02:44   that the health passport is required. Show us. We want
02:48   to see the signed paper that health passports are required by Leclerc. —Madame, the police
02:51   are over there. —We don’t care about the police, they’re only there for your security. And ours.
02:54   There is no declaration, that the problem. —Show us.
02:59   We aren’t moving. Give us the signed declaration.
03:03   The signed paper for the store’s size. —I keep answering the same thing four or five times.
03:11   There’s another supermarket five kilometers from here.
03:14   No, no. —But I’m on foot. —Then you walk more.
03:17   Ahhhh, watch your step! Watch it, that’s discrimination. —That’s discrimination.
03:21   Watch it! No, no, no.
03:24   Yes, sir, that is discrimination! Hey! Don’t attack me.
03:31   Don’t attack me! Don’t attack! I didn’t attack you.
03:38   Don’t attack me! Don’t attack me!
03:59   Stop attacking. — We want to see the paper signed requiring the health passport.
04:07   We want it! We want the paper! We want the signed paper!
04:15   The [grocery store] director! The director! The director!
04:47   The paper signed. Approved by the mayor.

9 thoughts on “French Supermarket Customers Protest Health Passport

    • What an amazing demonstration of common sense from the French legal system!

  1. An experimental synthetic Messenger RNA gene-modifying spike-protein injection so good the government has to starve you into taking it.

  2. In Erkelenz/ Germany you can enter the unemployment office only if you are 3G (jabbed, recovered or tested). And to apply for unemployment benefits you have to enter the unemployment office.

    Isnt that posh? A very elegang way to force you to get the jab or stay hungry.

    And they want to do the same to the trains. I dont know how many people will then be forced to take the vaxx or loose their job.

  3. Oh yes- a virus so terrible that you have to be tested to know if you have it and a vaccine so safe and effective that you have to be bribed and coerced to get it.

    Soon they will be coming to round up the unclean, unvaxxed people. I live in the gulag state of NY and it has started already in the City.

    You need the “passport” to get into bars, restaurants, gyms, shows, events, etc.

    There are no exemptions. Just like with the masks. They say there but that’s not true. Doesn’t matter if you already had CCP flu and have immunity, there is no passport for that.

    No exceptions for religious beliefs or other reasons. Just show your papers or you don’t get it.

    The only reason the USA has not become Australia is because of our 2nd Amendment that gives millions of people the right to bear arms.

    My guess is that over 100 million people have guns and are willing to use them if it comes down to that. The Bidenista Deep State Government knows it.

    Very convenient that Chi Com Fauci Flu got knocked out of the headlines by the Afghan horror show.

    Notice that Operation Warp Speed is the only Trump program that the Biden scum did not try to destroy. Many in the Underground are saying that’s because they have changed to formulation of the shots to make them more toxic.

    Today’s vax is not the same as the ones when President Trump set up the program. That’s what they say.

    Nothing these vermin/ Marxists do would surprise me. They are the spawn of Satan. There is no other explanation.

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