Fire Jihad on the Hungarian Border

A new surge of migrants is attempting to break through the border between Serbia and Hungary, and has ratcheted up aggression towards the border guards. Mimicking their fellow culture-enrichers in Greece, they have begun to set fires in the very dry underbrush, perhaps hoping to start major conflagrations like the ones in Greece.

In the following video László Toroczkai, the leader of Mi Hazánk (Our Homeland Movement), describes the latest attacks by migrants at the border. Our Hungarian correspondent László, who translated the clip for subtitles, includes this summary of the video, which is entitled “The Migrants Set the Forest on Fire Around Us”:

“We have not experienced such conditions on the Hungarian-Serbian border for five years as we have seen in recent days and weeks. There is an invasion going on again, and they are attacking the border more and more violently, now in groups, armed with stones, besieging the border.” So László Toroczkai, the president of Mi Hazánk party, describes the situation under his YouTube video. He is also the mayor of the village of Ásotthalom located on the southern border of Hungary.

A group of migrants threw stones at the border patrol recently, injuring some of them, but the attack was repelled by tear gas. Migrants also set a large area on fire on the Serbian side of the fence, as you can see it in the video, potentially endangering Hungarian people and properties as well.

In the wake of the violent attacks, Mi Hazánk party demands that the Hungarian border police and the soldiers be allowed, or even ordered, to use their firearms in cases when they are targeted in weaponized attacks.

He adds:

As these attackers at the border fence are mostly Muslims, and Jihad means ‘struggle’, I call it Fire Jihad. Also, in many cases the attacking migrants have been filmed yelling the battle cry “Allahu Akhbar” as they were throwing stones at the border guard — which is violent Jihad by definition.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   I greet everyone! The situation is slowly escalating
00:03   into a war at the Hungarian-Serbian border.
00:06   In the area of Bácsalmás, Hungarian patrols
00:09   were recently attacked, from the Serbian side,
00:13   by illegal border crossers. A group of twenty people
00:18   who covered their faces with masks or scarves
00:23   attacked the Hungarian border police with bricks,
00:27   who responded with tear gas to the shower of stones.
00:31   And on July 27, here at Ásotthalom, also from the Serbian side,
00:36   a larger group attacked the Hungarian soldiers guarding the border.
00:41   The [migrants] also attacked with tear gas.
00:44   Hungarian soldiers were injured,
00:47   but then they repelled the attack, and the field guards, with the help of the
00:51   police, intercepted the illegal border-crossing migrants who had broken in.
00:55   It is quite clear that the situation is getting worse.
00:58   The latest news — this is also today’s news — is
01:02   that they want to set fire to our own country,
01:06   because the bushes, the strip of woodland on the
01:09   Serbian side, have been set on fire by the migrants.
01:13   And this fire has spread to the Hungarian side, across the Trianon border.
01:19   Serbian and Hungarian firefighters together put out
01:22   the fire to prevent a disaster in the border area.
01:26   As here in the area of Ásotthalom,
01:29   for example, there are huge contiguous forests,
01:33   and there has been an extreme drought this year.
01:36   These forests could catch fire in exactly the same way
01:39   as we have seen in Turkey or Greece in recent weeks,
01:43   causing a terrible disaster, even loss of life.
01:47   Our settlements here on the border would
01:50   completely burn down if this were to happen again.
01:54   It was only thanks to the work and speed of the Hungarian and Serbian firefighters
01:58   that such a huge disaster was avoided here in Hungary. But the trouble has not gone away:
02:05   increasingly these migrants aggressively attack
02:08   the Hungarian soldiers and police officers guarding the border.
02:11   Therefore the Our Homeland movement demands that in all such cases,
02:16   when violent groups throw bricks or showers of stones
02:22   at the Hungarian soldiers and police officers who are guarding the Hungarian border,
02:25   or when they attack Hungarian soldiers and police
02:28   officers with tear gas or knives or with any other weapons,
02:33   in such cases we demand that Hungarian police officers and soldiers be allowed to use their weapons,
02:38   and that they respond to such attacks with live ammunition.
02:42   After all, these are clearly attacks by armed groups, often at night,
02:50   which put the soldiers and policemen guarding
02:53   the Hungarian border in direct life-threatening situations.
02:57   We therefore demand the order to fire at the border, and we demand
03:01   that Hungarian soldiers and police officers be allowed
03:05   to respond with firearms and live ammunition to such violent attacks.

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  1. It’s been 338 years since the last attack against the Gates of Vienna. I suppose a fresh attack is due. I’d open fire and mobilize the tanks to the border just to show the immigrants just how tankful we are.

  2. Who decided that Western Europe is to be Afro Arab and Christian hating Muslim race enslaving drivers to boot. Our offspring are already so messed up. Ripe for conquest. Something has gotten seriously confused with cadaver bye den and unqualified Kentucky fried chicken Afro ghouls. Everyone is out of their basics. The invaders are laughing all the way to the brimstone.

  3. Give the order! Open Fire! Let the do gooding so called human rights brigade go pound sand. Rackem and stackem boys! Or hire me and my people and we will get the bloody job done!

  4. The Hungarian border patrol and army should be allowed to use their guns whenever threatened. Maybe it would cause these Islamic invaders to think twice. I blame the loss of borders on the Left – look at the US southern border.

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