Europe Under Siege

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Europe Under Siege

by Fjordman

As I write these words, Europe is under siege. An invasion is taking place by land, by sea and sometimes by air. Nearly every day, migrants show up uninvited in Europeans waters. Sometimes in southern Italian islands such as Lampedusa,[1] other times in Lesbos or other Greek islands near the coast of Turkey, occasionally in Malta or Cyprus, and increasingly in the Canary Islands.

The migrants are sometimes called “refugees” in Western media. Yet many of them are not refugees in any meaningful sense of the word. They come from different countries, including Pakistan, Bangladesh, Morocco or Ghana where there is no war. The majority are young men of fighting age. When groups of men of military age systematically force their way into another country’s territory, this is an invasion. Not all invasions happen by tanks.

Europe has a turbulent history and has experienced many sieges of castles or cities before. Yet what we are witnessing now is different. This is the siege of an entire continent, one that could last for generations. Many Trojan horses are already inside the gates, and the walls are crumbling.

The global population reached one billion people for the first time around the year 1800, during the early stages of the Industrial Revolution.[2] By then, all major habitable land masses on this planet had been settled by humans. It took all nations and tribes hundreds of thousands of years, from archaic humans such as Homo erectus and the Neanderthals, to reach one billion people. Now, a single continent, Africa, grows by a billion people in a few decades.

Some technologically sophisticated societies such as South Korea or Japan have low birth rates. Meanwhile, backward societies such as Niger or Yemen have high birth rates. Ethiopia will surpass Japan in population within this decade. Meanwhile, Ethiopia experiences tensions with Egypt over the use of water from the Nile River .[3] Egypt, too, has surpassed 100 million inhabitants, mostly crammed into a narrow strip along the Nile.[4]

Overpopulation in parts of Asia and Africa could potentially cause wars over water and other resources in the future. Some of these countries have problems feeding themselves even now.

If we state that 220-230 million people lived on the entire African continent in 1950, this is a reasonably realistic estimate. A single African country, Nigeria, now has a population of nearly 220 million people.[5] And it keeps growing fast. If this population growth continues, Nigeria alone could end up with a population larger than that of the entire European Union.[6] Africa is projected to have a population of perhaps 2.5 billion people by the year 2050.[7] The poorest and least technologically developed continent on this planet will thus have expanded its population ten to eleven times in less than a century. This is clearly not sustainable.

The global population is fast approaching 8 billion people. How many humans will live on this planet by the end of this century? 9 billion people? 10? 11? Or perhaps 12 billion people or more? The estimates vary. Diseases and other disasters may strike, and birth rates fluctuate. Yet countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Egypt, Ethiopia and Nigeria will almost certainly have a growing population for many years to come.

Meanwhile, Europe looks like the sick man of the world. Nearly every single European nation has birth rates below replacement level. Europe seems old and tired. The ruling elites in some European countries barely try to maintain their borders, but actively promote the gradual ethnic displacement of the native population. To outsiders, Europe looks wealthy and weak. That is an extremely dangerous combination. It tempts predators who come to plunder. If the European whale is dying, better feast on its carcass now before others do so.

Europe is surrounded on its southern and eastern flanks by societies that fail in almost everything, except producing babies. Even countries that were once considered somewhat sophisticated, such as Lebanon or Tunisia, currently experience economic problems and send migrants to Europe.

A survey from 2020 indicated that nearly half of the young people in North Africa and the Middle East say they are either actively trying to migrate or are considering migrating to another country.[8] In 2018, a Pew Research Center study revealed that two-thirds of sub-Saharan Africa’s 1.1 billion people wanted to migrate to Europe or the USA within a five year period.[9] These regions can send millions of migrants abroad every single year, and still grow in population.

The number of people on the move in the world today is far greater than the number of people who moved during what Europeans call the Migration Period in the Early Middle Ages. It is unprecedented in all of human history, aided by modern technology for rapid transportation and communication.

A quick look at these numbers leads to an inescapable conclusion: Europe will probably be under siege for the rest of this century by an endless stream of migrants from dysfunctional countries throughout the global South, especially from the Islamic world and Africa.

Some say we should simply let these migrants in and “integrate” them into our societies. This is totally unrealistic.

First of all, Europe currently suffers from cultural self-loathing and does not have the self-confidence to absorb anybody. Secondly, many of the immigrants have no desire to become like us. And third, many of them have mentalities that differ so much from our own that we may never be able to successfully absorb them. Not even generations or centuries from now. They come from failed societies, and far too many of them recreate these failures in our cities.

This leaves only two possible outcomes to the current invasion and colonization of Europe. Either this invasion continues until Europe has become just as poor and backward as the lands these recent migrants come from. Or Europeans decide to send the invaders back, by force when necessary. Europe must choose to live or die. This choice must be made soon, before it is too late.

Europeans must set aside past grievances among Germans, Poles, French or Italians, among Slavic, Germanic and Celtic peoples, among Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant or atheist. Our common challenge in the coming century will be to preserve Europe as the ancestral homeland of European peoples.

It would have been great if the European Union had led these efforts. Unfortunately, the opposite seems to be the case. The EU often behaves as the anti-European Union: It leaves Europe open to invasion by intruding migrants, and tries to harass or silence native Europeans who oppose this invasion.


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9 thoughts on “Europe Under Siege

  1. Hoo-boy!

    As Ann Landers (or the other one) used to say: “Wake up and smell the coffee!”

    You didn’t go into details so I wonder if Hungary is part of this clusterfark or not. Somehow I can’t see Viktor Orban allowing anyone in without permission.

    I do admit to not paying attention to the European news lately, though. I’ve been busy with gardening, writing, cooking, and visiting relatives.

    I hope all is well with you, Baron!

  2. The invasion will continue until Europe has been destabilized to the point that the EU itself becomes a casualty and enough of the native born support the rise of strongmen and dictatorship if it results in ridding the continent of its invaders. Just how the ridding will proceed, whether through chimneys or through voluntary means likely will be determined by the amount of resources left by the time the dictators start coming to power.

    I don’t believe that third world cesspools will be able to breed indiscriminately forever. Starvation would see to that long before Africa ever reached multiple billions. And the Chinese wouldn’t tolerate that either. They will prove to be far less benevolent overlords than the American Empire now that Pax America is at an end. A few genetically engineered plagues tailored to certain melanin rich populations will ensure that the world’s resources aren’t wasted on useless eaters or that certain nations on their borders no longer present a military threat.

  3. The Balkanization of our western countries by the 3rd world invasion, with the encouragement of the globalist and leftist in general will bring war soon, I do believe we have reached the tipping point, it is in western man’s nature to do war when things get this bad, we are overdue. The Great Purge, because of the so called elites and many in society today, will be brutal, bloody and unprecedented in over a millennia.

  4. Every Crisis in these last 3 decades has been “solved” by the Political Class in Europe in one way only;
    Panic and Over-reaction – the late response of Fools.

    But what can one expect from a “profession” that breeds a class of people whose “Honour and Morals” lie within the Bank-ballance of the highest bidder?
    Why else would the create mountains of Dead for the sole enrichment of the few?

    Enoch Powell’s predictions will become true if these Politicians are not stopped and the tide turned.
    Otherwise Europe will cease to exist.

    As I’ve said many times before, the stench of Politics is worse than that of corpses under the midday sun.

  5. The barbarians are ready to overrun Europe once again.

    The same barbarians readying themselves to turn the U.S.A. into yet another corrupt, mediocre and non-functioning society like the rest of American continent from Mexico all the way south to Argentina.

    The savages want the remainder of the Western world to become like them, to pray to a sick and blood-thirsty deity to which they manifest five times a day their desire of killing the Jews and other infidels and raping their goats and their women.

    Or to just jive along, loitering the streets while engaging in drugs, blackmail, prostitution and racketeering, safe from and above the law because of their darker colors in their skins, now that they have managed to defund the police and declare “racist” any attempt to criticize their disregard of law, order, decency, work and peaceful coexistence.

    While the Chinese sit back and wait with Chinese patience. Their days of glory are just around the corner. While at the same time, they multiply their armed forces and refine their biological warfare research. Prepare for war, let your enemies destroy each other.

  6. It is very difficult to read articles like this in these days. Absolutely no effective response has been mounted. In the panic in the wake of terror attacks, the politicians’ first priority is to make sure that nobody blames the invaders or disrespects their motivations.

    Meanwhile, the narrative that “white nationalists” (whatever that is this week) are the primary terror threat continues to be pushed.

  7. If Muslim puppets Biden and Bozouk are the best in the west right now guess what? Springtime. I imagine terror populations all across the EU. When everywhere and how. See euro land being eaten alive in front of your eyes. Ripe.

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