Culture-Enriching Murder of a Priest in St. Laurent-sur-Sèvre

As I’ve often said in the past, Islam may be the largest source of lethal cultural enrichment in the West, but it’s hardly the only one.

Earlier today a Catholic priest was murdered in St. Laurent-sur-Sèvre in the Vendée region of France. The confessed murderer is a Rwandan immigrant named Emmanuel Abayisenga, who was prosecuted last year for setting fire to Nantes Cathedral. After his release Mr. Abayisenga was kindly taken in by the Missionary Brothers of Montfortain, of which order the murdered priest was a member. As it happens, the murderer met with Pope Francis back in 2016.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for translating this French TV news report, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating excerpts from an article published today by France Bleu:

Murder of a priest in Vendée: What we know

August 9, 2021

A priest was killed Monday in Saint-Laurent-sur-Sèvre, in the Vendée, by the man he had taken in. This Rwandan, age 40, had already been prosecuted for the fire of the Nantes cathedral a year ago. An investigation into “voluntary homicide” has been opened.

Father Olivier Maire was killed at Saint-Laurent-sur-Sèvres, in the northeast part of the Vendée Department. A man surrendered himself Monday morning at 9:15 to the Gendarmerie of a neighboring municipality to confess to the murder, then was placed in custody. This 40-year-old had already been known to the police, implicated in the fire at the Nantes cathedral in July 2020.

A judicial investigation into “voluntary homicide” has been opened and assigned to the Investigative Brigade at La Roche-sur-Yon and the Investigative Section of Nantes. The terrorism route has been ruled out, for now, the Assistant Prosecutor of La Roche-sur-Yon, Yannick Le Goater, stated during a news conference.

Priest “victim of his generosity”

The police discovered the body of the victim in a room of the premises of the community of the Missionary Brothers of Montfortain, a congregation present in about 30 countries, oriented towards charity and hospitality. The modus operandi of the crime and the exact time of the crime are not yet known. According to a police source of the Agence France Presse, the priest died after receiving blows, but the autopsy will determine the causes of death.


Born in Rwanda in 1981, this 40-year-old man had already been prosecuted for the fire in the Nantes Cathedral a year ago. After his court appearance in July 2020, he had spent several months in provisional detention before being freed last May 31. He had been placed under strict judicial control awaiting his trial with the requirement of reporting in two times a week and the obligation of respecting the place of his residence within the congregation.

The man was released on July 29 from the Georges Mazurelle Hospital in La Roche-sur-Yon, after having been placed under psychiatric care for a month. On June 20, Father Olivier Maire had, in effect, notified the authorities because his murderer wanted to leave the congregation.

Video transcript:

00:00   We have just learned that the body of a priest was discovered
00:04   this morning in St. Laurent-sur-Sèvre, a town about 20 kilometers south of Cholet.
00:09   Hello Sandra Buisson, you are our justice specialist.
00:13   [Interior Minister] Gérald Darmanin went to the site at the end of the day
00:17   and expressed his support for the Catholics of France. —What is the latest information, Sandra?
00:20   What happened this morning
00:23   is that a man, a Rwandan national, went to the gendarmerie in Mortagne-sur-Sèvre
00:29   saying that he had killed a priest. The gendarmes went to the place indicated
00:35   by the individual and they actually found the body of a religious man in his sixties.
00:41   It was in St. Laurent-sur-Sèvre and on the premises of a religious community.
00:46   It is not yet known when the murder took place. The suspect was taken into custody.
00:51   A particularity in this case is that this man is also under investigation for
00:56   burning the Cathedral of Nantes, which took place in July 2020.
01:02   This man had been housed by this religious community where the murder took place
01:07   since his release from pre-trial detention last June. He had asked the community
01:12   to take him in, and he had been placed under judicial supervision since that date.
01:17   For the moment, terrorism seems to have been ruled out, but there’s
01:21   no further information on the motivations of this individual.

Hat tip for the Breitbart article: Reader from Chicago.

16 thoughts on “Culture-Enriching Murder of a Priest in St. Laurent-sur-Sèvre

  1. Whether from Kigali, Karachi, Kinshasa, Kabul, or Qom the one common denominator of these parasitic invaders is that they are all orcs bent on rapine, thievery, murder, and conquest of the Western lands they come to infest. Who cares what the motive is; the solution to all these strains of madness is the same, only differing in execution. Hemp necktie, Madame Guillotine, high velocity lead poisoning, or Flambe ala Jean d’ Arc, are all equally valid methods to ending the infestation and ensuring Paradise is kept perpetually short of virgins.

    • The story of the Girl and the Snake comes to mind when the snake bit her = “you knew what I was when you picked me up” .

  2. Occupation and loss of control of country to ultra racist barbarisms is not exactly a winning strategy for survival. Especially now that the Taliban and iISIS are approaching on two different fronts. Within and without that is.

  3. French news is rubbish, entertainment for idiots and covid hypochrondriacs; women, asians, the tribe produced foolishness all to advance the lethal eco homo globo agenda. Nobody has ever solved the arson at Notre Dame Paris it isn’t even mentioned by the jew run media.

    • Beacuse they know that was deliberately put on fire by this savages, parasites!! This freaking clown Macron try cover this. , people are so stupid to vote for traitors like this , Marine LaPen last chance for France, but I doubt it .,

  4. Christianity isn’t a suicide pact.
    The priest is a victim of his own brainwashing. The culture-enricher previously demonstrated his own vicious anti-Western and anti-Christians tendency and this priest took him and received the sort of treatment one would expect from such a person.
    I hope that God has received him but I also hope the rest of his Order has learned their lesson.

    • Nope, they wont.
      They will lie andsupport the leftwing agenda: poor poor man, not appreciated etc

  5. Our society needs a whole lot less of “turn the other cheek” and a boatload more of a more robust form of Christianity, say like the Knights Templar and their method of dealing with these orc savages.

  6. “no further information on the motivations of this individual”…..

    How about “Kill them wherever you find them”.

    Might that be relevant?

      • You cant convert black to white except through fire.

        Burn him at the stake using the leftovers of the Nantes church.

        With regard organised religion, it has never been anything other than an opportunity for the manipulative and weak to hold positions of power over the strong – that they otherwise would never have had.

        When the man returns to earth, he will no doubt make a case for a new delivery system of his word. What exists now is a corruption of what he would have wished.

  7. Can anyone here point out anywhere in the history of man that diversity from alien cultures has ever worked and doesn’t end in massive bloodshed? Anyone?
    As a Catholic in poor standing, this priest is a dead example of wishful thinking and Christianity light instead of robust and resolute actions.

  8. I don’t blame the muslim, he is just doing what his god, Satan, tells him. I blame the empty headed priest for trying to aid one of Satans children.

  9. First I was appalled, then I read that the priest had given the beast shelter.
    Ancient artefacts were lost to the fire he set in the cathedral of Nantes, lost forever.
    I have been studying the nature of Evil since my late teens and I have come to this conclusion:
    If you enable evil, shelter it, give it food, water it because you’re a fool, your intentions do not count, you are not a Man of God, you are one of the countless who work for the other side. That priest could have helped one French person, who, through no fault of their own, was down on their luck. Or looked after animals. But no, in his pride, which was his fall, he decided to open his door to one of the Destroyer’s army.
    I would welcome any feedback from theologians because I came up with this idea by myself: at catechism we were taught to help little ladies cross the road, and we coloured maps of the Middle-East in the time of Jesus with colour pencils. Of the nature of Evil, nothing, naught, zilch.
    I used religious images because they were the only one that seemed fitting.

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