Corona and Rape: The Cultural Enrichment of Lampedusa and Porto Empedocle

The following video from Italy reports on the latest migrants arriving at the Italian island of Lampedusa, which is being overwhelmed this summer, exceeding the carrying capacity of its reception center.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

The following article from Corriere della Sera (also translated by Gary Fouse) reports on a culture-enriching rapist who followed the same route as the migrants in the video, through Lampedusa and Porto Empedocle. The case has a Mohammed Coefficient of 100%:

Milan: Rape at Cascina Gobba: The selfie in front of the Duomo that brought down the rapist

The Egyptian, 31 years old, had landed at Lampedusa in May. On July 7 he was photographed in Milan: The image, thanks to facial recognition software, led to his identification. Then the DNA confirmation.

For two months he disappeared. A ghost that moves throughout Italy, from the island of Lampedusa to Milan. A path during which Haitham Mahmoud Abdelshafi Ahmed Masoud was never checked by police. Or at least, if he was, no trace was left.

The 31-year-old Egyptian, arrested for the rape of a 25-year-old worker at the San Raffaele of Milan Hospital, landed at Lampedusa between the 10th and 11th of May. Days in which more than 1,400 migrants arrived in a few hours. On one of those boats there was also Masoud, who after being transferred to the Lampedusa hotspot, was photographed and identified with the name of “Abdelshafi Haysem Mahmoud”. He said that he fled from Egypt, crossed the Mediterranean together with other co-nationalists, and fled from the repression of the Cairo government. He announced that he wanted to claim asylum. The Interior Ministry assigned him the identification code 064BSVV, a sort of provisional identity for migrants.

Trace of him lost during the anti-Covid quarantine, and the transfer to Porto Empedocle. In his pocket a cell phone number which was activated on May 25 at Palma di Montechiaro (Agrigento) by a 23-year-old co-nationalist. Probably Masoud reached the capital of Lombardy by train. And thanks to the identity number, he was identified two months later at the immigration office of Milan police HQ when he presented himself to advance his asylum request. It was 1:35 pm on Wednesday, July 7: With a white t-shirt and gelled hair, he was photographed by the scientific police. It would be that picture, thanks to the facial recognition software “Sari” that led to his identification.

The police begin with another image, that of the WhatsApp profile associated with the telephone number that might belong to the perpetrator of the violence of August 9 when the 25-year-old victim was attacked at dawn and raped in a canal while walking along a path on her way to work. A selfie taken with the cell phone where Masoud, in front of the Duomo, was dressed in a black t-shirt. On 24 August, while the police, directed by Marco Cali, already suspicious of him, were monitoring him, the 31-year-old presented himself again at the immigration office to complete his asylum request. In the files, there are shots of the 31-year-old seated in the waiting room. It is here that the officers surreptitiously obtain a can and cigarette butt to compare the DNA with the traces found at the scene of the violence. A few hours later the confirmation arrives. The two genetic profiles match.

At 7 in the evening on Thursday, magistrates Letizia Mannella and Rosaria Stagnaro sign the arrest warrant. The police trace Masoud the following morning to an apartment on Via Tartini, on the periphery of the city, where he is sleeping with ten other co-nationalists. A dormitory house where he had found hospitality and some illegal work as a laborer at a construction site thanks to the “mutual aid” of other immigrants. Masoud had clean clothes, a smartphone, and the same backpack he was carrying on his shoulders the day of the violence.

The interrogation to validate the arrest was held Sunday, at San Vittorio prison. The 31-year-old will be defended by the legal office of Eleonora Bergamini. In the 52-page indictment from the magistrates, the judge is requested to keep the 31-year-old in jail, as well as the story from the victim. “I felt myself being pushed into the ditch suddenly. My face was crushed on the pavement of the canal, I felt I was suffocating. I shouted. I begged him to stop for my two children. When he fled after the violence, I was terrified that he would return.”

Video transcript:

00:00   Two nautical miles from the port of Lampedusa, the harbor master’s office rescued
00:05   63 sub-Saharans, including four women, during the course
00:09   of the 18th disembarkation recorded in the last 24 hours
00:13   off Lampedusa — arrivals that show no sign of stopping.
00:17   330 migrants who reached the island in the previous landings
00:21   that continued since midnight yesterday and up until dawn.
00:25   Only four have been registered in the course of an hour.
00:30   During yesterday evening there were another four,
00:34   with a total of 70 persons, which has brought the number of landings
00:38   for yesterday to ten with 235 migrants.
00:43   So in 24 hours, 507 migrants have reached the island.
00:48   The situation has returned to being more than critical
00:51   at the hotspot of Contrada Imbriacola [reception center], where there are currently
00:55   865 guests present, more than triple the maximum capacity fixed at 250 spaces.
01:03   Intercepting the last four boats, with people of Tunisian and sub-Saharan nationalities on board,
01:08   were patrol boats of the harbor master of the Guardia di Finanza,
01:12   small boats with often fewer than ten persons on board.
01:17   Other times more than 40, among them women and children.
01:23   Aside from the usual checks, anti-Covid checks are now added.
01:27   There are 107 migrants already subjected to quick tests for the diagnosis of Covid-19,
01:33   and three already identified, who will be transferred this morning from Lampedusa
01:38   by ferry line, which in the evening will reach Porto Empedocle.
01:42   Of the transfers carried out, 758 guests will remain
01:46   at the Lampedusa hotspot as arranged by the Prefecture
01:50   in agreement with the Interior Ministry, and will be coordinated by the police.

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  1. And thus is the West killed by a thousand cuts.

    How much money will be wasted on this cretin, his detainment, lawyers, trial, and when found guilty, his incarceration? Probably not much on the incarceration as the other expenses since European justice is tailored to Europeans and not African orcs. Multiply this by tens of thousands, not to mention the cost to all the victims whose perpetrators are never found. And the millions of orcs who receive resources from the public trough which never will be reimbursed through productive activities.

    The day will come when the sheer mathematics of the situation will result in the invaders being removed by the cheapest means available, and a bullet costs far less than repatriation by chartered jet. And drowning or gassing is cheaper still. Those directing the invasion are setting Europe up for a genocide that will make the holocaust look like a schoolyard fisticuffs by the time its over.

  2. Yesterday a Greek doctor and teacher in the university
    of Athens said that the plan is to bring into Europe a 100 million immigrants from Africa and Asia .
    And about Covid-19 she recommended to read france3-regions:

    • France 3 -regions

      Covid. Tarbes: hospital surgeon qualifies vaccination as “genocide”, controversy and chain reactions
      During an anti-health pass demonstration on Saturday August 21, an orthopedic surgeon from Tarbes hospital spoke publicly about the vaccination, calling it “genocide” and calling for a boycott. The surgeon’s remarks aroused strong reactions, in particular at ARS Occitanie.
      Posted on 08/25/2021 at 6:32 p.m. • Updated on 08/30/2021 at 12:36 p.m.
      Hautes-Pyrénées – Arnaud Huboud-Peron, orthopedic surgeon at the Tarbes hospital center.
      Hautes-Pyrénées – Arnaud Huboud-Peron, orthopedic surgeon at the Tarbes hospital center. • © FTV
      Hautes-Pyrenees Tarbes
      A video, relayed on social networks, has been causing a stir for a few days. It was shot on Saturday August 21 in front of the premises of the Tarbes hospital.

      During an anti-health pass demonstration Saturday, August 21 in Tarbes, an orthopedic surgeon from the city hospital, Arnaud Huboud-Peron, spoke publicly, in front of 800 demonstrators, in front of the hospital, about the vaccination. He called it “genocide” and called for refusing the injections.

      ” This injection is not a vaccine, it is a gene therapy. This injection is responsible for complications called side effects but they are in fact complications. What is happening now is dramatic because in the hospital, since August 20, two young people aged 17 and 20 have had myocarditis, two days after their vaccination “declared the practitioner of the Tarbes hospital.

      The surgeon also called not to be vaccinated, advocating solutions alternatives such as hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, vitamins C and D or Zinc, indicating that those who used it were not hospitalized.

      Strong reactions to these comments and probably sanctions
      During a press point, this Wednesday, August 25, on the health situation in Occitania, Pierre Ricordeau, director of the ARS, spoke following the comments made publicly a few days earlier.

      The remarks made are totally unacceptable, all the more so coming from a doctor who has a responsibility in matters of health.

      Pierre Ricordeau director of ARS Occitanie.

      The ARS of Hautes-Pyrénées for its part did not speak out on the case but speaks of a ” serious matter and questions the ethics of this health professional”.

      ” We are shocked by the words of this practitioner ” reacted for its part the communication service of the hospital of Tarbes. ” This practitioner should have remained in his role of orthopedic surgeon, a role he fulfills perfectly ” was added within the hospital.

      The Order of Physicians was seized as well as the National Management Center, competent in matters of penalties for hospital staff. The ARS intends to make a report to the public prosecutor.

      For now, it is impossible to know what follow-up will be given to this case. However, the practitioner and his management could meet at the end of August.

  3. I bet they won’t even ship the invading barbarian back to the cesspit from which he crawled.

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