All Hungarian Kids Must Get the Vax!

The video below shows a recent Hungarian TV report featuring a “Covid expert”. László, who translated the clip for subtitling, includes this introductory note:

The interview, which aired on a Hungarian TV-channel (ATV) two weeks ago, is full of contradictions on many levels. I have never seen so many Corona inconsistencies in one report. It is a completely confused mumbo-jumbo: obvious self-contradictions sold as ‘expert-opinion’ in order to promote the jab for children. (The video has been cut so that the contradictory parts are highlighted, but I do not think it has altered or falsified the meaning.)

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   I think it is also very very important that the school-aged already now take the vaccine,
00:04   as soon as possible, because they are one of the main spreaders,
00:07   even though they are not the most exposed group or most prone to the disease.
00:11   The most important thing is that whoever is vaccinated
00:14   is more or less protected. So the vaccines actually work.
00:17   But they are not protected from getting infected… or are they?
00:21   No, they are not — unfortunately it seems to be a very aggressive virus
00:25   that replicates, reproduces itself very quickly in the body,
00:28   and therefore even if someone has the protective level of immunoglobulin,
00:32   it does not stop the virus from multiplying in his body, and he can still be infectious.
00:36   Why is the timing of the children’s inoculation important?
00:41   It would be very important to do it before the school year starts.
00:44   So if they get inoculated now, then one month later a level of immunization develops,
00:48   which prevents these children from spreading the disease en masse.
00:52   That is why they should be inoculated now and we should not wait.
00:55   Yet in Israel, where the majority of the population has been vaccinated, moreover with Pfizer;
00:59   and [infection] has hugely increased there too; 80% of them have been vaccinated twice,
01:02   but the numbers are still rising at a worrisome rate. This is exactly what we are talking about;
01:05   it is pointless to keep calculating, whoever can protect himself
01:08   and the surrounding people with the vaccine, should do it.

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