All French Youths Must Get the Vax!

French President Emmanuel “Toy Boy” Macron has recorded a TikTok video intended for an audience of French young people that stresses the importance of the COVID “vaccination” and emphasizes its safety.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Fourth question. “The vaccine has side effects.”.
00:05   I was vaccinated; like many of you, I didn’t have any side effects.
00:10   If you take a look at things in France, we’ve had more than 70 million doses
00:14   injected, with fewer than 65,000 side effects recorded and among them.
00:20   The overwhelming majority were extremely benign side effects.
00:24   Meaning, fatigue and a little fever that lasts one or two days.
00:27   Serious side effects are very, very rare. Conversely, Covid has killed more
00:34   than 4 million people since the beginning of the epidemic according to
00:37   the World Health Organization. In fact, simply put, you’re more likely
00:42   to have problems with serious injury while driving your car than
00:47   being vaccinated. In all sincerity, these vaccinations save lives.

5 thoughts on “All French Youths Must Get the Vax!

  1. ‘I was vaccinated; like many of you, I didn’t have any side effects.’

    An injection of saline solution generally produces no side effects. Liar. We all know that the clot shot is for us little wormy people, not for you ubermenchen types.

    • I agree with you.
      But he is just a stooge.
      And when he has outlived his usefulness, its bye bye for him too.
      He has no skill except lying. And for a society that Schab, Gates etc want they need technicians to run the world.
      On top you have the few who think of themselves as gods.
      Below them are the liars to keep the populace in check.
      Then the technicians to run it all.
      And then the serfs-without rights. Their only reason to exist is to work, provide playthings and die for the amusement of the gods.

      After they have culled the masses, then they will cull the politicians. They are a dime a dozen. They have more than enough of them.

  2. This evil man, macron, hang this bastard now! He is going to hanged, soon the crowds outside his sleeping quarters will catch him, and I imagine burn him alive!
    There can be no escape no mercy no quarter given to the tranche of political traitors
    Liars charlatans especial in France, macron will be captured, like gaddafi or saddam hussein, the mob are coming to get you macron Johnson gates Schwab soros blair

    The people will hunt everyone of you down including your family’s.

  3. Including His grandma wife !! 67 years old , what a idiot, traitor He is , guillotine it’s waiting for You and for Your best friend Merkel&CO, that bitch and Her army in Bundestag will be hang to just beside You ..

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