Afghanistan Moves to Europe

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Many thousands of people are currently fleeing Afghanistan to escape the violence and brutality of the Taliban as sharia law is reimposed on the country. The following report from Sweden discusses the surge of migrants from Afghanistan that is expected in Europe.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Nyheter Idag:

Aid workers warn: Up to three million Afghans will migrate to Europe

The German aid worker Sybille Schnehage, in an interview with German site WSR, warns that three million Afghans may migrate to Europe if the situation in the nation doesn’t improve. Schnehage has worked with humanitarian aid in Afghanistan since the 1980s, and in 1994 founded the organization Katachel, which, among other things, has helped establish 31 schools in Afghanistan.

“One can assume that up to three million Afghans will come to Europe within the foreseeable future,” Schnehage says to WDR and continues:

“I always ask people: ‘Why won’t you go to Saudi Arabia, where there are Muslims; it is your culture.’ The answer is always, ‘No, Germany is better.’”

“Yes, we absolutely must help Afghans build a future in the countryside. If not, the consequences for Germany and Europe are predictable,” says Schnehage.

In the interview, Schnehage also says that lawlessness is a bigger problem for the Afghan people than the Taliban, and that aid organizations like hers can work with the Taliban in the areas where they hold power.

“I have operated girls’ schools under Taliban rule. The foremost problem has always been security. How do we get girls to school unharmed? In the Afghan countryside, there are many young men without work who cannot afford to buy a wife. It costs at least €5,000.

“Because of this, girls are often kidnapped, including on the way to school. The Taliban say that girls must be safe. If we can guarantee that they can get to school safely, they have no problem with certain education, up to about the 6th grade,” says Schnehage.

15 thoughts on “Afghanistan Moves to Europe

  1. Chiquitastan or the Former USA is almost full to capacity and the replacements have to go somewhere.
    Are any going to Israel? (snicker)

  2. How about those three million young military age males find their gonads instead and stand and fight? Or maybe it isn’t about being afraid for ones life but what the German taxpayers can do for them? And likely they are a bunch of cowards too when it doesn’t involve raping European girls or stabbing defenseless European males.

    • Exactly my thoughts.
      According to the local newspaper the Taliban are 60.000 men.
      The afghan army is 300.000. If ALL current and future asylum seekers would pick up an AK-47 they could kick the Talibans posterior to Pakistan and beyond.

      I think there is only one method that would give them the spine to stand and fight.
      The methods of the Imperial Guard of the game Warhammer 40.000.
      You know, Commissars and explosive collars for Penal Legion troops.

  3. “The foremost problem has always been security. How do we get girls to school unharmed?”

    the solution is easy: give each unmarried afghan young male his 5000€ 🙂

    • Why? They can go kaboom and have 72 virgins, maybe raisins. We can help them to this goal cheaper then giving them so much money.

  4. I take it that Europe is not entirely under the Sword of Islam, and that’s why all these Bashi Bazouks are getting send in as “refugees”.
    What easier way to get your irregulars into the Invasion Zone without getting blown to bits?
    Where are the Jean Parisot de La Valette, Don John of Austria, Prince Eugene of Savoy, John Sobieski and so many more of European Lineage that fought with thousands upon thousands of our Ancestors side by side against the Invasions by the followers of a murderous Desert Lunatic?

    And as it has always been throughout history, the Stench of Politics I can smell here in this is worse than that of corpses under the midday sun.

  5. Yeah! This ought to work out really well, I mean what could possibly go wrong with allowing low IQ poster children of the Bell Curve who are inbred and come from a culture that allows them to give a female a black eye for just looking at them wrong into a modern western society?

    • What’s a Muslim to do? Here in Western Europe you have the female corrupting the male power that kept islam at bay for so long.

      • Those very same females are not going to like being put under the boot soon, but they thought the patriarchy is bad and 3rd worlders good because of you know, feelings.

  6. They only want to go to Germany, where they have generous money and free girls to reap from Merkel&CO, that’s why they want to go to take the money and taking over , naive Germans wake up !!

  7. How’s about the western male find his gonads and dare to look at what is coming his way. Tell me again about the EU – man with a plan.

    • Not likely when it’s puppets masquerading as leaders are collectively a bunch of poofters and wannabe circus clowns or escaped circus clowns (Johnson). And all of them put into power by the votes of feminized weak males and young dumb females, both of which Europe has a surfeit of.

      The real powers behind the thrones are also cowards lacking the capacity for violence on a personal level but wealthier than kings so they can hire legions of mercenaries to do violence on their behalf. Historically, those who rule but lack the capacity personally for violence tend to be usurped by their own henchmen who have a quite intimate association with with getting their own hands dirty and no inhibitions on doing so.

      • Makes me wonder if or when the mercenary’s make short work of people like Soro’s and the rest of the so called elites ?

  8. I wonder if now it is finally clear to everyone that it is impossible to impose a Western-style “democracy” on a Muslim nation?

    The allegedly “democratic” government that ruled Afghanistan for 20 years was nothing more than an utterly corrupt gang interested only in lining their pockets. It was under their kleptocratic rule that opium culture in Afghanistan flourished like never before.

    No wonder that Afghans are not prepared to fight and die for this sort of government. Many prefer Taliban because under them there is at least some sort of law and order. Of course the law is harsh and the order is cruel, but it is better than nothing. And, after all, Afghans are Muslims and sharia something that they understand and find natural.

    Westerners should understand: an Islamic country can exist in three forms only: Taliban-style religious totalitarianism, Assad-style religiously tolerant but morally conservative secular authoritarian regime or bloody anarchy. By destroying the secular regimes in Iraq, Syria and Libya, by supporting the calamitous “Arab Spring”, the West opened the door for both bloody anarchy and Islamist totalitarianism. Now the West – and first of all Europe – is being overrun by hungry and desperate hordes of Muslim refugees from the Middle East, massively infiltrated by Islamic extremists.

    And countries that used to be relatively prosperous, to have modern healthcare and education, have been reduced to savagery and misery. Christians, Yazidis and other religious minorities are bearing the brunt of the disaster.

    That is the bitter harvest that the “democratisation” policy of Western elites has reaped.

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    Also, women breed with the strongest males. And who is behaving like the strongest at the moment? T
    Fwmales sidenwith the winners

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