Wearing Out Their Welcome

It’s been six years since Chancellor Angela Merkel opened the borders and invited the world to take up residency in Germany. Hellequin GB has translated three articles from PolitikStube with some of the latest news on the Great Migration Crisis.

The first article discusses the fact that culture-enrichers are sucking up a larger and larger proportion of the country’s welfare payments. “Hartz IV” is a reference to the current social welfare benefits system in Germany:

13 billion euros for foreign Hartz IV recipients

Entitlements have doubled since 2007 — fewer German citizens receive benefits

The entitlement payments for Hartz IV recipients without a German passport have doubled since 2007 and have increased to almost €13 billion in 2020. In 2019 it was €12.5 billion. This emerges from a response from the Federal Ministry of Labour to a request from the AfD member René Springer, which was made available to the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung (NOZ).

In 2007, the claims of foreign Hartz IV recipients were therefore just under €6.6 billion. The increase to date has been around 6.4 billion euros. “Germany needs a restrictive immigration policy that effectively prevents poverty migration. Denmark shows us that such a policy is possible if the political will is there,” Springer told the NOZ.

Because the number of German Hartz IV recipients has declined in recent years, the payment claims of all beneficiaries have fallen by a total of €1.1 billion to €35.4 billion. The sum of the Hartz IV payment claims of German households decreased from almost €30 billion in 2007 to €22.3 billion in 2020. That is €7.7 billion less than 13 years ago, according to the answer from the Ministry of Labour.

In the group of foreign Hartz IV recipients, citizens from other EU countries had claims of around €2.6 billion. For people from the eight most important asylum countries of origin, it was a good €6 billion. More than half of this (€3.4 billion) went to refugees from Syria, followed by Iraqis (€825 million) and Afghans (€870 million).

According to the statistics, around one in ten beneficiaries (9.7 percent) is a Syrian. In 2007, almost 82 percent of all Hartz IV recipients were Germans; their share has now fallen to 62.9 percent.

Persons entitled to asylum in Germany are eligible for standard benefits according to the second German Social Code (Hartz IV) after one and a half years of residence at the earliest, if they cannot provide for their own maintenance.

More and more welfare, and also more and more knife attacks, according to the second article:

More and more knife attacks: Start taking decisive action against knife crime

Not only the murders in Würzburg, but also attacks in Erfurt, Hof, Minden, Osnabrück, Karlsruhe and in many other places in the last few days show that decisive measures against massive knife crime are urgently needed. For years, the AfD has not only been calling for a uniform nationwide recording of knife crimes, but also for consistent action against it: a demand that is obviously being ignored by all other parties, to the bloody harm of many people.

“If you had listened to the AfD in 2018, many people could still be alive — victims and relatives would have been spared a lot of suffering! Instead, people prefer to talk about the current situation or keep it quiet, talk about populism and do nothing. Once again I call for decisive action against knife crime in order to finally curb it — even if it is actually much too late! In addition, the minimum penalty for knife offenses urgently needs to be increased significantly in order to provide a deterrent,” says Stephan Brandner (AfD).

Finally, a suitable climax to all this irony and insanity:

It’s getting more and more absurd! Afghanistan “demands” a temporary ban on deportations from Europe

The Afghan government is calling for rejected asylum seekers NOT to be deported from Europe for a period of three months. The reasons for the requested suspension are the increasing violence of the Taliban and the cruel virus called Corona. I take it considering a polite request is out of the question?

The remigration of their own citizens is currently not appropriate, with the federal and state governments preferring to bring criminals back to Afghanistan. Since 2016 a staggering 1,104 rejected asylum seekers have been returned to Afghanistan from Germany. Given the tens of thousands of young men still lingering and the almost daily new arrivals, that’s just a drop in the ocean.

One would actually have expected that the government of Afghanistan would now urgently need the young and able-bodied countrymen and call them to return home and fight the enemy in order to protect the country and the population and promote reconstruction. Many of the young Afghans who are staying in Germany without authorization have already impressively demonstrated their willingness to attack and fight.


The government of Afghanistan has asked European states to suspend deportations to the crisis-ridden country for three months. Because of the increasing violence of the militant Islamist Taliban and rising Corona infections, the repatriation of rejected asylum seekers is currently a cause for concern, according to a statement by the ministry responsible for refugees on Saturday. There are also concerns about a growing number of people seeking asylum abroad and on the run in the country itself.

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  1. I am curious if the drop (or at least slowdown) in the number of foreign welfare recipients is because more and more of these orcs are being granted citizenship. Also, is this welfare an individual thing or does one orc with four wives and a dozen orclings get amped-up funds to support his horde?

    • You are right, this criminals, parasites, reapists probably got citizenships , what wonderful society this criminals in Bundestag created!!! Speechless..

    • They get funds for each and every Wife and Child.
      Some have even more than one household, you know 4 wives, 4 homes etc.etc…..
      There was a claim some years back that a Syrian with 4 wives and 23 kids is getting Euro 30,000 a month.
      The “Fact-checkers” claim that this is not the case, he only gets Euro 10,000 + a month on Benefits, of that is Euro 3600 in cash.
      My cousin and his wife , with 3 kids, who work their [fundaments] off 6 – 7 days a week go home with roughly Euro 2300 a month after Taxes and Social Security contributions, and from that they still have to pay the rent for their appartment, Insurance, Electricity….. you get what I’m saying.

      • you are right and it does not matter if he gets 30 K, 10K or 3,6 K in cash. In either case, this is the net revenue of a top executive, a dental surgeon or a college principal. Any way, too much for a parasite.

  2. I bet those idiot girls have been raped and maybe murdered by the muslim they welcomed to Sweden.

  3. 1,500 Billion Euros

    To house the people that arrived illegally between 2013 and 2018 the tax payer must pay 1,500 Billion Euros. This figure is based on official cost of building, 1% interest rates, private-public funding and laying gas, water, electricity line and adding new bus stops.

    We haven’t even covered the cost of their free bus tickets, free meals, free cell phones and internet, free medical care, free schooling, free new Mosques, exploding births amongst illegals.

    Today is the first day of the year, the tax payer is actually earning any money. All the money they earned this year until yesterday was paid in taxes.

    The rapes, stabbings, child marriages, group rapes, organised crimes and sodomy of farmyard animals explodes across Germany. Not a day passed without such news.

    • It’s just despicable what that Merkel&CO did to this country!!, the best coin Europe!!, it’s gone , sharia law will be established soon too , everything for this parasites, free , no wonder Obama was visiting Merkel starting 2014 just years before this barbaric invasion started, He said that Markel is His best friend!!, that was for reason, next year millions of military age Muslims was passing 5-6 safe countries just get to Germany!!

      • And that was after it came out, that the Obama regime had been wiretapping Merkel’s personal phone. That is when Merkel did an about-face on her immigration policy. Put 2 and 2 together…

    • well not really taxes! This is an equivocal generalisation. If say 45% of an average income are deducted by law, it is 15-20% taxes. The rest are insurancies to your benefit that other nations dream of:
      unemployment benefits, retirement funds and a health plan that covers everything. The latter are 50% co- funded by the employer, which of course makes overhead coasts dearer.
      I comment this because I refuse the image of a robber state, which it is only to a certain extent.

  4. Money are coming from German Colonies in CEE Europe..Mainly Poland,Hungary,Romania.Doesn’t cost German IV Reich Nazis a penny.
    CEE is totally Economically bought by IV German Reich..
    EVERY aspect Economical life and Market is own by German,Dutch,French,Italian Corporations..There is no single factory or trade business or Banks belonging to Polish,Hungarian ,Romanian citizens or States..ALL profit goes back to IV German Reich.. From every Euro invested in CEE 89 cents is going back to Nazi Germany..

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