Vous Serez Assimilés!

On Monday French President Emmanuel Macron announced the categories of people for whom COVID “vaccinations” would be mandatory. The clip below shows excerpts from Mr. Macron’s address to the nation.

Many thanks to Sassy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Translator’s notes:

What sanctions? They will no longer be paid and will lose their right to work in the medical profession. The sanctions may also apply to the firemen who transport people at risk to hospitals. As confirmed by Mr. Veran, the Minister of Solidarity and Health, in this clip, at 2:20.

Also: “This fall, PCR tests will no longer be free-of-charge, unless prescribed by a doctor,” announced Emmanuel Macron. “I will convene the Parliament in an exceptional session from July 21 for the examination of a bill.”

Video transcript:

00:00   For our protection and our unity, we must aim for
00:05   the vaccination of all French people, as it is the
00:09   only way to return to normal life.
00:12   Initially, for nursing and non-medical staff,
00:16   hospitals, clinics, retirement homes, facilities for people
00:20   with disabilities, and for all professionals and volunteers
00:24   who work in contact with the elderly or the frail, including at home,
00:28   vaccination will be mandatory without delay.
00:32   I am aware of what I am asking of you,
00:36   but I know that you are ready to make this commitment.
00:40   It is your sense of duty. For all our compatriots
00:44   concerned, you will have until September 15
00:48   to be vaccinated. We must start now.
00:52   As of September 15, controls will be carried out and sanctions will be imposed.

5 thoughts on “Vous Serez Assimilés!

  1. Sounds like a return of the Gilet Jaunes is long overdue. Hopefully there are a few slap-happy patriots who will be able to get close enough to the French Lord Farquaad to administer some common sense since the previous lesson didn’t take.

    I suspect however, that a poofter like Macron might only be capable of learning through the buttocks. A swift kick to the derriere might yield better results than a slap to the face.

  2. Did the French parliament vote on this? Apparently not.
    This is the Dictator deciding what shall be done.

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