The Freedom That Nobody Can Take Away From Us

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this op-ed from Politically Incorrect:

The freedom that nobody can take away from us

by Wolfgang Hübner

These days there are often complaints that presumptuous politicians in Germany have deprived us of elementary freedoms under the pretext of the coronavirus threat. In view of the resolutions passed by large majorities in the Bundestag to suspend and restrict fundamental rights guaranteed in the Basic Law, this lawsuit is fully justified.

In a parliamentary democracy, it is entirely possible for a majority to make decisions that have undemocratic consequences. If the Federal Constitutional Court in its current composition is determined more by party political interests than by constitutional principles, the parliamentary majority can no longer be effectively corrected. In this situation, are the citizens helplessly exposed to their deprivation of liberty?

That is only the case if the citizens submit to this deprivation of liberty. Nobody can force them to do so, because neither the state nor a parliamentary majority has power over people’s internal freedom. Even totalitarian dictatorships have so far failed because of this inner freedom of individuals. Inner freedom is the indispensable prerequisite for regaining outer freedom. That is why the enemies of freedom do everything in their power to break people internally, to make those who resist submissive by any means.

Currently, for example, with blackmail: “You will only get your freedom rights back if you are vaccinated against the virus.” Those who submit to this blackmail give up not only their physical self-determination, but also their inner freedom. From now on they can be blackmailed in the long term. Because soon it will be said: “You can only keep your freedom rights if you get vaccinated again against the virus mutation XYZ.”

The history of mankind gives clear indications that renouncing internal freedom is the prerequisite for external bondage. And this renunciation has never led to an end to external bondage. If the majority of people, for whatever motives and for however long, decide against internal freedom, then the maintenance and defense of internal freedom by a minority is all the more important. Because only internal freedom, which no one can take away from us, is the indestructible root of external freedom.

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  1. to be free in Christ is to be free indeed, which is why Stalin, Hitler, and Mao went after the Christians. No, not the churchgoers, but those who put their love of God in Christ before any allegiance to the state. Watchman Nee died in prison after having been arrested during the Cultural Revolution. Christians are still being targeted in China and North Korea as seditionists because for them, as was with Patrick Henry, they will have no other king than Jesus. Given the above examples, and the name of the German pastor who refused to swear allegiance to Hitler which I cannot recall, it would seem to me that those who demand the loyalty of others to the extent of being acknowledged as having the final authority over their lives must themselves be very unsure of themselves and rather insecure in their personalities. I can only wonder if Freud ever examined Hitler.

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