The Execution of an Investigative Journalist

I wrote last week about the shooting of Peter R. de Vries, a Dutch investigative journalist who was shot in the head, most likely by a member of the Mocro Mob, on the street in Amsterdam.

Today Mr. De Vries died of his wounds. Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from De Telegraaf:

Peter R. de Vries (64) dies

Amsterdam: Peter R. de Vries died on Thursday, July 15. The crime reporter was seriously wounded last Tuesday evening when he was shot on the Lang Leidsedwarsstraat in Amsterdam. De Vries was 64.

The family and his partner announced the following: “Peter fought until the end, but was not able to win the battle. He died surrounded by the people who loved him. Peter lived according to his conviction: ‘On bended knee is no way to be free’. We are immensely proud of him and, at the same time, inconsolable.”


The attack happened around 7:30pm on the Lange Leidsedwarsstraat, in the area of the Leidseplein near a parking garage. About 100 meters away sits the studio of RTL Boulevard, where de Vries was present that evening. Images of a bloodied de Vries quickly spread.

Two suspects are still in custody because of the shooting. They are a 35-year-old Pole from Maurik in Gelderland and a 21-year-old man from Rotterdam. The latter was allegedly the shooter; the Pole is believed to have driven the getaway car. The police conducted house searches in Maurik, Tiel, and Rotterdam and seized data processors and ammunition.

As yet little is clear concerning the background of the murder. The attorney Inez Weski complained that the media too easily point to Ridouan Taghi, whom she is defending in the notorious Marengo murder trial. Taghi is the chief suspect in that trial. He is believed to be the one who gave the order for a series of murders against the backdrop of the international cocaine business.

De Vries is the confidant of Nabil B., and worked in that role with the two current attorneys of the prosecution witness. It was often said in the corridors that his advisory role became fatal for him. As far as is known, he had no security because he didn’t want it.

Peter R. de Vries began his journalistic career with De Telegraaf right after middle school. A Hague murder case that he worked on awakened his interest in crime journalism. In the 35 years that followed, he investigated more than 500 murder files and grew into one of the most well-known crime journalists in the country.

15 thoughts on “The Execution of an Investigative Journalist

  1. What an admirable man he was. His murder is a tragedy. I hope the shooter is found and arrested. I also hope he is sentenced to death.

    • No, he wasn’t. As a person, he was quite horrible. So I am told by people who served him. Apart from that, he was firmly left wing and promoting it. He was one of the most vocal voices to call for housing unlimited refugees in Europe.

      Remember Joran van der Sloot (now rotting away in a Peruvian jail)? He let him escape not once, but twice. Because he could milk the public attention more that way. First he let him escape from Holland, later he “found” him again in Thailand (never met both of them) and made sure Joran could escape again.

      He was a vile, egotistical person who cared only for one person: Peter R de Vries. And nobody else. But in the end, he got the death he almost certainly craved: he died as a hero, mourned by the whole country, with a (near) state funeral. For a narcissist as de Vries, the only way to go.

      • So..we talking about the same person..From Polish perspective Dutch Fascism =Dutch Leftist Commie..Different label the same content..
        You Dutch as other ” germanic tribes” has common problem..which is Uberemensch mentality..and claims about your cultural superiority..Latin-Catholic culture is a big obstacle in building your Protestant-Masonic One World and One common religion..
        In this context we Catholic have more commonality with Islam than with your Godless Lutheran-Calvinistic-Protestant ideology..which has nothing to do with Faith in God..
        There is no much cry in Poland when Islam testing tooth on your throat..Quite frankly we enjoy it ..We in CEE still remember ( and always will ) time when we where fighting to protect Christian Europe from Islam Invasion ,you Dutch and other Lutheran Heretics abominations where colonizing,looting,killing etc more than half of the World and when we in CEE shett real blood you where building ” trade routes ” and slavery plantations,or mines etc..
        How is that work for you ? History can bite..
        After all Gates of Vienna ,Trianon,Yalta..mean anything for you ?

      • Hi Numan,
        maybe some commenter here should be reminded of places like Kielce or Tarnow…. after 5.1945.
        And in certain cases of mental disorder, professionnel advise could help, if health care in central european countries covers such.

        • Hi Anonymus Dutch funny boy..
          Perhaps you will to comment on this ? Anne Frank name and her memoires ring a bell for you ?
          Deportations of Jews from the Netherlands began in the summer of 1942. The last train left Westerbork for Auschwitz on September 3, 1944. During these two years, the Germans and their Dutch collaborators deported some 107,000 Jews, mostly to Auschwitz and Sobibor, where they were murdered. Only 5,200 survived.

          • The facts you name are correct, and the jewish population of the Netherlands was the most decimated, I know that and do not need lessons on holocaust, but my point were the jews that were slaughtered in Poland after the war.

  2. ” he is sentenced to death.”

    Infidels deaden muslims? for what? Doing their job that have perfected it for the

    last 1435 years. His job is to kill the infidels and take their lands and women.

    That’s their values. We also have our values: being woke, serving muslims,

    giving them priority when they go to hospital, restaurants, housing, and welfare.

    He did his duty and killed his infidel, whom allah does hate. It’s not his fault. He

    cannot disobey allah. If he does he can’t get 72 virgins. He cannot compromise

    with his values. As we never compromise with our values : we have democracy

    although we don’t have it and cannot understand it. We have free speech although

    we don’t have it. Oh yeah we are free to create unlimited amount of lies against

    Mr Trump, Wilders, Britain First, Russia, Salvini, and Maduro.

    And there is not limit in praising Pelosi, Schumer, and excellent and cleverly

    coherent speeches that make a lot of sense.

    We have great freedom in fabricating any number of Big Lies against a country that

    has a lot of copper and nationalises it, and does not allow the “democracies” to

    loot 51% of it.

  3. As a Pole , i would like to point out involvement of young Polish citizen..
    Present day Nederland with Commie-Fascizm Government and Dutch society is seen in Poland,Hungary and Romania as a Xenophobic anty-Polonism country and we don’t have a much sympathy for Dutch Fascist society and people ..I think that was an agenda for present of young Pole in Assassination of Dutch man..We in Poland still remember crime committed by SS-Westphalia Dutch and Belgian-dutch volunteers Division..

  4. A lot of Poles working and settling in the west of Western Europe. Many believe reliable counter that can take the place of those who refuse to see.

    • As a mater of facts we Polish People in Poland asking for new Polish Citizen Law..
      Time to ride out of the ” dead wood” who has nothing to do wit “Polishness ” and Polish State..
      International-cosmopolitan Opportunists who are using Polish Citizenship for own egoistic advantages..Most of them doesn’t speak Polish language..
      To make long story new Polish Citizen have to live CONTINUOUSLY 220 days in Poland during whole year and pay taxes to Polish State..Taxes conversions with other States will be scraped…
      Fluency in Polish language MUST..
      So you in the West can have all of this Rainbow warriors people,BLM and Soros cooperatives who claim to be Polish..We in Poland doesn’t need them..No benefit from them to our State and Economy…Milan..
      Are you a Polish man ?

  5. Obviously had a good propaganda machine then. Communist/fascist “hero” and antichrist? BBC and ABC AUSTRALIA create these mythical heroes out of communists all the time and most people fooled. Remember the White Helmets.

    • We in Poland remember..
      We also remember Gates of Vienna,Trianon ,Yalta and others West Europe ,US Betrayals..
      This is our CEE countries and people fuel for contempt of the West..Traitors Culture … Lutheran-Masonic Culture of Death and Superiority..

  6. re : Anonymus..
    DON’T you dare to preach me a Pole on the Holocaust !!! 7 MILIONS Polish citizen where Germans and theirs friends..
    In my direct familly 4 people including Grandfather i never had opurtunity to know die from German,Dutch and Ukrainian BEASTS !!
    My Grandfather die in OSWIECIM… hi get there by being point out by Jewish colaborator of Ukrainian NAZIS in eastern Poland ( Stanislawow)..

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