The Cultural Enrichment of German Cities and Towns

Miguel Klauß represents the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) in the regional parliament for Baden-Württemberg. The following op-ed from PolitikStube was translated by Hellequin GB:

Miguel Klauß: Germans are being driven out of their own cities!

What was reported from Stuttgart last week can be taken as a blueprint for the whole of Germany: More and more, a neglected, migrant milieu of oriental, Arab and African-born, predominantly male youths are taking over the public space, creating an “unstable security situation” and making life hell for the remaining locals and ancestral natives — until the latter give up and move away.

For anyone who walks through Germany’s inner cities with open eyes — especially in the west, where the “Verbuntung” [colourfulness] and “diversity” are already well-advanced (and if they have been emptied due to Corona, then at the hookah bars, junk shops, Turkish supermarkets, kebab shops and falafel stalls and betting shops the traffic will be uninterrupted) — it will not be possible to overlook the “change” that Greens such as Katrin Göring-Eckardt were looking forward to years ago.

In Stuttgart this week the local press reported on increasing rabble and brawl on the Kleiner Schlossplatz. Last year, at the “kick-off event” of this new Swabian city tradition, including brutal attacks on police officers and looting by the “event and party scene”, most of the people of Stuttgart hopefully assumed it was an isolated case. But the problem has persisted. No wonder that countless Stuttgart residents agree with the business owners and landlords in complaining about their suffering — and calling on politicians to finally do something.

Of course, all of this has long ceased to be a Stuttgart problem — and is certainly not a temporary condition that could be remedied, in the way you could get rid of rioting punks, beggars and homeless people through regulatory measures in city centers thirty years ago. No, it is only the beginning of an inevitable demographic development that diffuses from the big cities into the medium-sized cities and from there into smaller and smaller units, until at some point the countryside is the last to be affected. We are experiencing creeping land-grabs by problem migrants with zero willingness to integrate — especially since there will soon be nothing more to integrate into, or the question will be who should adapt to whom.

In Berlin, Cologne, the Ruhrpott and Frankfurt-Krankfurt, too, the orientalization of inner cities is accompanied by increasing crime rates, loss of homeland, changes in the cityscape and the increased emergence of no-go areas. German is no longer spoken here, customs and traditions from the 1001 Nights apply and conflicts are resolved according to old customary applications of the law. No wonder that fewer and fewer Germans still dare to go out into the streets in their hometowns. #ZeitfürdieAfD Germany. But normal.

15 thoughts on “The Cultural Enrichment of German Cities and Towns

  1. I am tired of this nonsense. It’s not a surprise. The writing was on the wall years and years ago. The Germans are once again participating in their own disaster, and dragging down others.

  2. Germanystan still exists?
    Esteemed party member comrade kommissarina Merkel needs to get on it and destroy what is left.
    The enrichers will make it look like Dresden, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Berlin, during WWII as part of the Long March to burn it all down.

    • I think that scenario is far too active, advanced and rapid. It took much planning and logistics, a goodly amount of 1940’s high tech and millions of tons of incendiaries and high explosives to largely reduce Germany’s major towns and cities to rubble over a few years – and despite that, the country fully recovered and again became prosperous.

      What I would expect is more like the Arab conquest along the southern shore of the Mediterranean after the Romans, that caused the existing towns and cities to fall into disuse, decay and oblivion, and transformed the former bread basket of the Roman Empire into desert.

      I happen to have been observing echoes of that these past weeks, as a family of devout Arabs have taken to relaxing in the backyard not more than thirty meters from my flat. They have been making tea in a pot, made quite black with soot, by chopping off the dead, low branches of the tree that juts toward our building, and burning them down to coals in a solid half sphere, portable charcoal grill. (There are some nearby, decaying, unused building; I have an inkling what may burn next.) To make that work, they have to fan the fire, a lot, and avoid the copious smoke.

      I do not know how they have done it, but the grass, which is elsewhere largely green and orderly, has become flattened and brown in their yard. Introduce some goats to overgraze it and it could become like desert, as this area of Germany also has sandy soil.

      • The lands currently infected with islam in the Middle East used to be the breadbasket of Byzantium. In addition to physically raping the inhabitants of the lands they conquer, islam also rapes the land, monuments, architecture, and any culture that predates them. I challenge anyone to name a single country or even a region within a country that has been improved by muslim occupation over the previous inhabitants.

  3. It is true.
    Everyday I enter Düsseldorf HBF (main train station).
    When I entered it first in 1988 I saw maybe 2 foreigners (= africans) in the entire train station.
    Today they are at least 40%.

  4. Locals “are being driven out of their own cities”

    — It is a conscious strategy, a Muslim thug admitted it in Michael Hansen’s documentary Killing Europe. Criminality and Jihad overlap.

  5. When it comes to the territorial dynamics of European streets, I find in many leftists across Europe, there is a persistent naivete and ignorance even when presented with incontovertable evidence of say, no-go zones, (ironically areas that are often quite mono-cultural and not ‘diverse’), instead a profound sense of leftist quisi-religious denial often appears , usually by way of accusations of phobias and prejudice.

    Numerous stories of leftists moving out of areas because they’ve been threatened because they’re gay/female or just European also abound.
    However even when quite explicit about their entirely legitimate concerns during private conversations, when asked in studies, polls or public debates, more often than not leftists profess poltically-correct bromides and dogma, in which they say ‘diversity’ would improve the more homogenous areas they moved to in order to escape ‘diversity’ in the first place.

    It seems a defintion of, if not insanity, politically-correct cowardice and a bizarre multikulti masochism.

    • Obviously it should have read ‘quasi-religious’ above and not ‘quisi-religious’ although it does suggest quisling which isn’t too far off the mark!

  6. Well look at it this way, if there are no Germans left in the cities after all is said and done, it just makes it easier to cut them off and starve them out when the time finally arrives to deal with these 3rd worlders once and for all. Big cities really are death traps if you look at them from a strategic point of view. Once you cut electricity, water, fuel and food shipments, the city dwellers will rot on the vine.

    • You also have to control ingress and egress to prevent resupply into the cut-off areas and squirters from leaving.

      • “No Germans left on the big cities”, is stated policy in Germany. Now that working from home or anywhere is disappearing all the energy draining that goes with commuting to neighbourhoods surrounded by mass opportunists of the full spectrum – true diversity may be an unintended possibility. Let them eat empty buildings. Everything becomes less vulnerable. Mo and the bros will have work really much harder than they are capable. The Black Swan works both ways.

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