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I reported last week on the shooting of the Dutch investigative journalist Peter R. de Vries, who specialized in investigations of organized crime in the Netherlands.

The dominant criminal mob in the Netherlands is run by Ridouan Taghi, a Moroccan-Dutch criminal who has been in detention in the Netherlands since he was captured in Dubai in 2019. It seemed the “Mocro Mob” was probably behind the hit on Mr. De Vries.

That suspicion seems to be confirmed by the latest news on the case, as reported by the Frankfurter Algemeiner (in German). Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation.

New trail leads to Ridouan Taghi’s circle

Delano G. is believed to have shot Peter R. de Vries. He is related to a man who reportedly planned contract killings for the drug boss Ridouan Taghi. After a prison sentence, Delano G. tried his hand as a rapper.

by Thomas Gutschker, Brussels
July 9, 2021

In the case of the murder attempt on journalist Peter R. de Vries, there is a first lead in the circle surrounding the drug dealer Ridouan Taghim, who, due to several contract murders, is on trial in Amsterdam. As the newspaper De Telegraaf reports, one of the two suspects arrested by police is related to a convicted offender who comes from Taghi’s circle. The arrested person is 21-year-old Delano G., who allegedly shot and critically wounded the crime reporter on Tuesday. According to the newspaper report, Delano G. is a first cousin of Jaouad W., who, was sentenced in 2019to 13 years in prison.

Jaouad W. was tried in the so-called 26Koper proceedings. This criminal trial concerned the preparation for contract murders in the area of organized crime. Five defendants were sentenced to long prison terms, among them W. In 2015 they were found in possession of more than 100 firearms, hand grenades, and stolen vehicles. Based on intercepted conversations and decoded messages, the Amsterdam Appeals Court concluded that the defendants had the firm intention of killing several people. Previously, the District Court in Utrecht had imposed lesser sentences because they viewed the death plans as insufficiently proven. Taghi, at the time, was not one of the defendants, but since then decoded messages have indicated that he was the head of the gang.

As the newspaper Volkskrant reports, Delano G. committed two thefts as a youngster and five residential break-ins, all in Tiel (Gelderland Province), where he grew up. He was sentenced to a prison term of ten months for this and for a violent crime. After his release he founded a music label and released a rap song. In it, it says that he is “on the rampage because I am sick of the crisis.” At the end of the day, it is above all, “money that we smell.” Acquaintances told the newspaper that the man reportedly fell into the drug milieu. Delano G. and the second suspect, Kamil E. — he reportedly drove the getaway car — will be brought before the judge this Friday.

Peter R. de Vries was a confidant of prosecution witness Nabil B. in the so-called Marengo Trial against Ridouan Taghi. The brother and the lawyer of the witness had already been murdered, which commentators attributed to a campaign of revenge by Taghi. The drug dealer, born in Morocco, along with sixteen other defendants, must answer for six other contract murders. He was arrested in Dubai in 2019 and delivered to the Netherlands. The second principal defendant in the trial, Said R., is soon to be delivered to the Netherlands. He was arrested in Medellin at the beginning of 2020, and on Thursday the Highest Court in Colombia approved his extradition. Said R. was reportedly the “right-hand man” and the one who selected and trained personnel for the contract murders.

It also appears that the Mocro Mob had threatened the TV studio that interviewed Peter R. de Vries about his investigations into criminal networks.

From RTL Nieuws, also translated by Gary Fouse:

Broadcast of RTL Boulevard canceled due to serious threat, studio evacuated

The broadcast of RTL Boulevard tonight fails to go on, due to a serious threat. The Boulevard studio on the Leidseplein in Amsterdam has been evacuated. Last Tuesday, shortly after the broadcast from RTL Boulevard, the crime reporter Peter R. De Vries, was shot on the street.

According to a spokesperson from the Amsterdam municipality, information came in about a threat against the program. The editorial staff made the decision not to broadcast live tonight from the Leidseplein. The Boulevard studio has been evacuated.

It is believed to be a serious threat by organized crime.

“There are visible and invisible measures being taken at the studio on the Leidseplein,” says a spokesperson in the name of the troika of the mayor, police, and public minister. What sort of information came in the spokesperson does not as yet say.

Outgoing Justice and Security Minister Grapperhaus speaks of a “drastic and heavy decision”. The minister is in contact with the Amsterdam troika. “In addition, I have had talks with the editorial staff of RTL Boulevard and the leadership of RTL Netherlands,” says Grapperhaus.

Replay Broadcast

Tonight, a replay of last Wednesday’s broadcast will be played in which an encomium was made to Peter R. de Vries. The crime reporter was shot at close range Tuesday evening when he was walking from the studio to a parking garage.

De Vries was taken to the hospital seriously wounded. His condition is still critical.

“As for how tomorrow will go, we are still in consultation,” RTL says. “Safety stands above all else.”

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  1. Something interesting for you to know: who published this article? The Frankfurter Algemeine Zeitung. Why is this significant? Because there is an unwritten law in Dutch journalism: some news cannot be published in Dutch newspapers, unless it was first published abroad. This rule applies – usually – to Dutch royalty. The engagement of princess Beatrix with prince Claus was first announced in German newspapers. Not in Dutch newspapers. Only after it was published in Germany, the palace announced the engagement. Seems that this rule applies to politcally incorrect news as well.

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