Apes and Pigs!

An imam in the notorious Rosengård neighborhood of the Swedish city of Malmö is under scrutiny for scrupulously adhering to Islamic scripture concerning Jews.

Note: This case has a Mohammed Coefficient of 100%.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

The accompanying text from Expressen, also translated by Gary Fouse:

Malmö imam continues to spread hate against Jews

July 17, 2021

New hate speech: A half-year ago, Kvällsposten was able to reveal that Rosengård (Malmö) imam Basem Mahmoud repeatedly preached antipathy toward Jews. Now Jenny Strindlöv reports that the Malmö imam continues to spread hate towards Jews.

Video transcript:

00:02   Get out of here. Get out of here.
00:05   You play a video of me another time.
00:09   Get out of here. Get out of here. —Basem Mahmoud works as an imam at al-Sahaba Mosque,
00:14   which is a cellar mosque in Rosengård in Malmö.
00:19   And six months ago, we were there and confronted Basem Mahmoud,
00:23   because on a number of occasions, he had preached disgust towards Jews in various ways,
00:28   as well as bridge-building imams in Malmö among others.
00:32   That doesn’t stop here. This is private. I won’t talk with you here.
00:36   This is a private place. Go, or I will call the police.
00:39   This is a private area. —What do you mean by saying
00:42   Jews are running the West? —This is private here. Don’t come in here. I don’t want to talk to you.
00:45   What do you mean that Jews are offspring of apes and pigs?
00:49   He says, among other things, let us be the conquerors of al-Aqsa Mosque,
00:55   which is one of Islam’s most important mosques, which lies in Jerusalem,
01:01   and crush and strike the Jews’ heads.
01:05   And that people should teach this to their children,
01:08   that if you don’t feel you are qualified for that,
01:11   to teach your son and grandson.
01:15   When you confronted him a half year ago, he also slammed the door.
01:19   How did he react this time? —It went about the same way as last time.
01:26   He absolutely didn’t want to meet us or talk to us.
01:30   He became angry. He called the police, and he also
01:35   physically pushed the photographer, Jens Christian, from the location.
01:41   Get out of here. Get out of here. Take that away.
01:46   You are videotaping me.
01:49   You are forbidden; this is private.
01:52   Why do you say that people should crush and strike Jews’ heads? —Please get out of here!
01:56   You have an errand, and I have nothing to do with that errand.
01:59   What finally happened is that Basem Mahmoud was reported to the police
02:04   by the Jewish Youth Association, among others.
02:07   And a preliminary investigation was begun, which is still ongoing,
02:11   and police are now awaiting further directives from the prosecutor.

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  1. Next Friday Hagia Sophia will have Muslim services for the first time in about 85 year.

    No longer a museum. It is now a mosque. It is one of the greatest

    churches ever built. About 1500 years old.

    • I was able to visit the Hagia Sophia about four years ago. It wasn’t a mosque then, but it had already been polluted by the hanging of giant screens in each corner covered in arab chicken scratch. And the imams pulpit was taking up a good portion of the floor.

      When I think of what has been done to Constantinople; what has been done to the Levant and the former lands of the Byzantines, and Roman North Africa by the locust-like hordes of muhammadans, the best description of what has transpired is rape. Rape on a civilizational and industrial scale. Islam has desecrated and defiled the physical monuments of previous civilizations and empires which it usurped, perverting their form and function to meet it’s twisted needs, as well as the actual slaughter and mass rape of the former inhabitants of those lands, and the mental rape of generations of descendants whose boys were stolen to become janissaries and future oppressors while their young maidens were stolen to become slaves, concubines, harem bedwarmers, or just forcibly converted and forced to bear future generations of subjects to islam.

      That the western elites wish this upon their own civilization and cultural heritage shows just how evil they are and how much they must loathe their own existence.

  2. It looks like Turkey’s western prey has come to its own beheading? I would advise all able bodied non Muslims to join the local Crusaders, Buddhists or Hindus.

    • Perhaps it’s time to resurrect the Templars and Hospitallers. Overthrow the fake Pope and elect one who will call for a new Crusade to retake Constantinople from the Saracens.

      As for the Buddhists and Hindus, I thought they were pacifists, or maybe that’s just Buddhists unless one butchers their sacred cow.

      • as for Buddhists peacefulness, check the murder rates in Thailand. Or India.

      • Those plucky Buddhists in Burma like to show the muslims how things are done, so there is that, and how can we forget in Thailand how well they keep the lid on their fight against the muslims in the south.

  3. The face of defeat. More from instant bull. Found any hidden major arms caches yet? Aircraft? Drones? Frontz organics? Hq mosques? Nothing? Just wondering.

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