Allahu Akhbar in Dresden

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

“Allahu Akbar” — Dresden: Eritrean threatens children with machete and knife

On Monday evening, a 25-year-old in Dresden threatened two children with a machete and a knife, but were not injured because a 26-year-old from Iraq observed the threats and intervened. He suffered a cut that had to be treated on an outpatient basis.

According to witness statements, the perpetrator shouted “Allahu Akhbar”, among other things. He fled after the attack. The police still managed to catch him and temporarily arrest him. A breath test for alcohol on the 25-year-old showed a value of around 1.4 per mille. The man is from Eritrea, officials said.

The police also rely on witnesses in their further investigations. Anyone who can say something about the attack is asked to contact officials on 0351 483 2233.


3 thoughts on “Allahu Akhbar in Dresden

  1. Hats off to the man who intervened in this incident.

    Deport the Eritrean with immediate effect.

    • Why in the bloody hell should the tax payer be stuck with the deporting bill? Get a bloody rope and be done with it, make an example of that sub human vermin. When these bloody 3rd worlders start fearing you, they will respect you.

  2. See like in Würzburg , this is all Germans fault, bad INTEGRATION!!, just speechless, like this traitor, [orifice] said , “ how would feel like a foreign in Würzburg!!” This mayor continues, I have news for You , You [sphincter] , Germans already feel like the foreigns I the own country!!!. Heartbreaking..

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