A Likely Mocro Mob Hit in Amsterdam

Ridouan Taghi is a Moroccan-Dutch mobster who has been in detention in the Netherlands since he was captured in Dubai in 2019. He is considered the most powerful and dangerous figure in Dutch organized crime (see previous posts on Mr. Taghi here, here, and here).

Peter R. de Vries is a Dutch investigative journalist who specializes in organized crime. In the Netherlands, as in most of the rest of Western Europe, organized crime is dominated by culture-enrichers. In the Dutch case, they’re mostly Moroccans, known colloquially as the Mocro Mob, with Ridouan Taghi as their leader. Mr. De Vries’ investigations had reportedly earned him a place on the hit list of the Mocro Mob, and now it appears that the hit against him has been carried out.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from NOS.nl, the Dutch public broadcaster:

Peter R. de Vries fighting for his life. Three suspects arrested

Peter R. de Vries is severely wounded and is fighting for his life. That is what Amsterdam Mayor [Femke] Halsema said at a press conference about the attack upon the crime reporter. She called him a national hero and a courageous journalist and spoke of a brutal, cowardly crime.

Amsterdam Police Chief [Frank] Paauw said that three suspects are in custody, among them the possible shooter. He matches the description that the police earlier put out this evening. Two of them were arrested in a car on the A4 Highway. The third suspect was arrested in Amsterdam.

Responding to questions from journalists about the security of Peter R. de Vries, the chief prosecutor, [René] De Beukelaer said that for security reasons, announcements are never made, so not now as well.

Halsema praised de Vries. “He stands up for people in need, for the elderly, for a murdered child, or people who have been unjustly convicted. He keeps the investigative authorities sharp and thus the rule of law on track.”

The outgoing cabinet is very shocked by the attack, outgoing Prime Minister [Mark] Rutte and Justice Minister [Ferdinand] Grapperhaus announced after the Halsema press conference. Rutte spoke of “an attack on free journalism.”

Shot in the head

De Vries was shot down on the street earlier in the evening around 7:30pm. It occurred on the Lange Leidsedwarstraat in the center of Amsterdam, not far from the RTL Boulevard studio where he had been a guest. His condition immediately appeared serious because it was quickly clear that he had been hit in the head.

At the moment of the attack, there were many people on the street, and many also saw the attempted murder. Halsema announced that victim assistance is available for them.

According to Halsema, the 64-year-old reporter is far from finished with his work. She said that her thoughts go out to his family and loved ones.

4 thoughts on “A Likely Mocro Mob Hit in Amsterdam

  1. If he dies, he’ll go the way he wanted: with lots of media attention. Remember Joran van der Sloot? He entrapped him, and made sure he was able to flee to Thailand (never met him, thank God). There he arranged for another entrapment, and again made sure he was able to flee. This time to South America. Peter is a kind of person for hire, he just doesn’t walk the streets. That’s all.

    • Probably he is already dead but they are delaying the info to minimize the media attention…. An insider started to talk about him in past tense then quickly corrected.

  2. Hmm. Things are heating up, the mongs are getting busy all over. There are other indications; and sloppy joe just gave everything in the ‘stan to the black headrags.
    Somethings peaking, so check your six.

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