A Flood of Globalist Multiculturalism

Catastrophic flooding took place last week in several regions of western Germany. The image below is from an appeal for help for flood victims that appeared in the tabloid Bild. Note the ethnicity of the poor helpless “German” family.

Hellequin GB has translated two pieces about the floods. From PolitikStube:

Is that a German family who lost everything in the flood? BILD should be ashamed

The comments speak for themselves:

Anabel Schunke: The comments below the picture speak volumes. People want to show solidarity. But with their compatriots. They want it to be about the Germans too. And that’s legitimate. For years it was about “we” helping, that “we” had to take in refugees. Why aren’t Heinz and Hilde shown now, who may also have lost their belongings and for whom their house has always been their home? Why do German victims never have a face in the media?

Sorry, you probably achieve the opposite in this way. Of course, I feel sorry for all the victims of the catastrophe, but you usually feel more sympathy and empathy for people to whom you feel culturally close. Who else should I identify with in this country and show solidarity if we Germans are never given a face in the media? When it’s always about others?

A few more comments without attribution:

  • So those in the Eifel looked different
  • Are we now getting support from other countries like we helped them back then?
  • I haven’t seen any of them on TV
  • Perfect picture where is the German family who have lost their house and their belongings.
  • All that’s missing is the rainbow
  • Olaf look, there it is, the average Eifel family. Incomprehensible
  • live in the disaster area and find the picture not appropriate many German families are badly affected by the flood these people should be in the first place
  • Somehow something is wrong with the photo. Where are the German citizens in the picture? The flood was in Germany, wasn’t it ?!?!
  • Incomprehensible! A mockery for the German families who have lost their homes! And again society is massively divided
  • Because of the photo I don’t give a cent because these people deserve 0%
  • Dear Bild, what does this picture have to do with us Germans? Do you not have a picture of victims who are also directly affected? That irritates me and I think it’s completely past the topic. But that also shows what you think of us, namely nothing! I am not affected myself, but I will help my compatriots. That’s what I call solidarity with compatriots, you nincompoops.

Also from PolitikStube, the spending priorities of the German government during the time of the floods:

260 million donation to WHO, but only 300 million for flood victims

Does anyone still remember the €9 billion Lufthansa, as one of many large corporations cashed in last year? In addition, more than €20 billion goes abroad as development aid every year, half a billion of which goes to the economic superpower China. And for their own citizens, in such a major catastrophe, there is a paltry three hundred million. You have to imagine this.


Berlin makes politics for everyone, just not for the well-being of its own citizens. There is always unlimited money for large corporations, foreign countries, and for their own pocket. For the citizens, as you can see from the pensions, which are now over 50% below the poverty threshold of €900, it is even difficult to find a billion in times of disaster. It shows once more that this FRG administration is not installed FOR the German people.

While Germany is drowning, Spahn donated €260 million to the WHO

July 16, 2021: Jens Spahn is back on a vaccination tour and is also giving the WHO 260 million euros from our tax money for further vaccination propaganda.

While Germany “drowns”
While people die.
While people don’t know what to do next.
While many places look like a war zone.

We have not yet heard of emergency aid of 260 million for the flood victims. There are only declarations, but as we know, it will take forever for money to arrive, if at all.

24 thoughts on “A Flood of Globalist Multiculturalism

  1. I see no problem, Germans were probably busy doing some of that work stuff, unavailable and also dirty from mud – not a nice picture for a magazine.

    • yes indeed! I have seen local TV coverage throughout the last week and among all the helpers I did not see one culture enricher. However, there have occured few lootings. The perps were not mentioned, but there are specialists for scrap metal around. No riches to gain there.

  2. Billions for this savages!!, and nothing to the own people, unbelievable just heartbreaking..

  3. Yes, we have unlimited money for foreigners, tyrants etc, but no money for our own.

    I hope Merkel rots in hell.
    Of course if Putin / Orban would send a few “problemsolvers” and afterwards only patriotic germans are left to get elected, would be nice.

    The best solution: I read the german alternate history book series “Kaiserfront”.
    Trying to imagine how Emperor Julius I and his Kastrup (Kaiserliche Schutztruppe = Imperial Protection Force) would deal with it.

  4. After WW2 the defeated German people became the target of American CIA doctrinal warfare. That warfare has been an outstanding success. Recent events have shown German public opinion to be nearly 100 percent aligned with the American deep state weltanschauung and we all know the tribe that runs the American deep state.

    • Yes. The German people have been vilified and demonised for generations now and it’s been a crime against humanity. I was born 1947 and distinctly recall hating Germans as evil brutes. It took me a long time to understand my conditioning and now I agree with Gerard Menuhin that the world owes Adolf Hitler an apology.

      I’m Australian and last year I engaged a new dressmaker in town for some mending and hemming and such. She had a lovely accent so asked her, what’s your nationality? “German, unfortunately”, was her reply. I shocked. It’s 2021 after all.

      • thanks for your kind and compassionate comment. I am of your vintage and have various experiencies as a German abroad.
        The only ones that gave us Hitler salutes were young Dutch without any war experience.
        The most sensitive were ex concentration camp inmates, Jews, who said that hatred does not take you anywhere and that youngsters have no responsability for the past.
        That dressmaker case is extremely sad.Poor young thing. Give her a hug on my behalf.
        Ego te absolvo!

        • Waw !! Poor ” vintage German”.. temoignage du verite..
          If you ask them about past all of them where serving in Wermacht and SS as a medics or car mechanics..and non of them heard about Death Camps ..or War atrocities and destruction they committed ..After all there where only” Polish Death Camps”..

        • My family come from Prussian and Austrian Aristocracy and we were never taught to hate our own, but to celebrate our successes and learn from our mistakes. For we go back over a thousands years and our culture must be preserved and endure.

        • Yes, agree, my father was in Polish resistance, one of last to leave Warsaw and be dragged off to Germany to be a POW..He did not hate the German people. He saw the suffering they endured late in the war first hand.

      • ” I agree with Gerard Menuhin that the world owes Adolf Hitler an apology. “…
        Mr Ned..
        Why did you allowed this Hitler and Nazi laudation appear here ???

        • Hmmm, for some reason I do not hear you vilify the bloody Russians the way you do the Germans? Why is that dear Maria?

    • ..” After WW2 the defeated German people became the target of American CIA doctrinal warfare.”..
      Those bastard Americans ” dear to villainize those poor Medics and car mechanics serving in Wehrmacht, Hitlerjugend,and SS ..
      Oh dear..What this side become ?

  5. I have this feelings that all this ” help Germans money” will end up in Illegals packets ..
    Am i only one ?

  6. ..” The German people have been vilified and demonised for generations now and it’s been a crime against humanity “…
    Why is that you think ?
    Or is this justified historical account of Germans ?

    • I guess you’ve never heard of Sefton Delmer?

      Sefton Delmer – after the surrender in 1945 to the German international lawyer Prof. Grimm

      “We won the war with atrocity propaganda.
      And now we’re just getting started!
      We will continue this atrocity propaganda, we will increase it until no one will accept a good word from the Germans, until everything will be destroyed that they still had sympathy for in other countries, and they themselves will be so confused, that they no longer know what they are doing.
      When this has been achieved, when they begin to pollute their own nest, and not grudgingly, but in a hasty readiness to please the victors, then victory is complete.
      It is never final.
      Re-education requires careful, unrelenting care, just like an English Lawn.
      Just a moment of neglect and the weeds break through, those pesky weeds of historical truth.

      Denis Sefton Delmer (1904-1979) was a British journalist

      “I did my best to promote the oldest goal of our psychological warfare in this way: incite Germans against Germans.”

      Sefton Delmer The Germans and I, Hamburg 1963, p. 617 books.google http://books.google.de/books?id=mVZKAAAAMAAJ&q=landstraßen

      • Delmer is known Holocaust denier..
        Ned is allowing Neo-Nazis present here to spread their lies..
        Ned what’s going on ?

        • Dear Maria, I really hate to break this to you dear but, with the demonization of the German comes German resentment, which turns into hate, which turns into action, so I would be very very careful if I were you that you don’t create the very Frankenstein that you so vilify. The German now is beginning to hate and what once was will be ten fold in the near future.

  7. I do not cry for Germans
    Give them some more muslums and more floods
    They produced 2 world wars and a Muslim invasion which I consider as third world war because will start for this reason.

    • That Muslim barbaric invasion that was Merkel&CO, don’t label all of Germans as is their fault, they are good and kind people, and besides this war times are over , this people are different generation , ..

    • Your hatred of Germans is duly noted, little Maria I can understand, but you? That is quite the mystery. So have you gotten off the porch yet to bark with the big dogs? Or are you still yapping with the pups? What is affecting the German Volk is going to affect you as well. So be careful whose backside you try to kick today, for it might be attached to the boot you might be forced to lick tomorrow.

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