Two Years

Today is the second anniversary of the death of my wife Dymphna.

I still grieve deeply over her departure. I miss her sorely every day, but the level of suffering is considerably less than it was on the first anniversary. Grief becomes an accustomed condition, a familiar if unwelcome companion. From the horror of those early months I’ve moved into a state of contemplative melancholy, one that does not preclude interludes of enjoyment and even happiness.

The future Baron is here for the day, and in a little while we’ll be going down to lay fresh flowers on the grave. Posting may be light today, but there will at least be a news feed this evening.

Requiescat in pace, Dymphna.

UPDATE: After replying to two comments, I realized that I couldn’t possibly individually thank everyone who offered his or her condolences. So here’s my general thank-you to everyone: I appreciate your kind and thoughtful responses. And I know Dymphna left a lot of fans behind who miss her.

30 thoughts on “Two Years

  1. Wouldn’t she be in heaven waiting for you to join her? It won’t be too long before we all are called home to be with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Then we will never be alone or separated and will have eternity to enjoy one another’s company. In the meantime, best wishes and the Lord’s own comfort for your heart and soul.

  2. Sending love on the anniversary of the loss of your beautiful soulmate.

  3. I can understand fully. I also appreciated her character and style of writing. The latter reflecting the former very well . She was a bright spark.
    I was 28 when the same thing happened to me. That is why I can relate.

  4. God bless you, dear Baron! I cherish the brief correspondence I had w/Dymphna. Miss her sassy posts!

    • My thoughts are with you. I often think of the bright, kind Dymphna
      All the best from Copenhagen

  5. We all miss her very much.

    In a blessed falling asleep, grant, O Lord, eternal rest unto Thy departed servant Dymphna and make her memory to be eternal!

  6. Your blog is a relevant reference for the honest people. Please keep it up.

  7. I miss her too. Two years already?
    My sincerest condolences, I know (a bit) how you feel.

  8. I was always told that we’re born astride a grave, and if you live your Life knowing that, you live your Life.
    I’m pretty sure that your wife lived her Life happily in the knowledge that she had had you beside her and I’m pretty sure the same goes for you.

    And those Memories of her can never been taken away from you.

    I also know a little bit how you feel, with my brother and BEST friend gone for now almost 16 years.

  9. Bless her soul. Her wise, relevant and sometimes amusing and mirthful writings remind me of James Joyce.

    John 11:25 : “Jesus said to her, ‘I am the resurrection and the life.

  10. Though minimal interactions, I too feel Dymphna’s absence, feeling it wasn’t long ago at all, I miss her views, contributions, and commentary, which helped me to feel she was a friend, too. My sympathies, Baron.

  11. I know it’s an old cliche, but tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. I never had the pleasure of meeting Dymphna, but we did communicate every now and then over content in GOV, and her wit and wisdom were always to the fore. What a lucky man you are BB, to have snagged someone like Dymphna! I am thinking of you both, and will raise a glass in your combined honour later today.

  12. Baron,

    I always hope there is a Heaven for good people. I don’t know what the cost to gain
    entry is, but I am sure that Dymphna surpassed it. So be of good heart.

    Mike from Brooklyn

  13. With much of Canadian mainstream media refusing to accept even paid advertising for my books where Islam is part of the story a lawyer friend said to save my money (I wanted to bring legal action), and to look for alternatives. For some reason your website came to mind. Imagine my surprise this morning when I saw a posting about you losing your wife two years ago. On July 5 it will have been two years since my beloved left me. I know how you feel. Lucette was my muse and remains so even in death. She is the inspiration for my latest book Love, Sex and Islam. The love part is about our time together. You will find excerpts at



  14. One very lovely lady.
    How blessed we are to have read her wit and wisdom.
    Renewed sympathies to you, and gratitude for her work.

  15. There is no sass than an Irish lass, she will be missed and I know you still grieve, but I’ll hoist a glass of good bourbon to her memory so she shall never be forgotten.

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