The Strange Case of the Disappearing Flu

Before I get into the main topic of this post, I’d like to address the issue of epistemology as it concerns the Wuhan Coronavirus, a.k.a. SARS-CoV-2, a.k.a. COVID-19.

It has become clear over the past eighteen months that something fishy is going on with the COVID-19 hysteria. The current writhings of Dr. Fauci are only the latest in a series of indicators that something massive, dishonest, and baneful is being perpetrated by our political leaders and the permanent administrative apparatus of governments (commonly known as the Deep State). However, the details of what has been done, and the motivations for doing it, remain hidden from public view.

There are certain facts that we ordinary peons may become aware of, but most of our dissident analysis — which the media routinely label “misinformation” — must remain speculation. I read a lot of assertions about the machinations of the Powers That Be concerning the Wuhan Coronavirus, but a closer examination generally reveals that those assertions are not facts, but rather conjectures. Conscientious writers identify their speculations as such, and apply Occam’s Razor to the data at hand to describe why they believe their conjectures to be true. Others simply assert their speculations as fact — the coronavirus represents an attempt by the globalists to enslave the populace, or exterminate 95% of the human race, or bring the whole of the globe under the control of the Zionists, etc. Some of those things may be true, but none has been established as a verifiable fact, not as far as I can determine.

So what facts do we actually know about the origins and purpose of the worldwide Coronamadness?

The data I will present below are simple statistics, drawn from official sources at the website of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The manipulation of the data on recorded Corona deaths is a fact: there are enough well-attested instances of bogus, exaggerated, or misattributed instances of death from COVID-19 to establish as fact the inaccuracy of the death counts. Unfortunately, we don’t know the actual, verifiable statistics on such deaths; we can simply be certain that the official statistics have been artificially inflated. The real numbers may be 25%, or 50%, or even an order of magnitude lower than what is shown in government statistics. We just don’t know.

Some dissidents assert that COVID-19 does not actually exist, that the virus described as such is a hoax. I don’t find that assertion credible. There was a large spike in deaths caused by severe respiratory symptoms in March and April of last year. That spike is attested not just by government records, but by numerous anecdotal accounts and alternate sources of data compiled by people who are dissidents and do not subscribe to the Corona hype. Furthermore, there is a large body of writing by microbiologists, virologists, and other experts in the field — many of whom are also dissidents and do not follow the WHO line on the disease — who have studied the virus and analyzed its genetic structure. Therefore, I accept as a premise that the virus commonly known as COVID-19 exists, and that it has been responsible for an undetermined number of deaths.

However, I believe that the official response to Corona is by and large a hoax. This is true not just in the United States, but across the globe. My focus is USA-centric, but as far as I know the same deductions could be applied in all countries infected by what I call the Coronamadness. The populace has been misinformed and massively lied to by political leaders and administrators entrusted with protecting public health. One hopes that someday there will be a public accounting for this gross dereliction of duty, but I’m not holding my breath.

So we know we’ve been lied to, and the truth is something different, but we don’t know exactly what it is. There are, however, official statistical indicators that something distinctly hinky is going on.

I have been wrestling with the CDC’s own data (specifically those of the National Center for Health Statistics, NCHS). There is an intractable issue with the two different datasets I investigated, but I decided to go ahead and publish my analysis after full disclosure of what the issue is.

I wanted a dataset spanning the years 2018-2021 that listed deaths caused by influenza and those caused by COVID-19. Unfortunately, I was only able to find two separate tables, one for 2014-2019 and another preliminary one for 2020-2021. The former includes a column “Influenza and pneumonia (J10-J18)”, while the latter has two columns, one for “Pneumonia Deaths” and another for “Influenza Deaths”. I tried combining the two separate numbers for flu and pneumonia, but that produced a total that was so out of line with seasonal statistics for 2014-2019 that I assumed it was not the relevant figure. I decided to use “influenza and pneumonia” as my flu figures for 2018 and 2019, while using just “influenza” for 2020-2021. I realize that the former two years are therefore probably showing higher numbers than they should be — you can see a drop in the graph from December 2019 to January 2020 — but I can’t find an alternative that would reconcile them. Any reader who is adept enough at navigating the CDC website and finds a full, comprehensive dataset for 2018-2021 is encouraged to send me a link*, after which and I will redo my calculations and post a new graphic.

I imported each dataset (in CSV format) into a Microsoft Access database, filtered out the rows and columns I didn’t need, and combined the result into a single table. I copied a query built on that table into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (which has better chart-producing capabilities) to make the following graph. The total Corona deaths are (I assume) grossly overstated, so much so that I had to magnify the flu data eight times to make the two series of comparable magnitude, so that the seasonal variations would be clearly visible:

(Click to enlarge)

The dataset used to make the graph is included at the bottom of this post in text form.

What might we conclude from examining the two very different datasets represented by the blue and red lines in this graph?

First of all, and most importantly, the influenza line after January 2020 is clearly bogus. I feel confident in asserting this as a fact, because it is statistically impossible that the seasonal flu simply disappeared in the winter — during flu season — coincidentally when COVID-19 was loosed upon the world.

Therefore the seasonal flu continued to kill people during the Corona “pandemic”, but we don’t know how many. Those flu deaths must have been attributed to some other cause or causes.

What do you think was the most likely cause to which those deaths were attributed?

And why were deaths from influenza no longer counted?

We have at least a partial answer to the latter question. It is a fact that the federal government paid hospitals (I think the amount was $13,000) for every COVID death they recorded. That money constituted an enormous incentive for hospitals to test for the Wuhan Coronavirus (using the notoriously inaccurate PCR test). Since they had limited resources and personnel, they ordered their staff to stop testing for influenza. I don’t know if this is universally true, but it is well-attested in multiple instances. Hospitals and nursing homes stopped testing for influenza when patients died, so the seasonal flu simply disappeared.

The above description concerns simple facts — explanations and deductions drawn from data that are reliable enough to be asserted as factual.

Any further conclusions — about how the disappearance of the flu was coordinated, and how high up the chain of authority the decision to disappear it went — would involve speculation and conjecture, which I will forgo for the time being.

I will say this, however: the current feeding frenzy over Dr. Anthony Fauci is misplaced. Yes, I know the chum is in the water, so the sharks are bound to gather. And I know the esteemed doctor played a pivotal role in the collusion with China over gain-of-function research, and the disbursement of public money to fund it. But, really, he’s just a minion — a toady for much more powerful people, some of whom are readily identifiable. He slavishly did their bidding, but he is expendable, and is now being thrown under the bus to protect his betters.

At least that’s my take.

*   I need a file with tab-delimited text (.txt), comma-separated values (.csv), or an Excel spreadsheet (.xls). Please send a link, and not the file itself! My bandwidth can’t handle email attachments that large.

CDC (NCHS) data sources:

Weekly Deaths From Influenza and COVID-19

Date   COVID-19   Influenza
1/6/2018   0   2,509
1/13/2018   0   2,886
1/20/2018   0   2,930
1/27/2018   0   2,695
2/3/2018   0   2,495
2/10/2018   0   2,308
2/17/2018   0   2,234
2/24/2018   0   1,987
3/3/2018   0   1,688
3/10/2018   0   1,464
3/17/2018   0   1,414
3/24/2018   0   1,260
3/31/2018   0   1,278
4/7/2018   0   1,283
4/14/2018   0   1,096
4/21/2018   0   1,055
4/28/2018   0   957
5/5/2018   0   945
5/12/2018   0   788
5/19/2018   0   781
5/26/2018   0   760
6/2/2018   0   753
6/9/2018   0   760
6/16/2018   0   779
6/23/2018   0   737
6/30/2018   0   779
7/7/2018   0   757
7/14/2018   0   689
7/21/2018   0   680
7/28/2018   0   734
8/4/2018   0   677
8/11/2018   0   720
8/18/2018   0   625
8/25/2018   0   677
9/1/2018   0   685
9/8/2018   0   692
9/15/2018   0   722
9/22/2018   0   723
9/29/2018   0   732
10/6/2018   0   828
10/13/2018   0   733
10/20/2018   0   773
10/27/2018   0   789
11/3/2018   0   768
11/10/2018   0   803
11/17/2018   0   880
11/24/2018   0   849
12/1/2018   0   904
12/8/2018   0   958
12/15/2018   0   969
12/22/2018   0   999
12/29/2018   0   1,084
1/5/2019   0   1,264
1/12/2019   0   1,316
1/19/2019   0   1,329
1/26/2019   0   1,239
2/2/2019   0   1,308
2/9/2019   0   1,335
2/16/2019   0   1,405
2/23/2019   0   1,406
3/2/2019   0   1,429
3/9/2019   0   1,474
3/16/2019   0   1,485
3/23/2019   0   1,418
3/30/2019   0   1,317
4/6/2019   0   1,223
4/13/2019   0   1,114
4/20/2019   0   1,034
4/27/2019   0   1,006
5/4/2019   0   939
5/11/2019   0   866
5/18/2019   0   834
5/25/2019   0   803
6/1/2019   0   813
6/8/2019   0   805
6/15/2019   0   757
6/22/2019   0   756
6/29/2019   0   767
7/6/2019   0   728
7/13/2019   0   685
7/20/2019   0   687
7/27/2019   0   697
8/3/2019   0   723
8/10/2019   0   689
8/17/2019   0   672
8/24/2019   0   645
8/31/2019   0   689
9/7/2019   0   677
9/14/2019   0   637
9/21/2019   0   691
9/28/2019   0   705
10/5/2019   0   659
10/12/2019   0   720
10/19/2019   0   769
10/26/2019   0   758
11/2/2019   0   781
11/9/2019   0   807
11/16/2019   0   864
11/23/2019   0   805
11/30/2019   0   823
12/7/2019   0   988
12/14/2019   0   1,013
12/21/2019   0   1,047
12/28/2019   0   1,115
1/4/2020   0   432
1/11/2020   2   471
1/18/2020   3   464
1/25/2020   2   498
2/1/2020   0   480
2/8/2020   3   520
2/15/2020   0   560
2/22/2020   6   565
2/29/2020   9   653
3/7/2020   37   635
3/14/2020   58   624
3/21/2020   579   559
3/28/2020   3,181   445
4/4/2020   10,079   477
4/11/2020   16,246   474
4/18/2020   17,148   263
4/25/2020   15,494   144
5/2/2020   13,183   66
5/9/2020   11,203   48
5/16/2020   9,205   22
5/23/2020   7,214   24
5/30/2020   6,148   12
6/6/2020   5,032   11
6/13/2020   4,221   11
6/20/2020   3,830   8
6/27/2020   3,823   12
7/4/2020   4,521   4
7/11/2020   5,759   10
7/18/2020   7,151   13
7/25/2020   8,205   11
8/1/2020   8,276   13
8/8/2020   7,837   10
8/15/2020   7,225   5
8/22/2020   6,356   12
8/29/2020   5,717   12
9/5/2020   4,996   9
9/12/2020   4,607   7
9/19/2020   4,255   5
9/26/2020   4,283   4
10/3/2020   4,226   8
10/10/2020   4,800   12
10/17/2020   5,169   16
10/24/2020   5,966   15
10/31/2020   6,993   21
11/7/2020   8,727   21
11/14/2020   10,608   20
11/21/2020   13,305   30
11/28/2020   15,571   27
12/5/2020   18,480   35
12/12/2020   20,844   29
12/19/2020   22,222   32
12/26/2020   23,246   31
1/2/2021   24,621   44
1/9/2021   25,539   32
1/16/2021   25,090   34
1/23/2021   23,021   31
1/30/2021   19,978   34
2/6/2021   16,364   27
2/13/2021   12,859   23
2/20/2021   10,334   15
2/27/2021   8,242   18
3/6/2021   6,451   26
3/13/2021   5,496   13
3/20/2021   4,737   7
3/27/2021   4,320   16
4/3/2021   4,027   17
4/10/2021   4,116   12
4/17/2021   4,209   7
4/24/2021   4,315   14
5/1/2021   3,828   3
5/8/2021   3,453   6
5/15/2021   2,819   8
5/22/2021   1,847   3
5/29/2021   671   3

19 thoughts on “The Strange Case of the Disappearing Flu

  1. You caught the fact that there was no side-by-side running count of COVID infections/deaths and flu infections/deaths. This was not an accident. Also, the CDC decided to “recalibrate” the COVID testing because of the high number of false positives. Notice that this inaccuracy, known for several months, was only addressed… about a month after Inauguration Day.

    There’s also the issue of just about unanimous derision of hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for COVID, even though it was being used with success. It was said this was “dangerous” even though it had been safely in use since WW2. In the end though, the public was advised to trust a “vaccine” that was largely untested and only had emergency approval for use. This stunk like 3-day dead fish on the kitchen counter.

    …I could go on all day…

    The fact is, so much chicanery has gone on with this event, no one will ever trust anyone again. As trust dies, so does the society…

    • so the entire world has been gaslighted with this. who will we trust now, or is that the setup?

    • Exactly, no Biochemistry, Epidemiology, Virology or Molecular Biology degree required; nor is much knowledge of politics required. In fact, a high school student with an IQ of 99 could unwind the illogic and red flags. Who the perpetrators are is a separate issue.

  2. Fauci is a very high placed minion. High and mighty. He deserves all he’ll get, and more.
    I hope they strip him of any license to hurt people more.

    Re flu… they used to do autopsies somewheres into covid. Then they stopped. Were ordered to stop. I heard a Bulgarian pathologist talk about it. And he seemed to imply that it is very difficult to distinguish between a flu death and a covid death, in terms of the pathology report. Maybe impossible.

  3. Nicely done info. So $0 for flu, $13,000.00 for covid deaths and I think $39,000.00 if they pop you on a ventilator.

  4. a 2009 “conspiracy theory with Jesse Ventura” took czech internets by a storm, the one about the Bilderbergers, and how they plan to depopulate the world by clever use of food aditives (Aspartam), and poisonous prescription drugs.

    Back in 2009, Jesse Ventura might not look like too much, but I tell you this one is a pure conspiracy gold 🙂

    The story goes that there is too much people on the planet “for them to manage” so they decided to make the numbers smaller, and being mafia types, they don’t want the blame to fall on them, but rather on some “sickness”.

    One important thing they mention in the documentary: that their primary target is “our” immune system. I can’t say that seems to be too far from the truth, since every one of the lockdown measures was aimed away from strenghtening immune systems, they just want to make people too weak to live.

    • Now gates wants to block the sun = even lower levels of vitamin D in peoples’ bodies hence more vulnerability to infection and progression.

  5. The social distancing and lockdowns easily explain the reduction in flu cases. This has been seen worldwide. Please note the flu vaccine is the real con, see Cochrane reviews ad infinitum. Covid kills 10-20 times the number of middle aged and elderly versus flu but the vaccines work. I love the conspiracy nonsense! Very entertaining.

    • The graph Baron posted shows the flu deaths falling during flu season, in January 2020, when there was no social distancing, nor lockdowns.

      It must be something else.

  6. I would like to say that last year during our 112 day lock down and other lockdowns we had a year when very few people were sick. At our centre no children were hospitalised with few and no children were diagnosed with asthma due to a respiratory illness. They don’t really have asthma they have a flu induced type asthma. None were added to our list last year. This year after everyone being out and about for 6 months we now have rampant RSV (respiratory virus), conjunctivitis and this week half a dozen cases of hand foot and mouth virus caused by the coxsechie virus (not related to the animal one). These are highly contagious among children. I have never seen so many sick children in one week in my 24 years working in childcare. Last year we had hardly anything. Oh I almost forgot the rampant gastro of about 2 months ago. Even I caught it from the children and I have never been that ill with gastro before; Bad headache and slightly delirious. Could be the Antarctic cold weather we are having but we are very sick this year.

  7. “Theory of conspiration” or “disinformation” are the facts and the truth that governments dislike.

  8. Influenza is less easily transmitted than Covid-19; this suggests that the precautions taken to prevent the spread of the latter may actually have led to the unplanned bonus of a marked reduction in ‘flu cases.

    • But an absolutely flat line — which is what we see for the flu — is impossible.

      Something is WRONG with the statistics. People were dying of the flu, and not being recorded as such. The conclusion is inescapable.

    • How do you know influenza is less virulent than Covid-19? Both are respiratory viruses and both are spread as aerosols.

      In addition, Covid-19 follows the exact same road map as influenza in terms of percentages infected, percentages falling ill and percentages dying.

      The whole “pandemic” is an orchestrated pantomime. Covid-19 results from a SARS virus. The “AR” part of SARS is Acute Respiratory, yet in 2020, the year of the Great Pandemic, approx 70,000 people died in the UK from respiratory disease. Guess how many died in 2019 from a respiratory disease….. approx 70,000.

      The political reaction to Covid-19 constitutes the greatest fraud in the history of mankind and the greatest crime against humanity of modern times.

  9. The graph is misleading for anyone who does not read the entire article.

    “I had to magnify the flu data eight times to make the two series of comparable magnitude”

    • Quite right. The point is not the magnitude of the deaths, but the way the seasonal fluctuations of the flu simply vanished when COVID entered the scene.

      I think the COVID deaths are grossly overstated, due to the huge number of false positives yielded by the fabulously inaccurate PCR test. That, however, is my opinion; I don’t assert it as fact.

      The main point is this: the flu magically DISAPPEARED when COVID arrived. That’s a fact, based on the CDC’s own statistics.

  10. Also the Democrats just had their clown alley (debate) in September 2019; Trump was killing the Chinese with tariffs, Russian collusion didn’t work, the impeachment was going nowhere, and Glenn Beck had just exposed the Biden /Obama money going to the Ukrainian mafia. Something had to be done. Thus Covid. Doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure this one out.

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