The Ghoul Who Can’t Be Deported

Gary Fouse has translated a Dutch article about a case that is representative of the ongoing Islamization of the Netherlands. The translator includes this introduction:

Paul Cliteur is a distinguished law professor in the Netherlands (Leiden University) and was a defense witness for Geert Wilders when Wilders was on trial for “hate speech”. In this article in the conservative Dagelijkse Standaard, Cliteur writes sarcastically of his country’s tolerance for Islamic terrorists. He addresses a recent controversy over the remarks and activism of Moussa Lghoul (Moussa L.), a.k.a. Abou Ilias, a self-proclaimed jihadist in the Netherlands and all-around angry Arab guy. Cliteur wonders why people like Lghoul cannot be deported.

The translated article:

Paul Cliteur: It is a big mystery why dangerous jihadists are not deported from the Netherlands

The Leiden professor Paul Cliteur writes about his “patience running out” with the soft policy toward terrorists who are dangerous to the state, and who can’t be deported. He goes further: “The Dutch system of justice, our government, the country, is endlessly patient. Completely controlled. Constitutional.”

“The Hague jihadist, Moussa L. (Lghoul, a.k.a. Abou Ilias) was chased away by the police when he wanted to take action in the terror section of the Rotterdam prison because nine years’ imprisonment was demanded against two men for preparing a terrorist attack,” writes Wout Willemsen in the Dagelijkdse Standaard. Moussa had announced that he wanted to die as a martyr and that his “patience was running out,” as De Telegraaf reported. [Geert] Wilders tweeted that he had a solution for the problem: Kick Moussa out of the country.

But naturally, that will not happen. And the big puzzle is why things don’t happen. Not now. Actually, not for more or less twenty years. Part of the answer lies in the quoted statement from De Telegraaf that his “patience is running out”. Whose patience? The patience of the Dutch system of justice? No, because the Dutch justice system, our government, the country, is endlessly patient. Completely controlled. Constitutional. It is about the patience of Moussa. Moussa’s patience is running out. Apparently. Moussa has a message. A message that doesn’t get enough recognition. Now his patience is running out.

Part of the problem is that too many people, especially people in The Hague, think that somewhere, Moussa might be a little bit right. Naturally, he cannot commit terrorist attacks. And when he does, then people say, “naughty naughty”, “wrong”, “unacceptable”. But that he, somewhere, has legitimate claims in order to think the way he thinks — that cannot be ruled out.

Take the statement by Wilders, for example, that Moussa must be deported from the country. That is not particularly fruitful. That doesn’t get us any further. Deport. Isn’t that impossible? Then to which country? Just saying it only makes things worse. And then come the reactions from the news and the discussion tables of the NPO about the words of Wilders. How unhelpful they are. What Moussa says, what he thinks precisely, and why he attaches the consequences to his attacks is not popular.

And that’s why the attacks will remain with us. Just like Wilders.

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  1. Muslims should be able to shop at the local deportment store, that is if the government deportment in charge allows it.

  2. Couldn’t governments just do what lies lies and more lies Boris does and just have a change of heart and mind on an as needed basis and do what is right for survival long term.? “Sorry we changed our minds and mindset. You’re out!”

    • What bloody part of your government won’t help you, don’t you get or understand? Here you are, looking for anyone to help you, defend you and protect you where none of those entities exist! YOU! and only you, can defend yourself and yours from harm! Wake the HELL up!

  3. I imagine these characters will be strolling around capitals of Western Europe in newly fashioned military style uniforms compete with weapons – no ammo of course. Anyone breaking the no ammo rule would be subject to some kind of restriction. Minority rules.

  4. Sounds like an opportunity for a GoFundMe campaign. Several actually, to purchase a bunch of Morbark Whole Tree woodchippers for delivery to every European country with an orc infestation.

    Then ghouls like Mussa could stay in the Dar-al-Harb for as long as they like. Mix their foul remnants with pig manure and use it as fertilizer for crops of barley, potatoes, grapes, and corn which will be turned into beer, vodka, wine, and whiskey.

    • Sounds like a GOOD Plan.
      Especially when afterwards all this booze is then sold to the Middle East and the Arabs.

    • Then we hold a lottery at say 5 Euro’s a head to see who gets to throw the lever. I like your plan!

      • No need for a lottery, although a cover charge would accomplish the same purpose. Just disguise the entrance and tell the young jihadists that Paradise and 72 virgins are waiting on the other side. Then tell them that there is a shortage of virgins and televise the fisticuffs for the chance to be at the front of the line.

  5. Sounds like a GOOD Plan.
    Especially when afterwards all this booze is then sold to the Middle East and the Arabs.
    After the old motto;
    “What goes around, comes around”

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