The BFYTW Bleg from WRSA

Western Rifle Shooters Association has been experiencing technical difficulties again. Over the last couple of days they’ve been intermittently offline.

Concerned American sent me a note today asking for my (and my readers’) help:

I’m tired of WRSA getting nuked. One path out of it is to generate a one-page, two-side handbill a la the attached.

I’d like suggestions from Gates of Vienna readers on the cleanest (i.e., no Blogger, WordPress, or their ilk, open source, basic not sophisticated, etc.) way to do it.

The images below provide an idea of what he’s thinking about. Readers are invited to offer their suggestions in the comments, or, if you prefer, send me an email at gatesofvienna {at} chromatism {dot} net.

5 thoughts on “The BFYTW Bleg from WRSA

  1. Samizdat! It’s been my rallying cry for some time now.

    The most straightforward and open source way to do it is simply to mark up in HTML and print the render, but if you really want to you can convert it pdf. If you want a consistent look use css to make your own template. Remember, KISS. You aren’t trying to win a “design” award, you’re trying to get your message out.

    It isn’t rocket science. It isn’t even computer science. It’s just editing.

    Own your own press.

    The lowest tech digital distribution is a USB dead drop.

    The high tech method of distribution is to use any old Raspberry Pi you have lying around to run a web server which can be be launched from anywhere it can get a net connection, or even be a standalone WiFi server or dead drop.

  2. I walked in your shoes years ago! So most of the things below I did myself as well, when my political blog got under a coordinated attack (not in the USA):


    Telegram as your new main channel — at least temporarily.

    Plus Brighteon, Bitchute and other free and secure forums as content holders. I know you are on Gab. Take your audience and brand name with you on Telegram and other channels till you can, act ASAP. No other choice, unfortunately. Advertise the migration and the new site(s) NOW.

    Create a static archive of your old posts on a safe and independent platform. Consider this one:

    Decentralization is a good idea (i.e. is engaging your audience in spreading your content.) But you have to make sure that the enemy does not commit false flag operations in your name. For example hard copy paper flyers inciting for vigilante attacks in your name can be dangerous. So your brand has to remain identifiable and in your ownership, and your content lawful and controllable for you. But do not expect that many readers will become journalists for you…

    Now you can still advertise your new Telegram channel that would be your new basis. This way you can carry your brand with you. And your audience can share and spread your posts individually online. Later you can build a safer new fixed site on other, maybe foreign, servers that are harder to attack or take down.

    Your brand name WRSA has an immense value, therefore you have to keep it and ensure that you defend it against attacks while you have no fixed site. For this you must ensure continuity and customer loyalty + some new form of credibility and credentials. You can do this if you have a Telegram site that is now connected to your present site so that everyone knows later who is the real WRSA .

    It is a known type of attack when the enemy creates fals sites with your brand name to ruin your brand and scatter your audience; or even to abuse your name for criminal activities to take you down.

    Inform your audience NOW where to look for you on the Internet if all your sites get killed abruptly. These can be friendly sites if they agree to help you.

    However, printed flyers may slip into the realm of POLITICAL ACTIVISM which is a very different and dangerous playing field one should not hastily enter… I know you are aware of the new anti-terror agenda… So keep on posting lawful articles ONLINE; perhaps even consult a lawyer.

    Again, the political playing field is VERY different and should not be mixed with journalism because this would allow the enemy to take down both in a minute — I speak from experience!

    Good luck!

    • Too late to be CYA and worrying about rules, puttar. We are all up to our eyebrows in Survival Situation, and, just to keep it interesting, there are many ‘gators snapping at the ol’ frijoles.
      No Quarter.

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