Roundup of COVID and Vax News

Below are four videos from Italy, Spain, and France covering varying aspects of the Wuhan Coronavirus “pandemic” and its associated “vaccines”.

The first video features Dr. Barbara Balanzoni, who is an Italian anesthetist and surgeon, and also has a law degree. She served as a medical officer in the Italian army with KFOR in Kosovo. There’s an interesting story about her time in the service: back in 2013 she disobeyed orders to save the life of a pregnant cat, and was tried in a military court for gross insubordination. Most of the news about her case is in Italian, but if I understand it correctly, she was eventually acquitted.

In the following video Dr. Balanzoni discusses the case of an 18-year-old girl in Genoa who needed neurosurgery for a blood clot in the brain after receiving the experimental AstraZeneca medical treatment.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

The second video is a later report on the same 18-year-old girl that Dr. Balanzoni was talking about. The emergency neurosurgery to treat her blood clot was not enough to save the young patient, and she died while in the hospital in Genoa.

Once again, thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

The third video is a report on the “vaccine hesitancy” of French teenagers, who are reluctant to be subjected to any of the experimental mRNA treatments to prevent COVID-19.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

The final video features Santiago Abascal, the leader of the anti-immigration party Vox in Spain. Speaking on the floor of Parliament, Mr. Abascal blames China for the COVID-19 epidemic.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript #1:

00:00   Breaking news: one small step for Dr. Bassetti, a giant leap for mankind. Music theme.
00:14   Bassetti claimed, quote: “The case of the 18 year old girl who needed a neurosurgery
00:18   at the San Martino Hospital of Genoa for a thrombosis,
00:21   just a few days after being vaccinated with AstraZeneca, should not stir up fear.”
00:24   That’s what Dr. Bassetti, chief of the Department of Infectious Diseases
00:28   at the San Martino Hospital of Genoa said to Adn Kronos.
00:32   He goes on: “It was rightful to report the case to the Surveillance Committee
00:36   on medications; nevertheless the thromboses can be the result
00:40   of the combined use of more medications.”
00:43   He says: “I don’t know the specific case of this girl in detail,
00:46   or even whether she was hospitalized in the healthcare facility where I work,
00:50   but her case can be the result of more medications involved.”
00:53   “When a person is vaccinated, the doctor is to be informed
00:57   if the patient is taking other medications.”
01:00   Dear Italians, we need to send a new email to the Ministry of Health, asking them
01:05   what other medications can cause a thrombosis if taken during vaccination.
01:10   They could have told us earlier, but Dr. Matteo Bassetti told us today; thank him.
01:13   We are going the send an email to the Ministry of Health, so they can clarify
01:17   what kind of medications other than the vaccine have caused such serious thromboses
01:21   that people had to be taken to the neurosurgical ward.

Video transcript #2:

00:00   The 18-year-old girl who had been hospitalized for a thrombosis on June 5
00:04   at the San Martino Hospital of Genoa, after being vaccinated with AstraZeneca on May 25, is dead.
00:12   On June 3 the girl, who used to live in Tigullio with her family,
00:15   had been taken to the emergency room, saying she had a severe headache and photophobia.
00:19   She was given a CT brain scan and neurological tests; both were negative.
00:24   On Saturday June 5 she returned to the hospital, showing serious impaired mobility on both sides.
00:29   At that point, the CT scan showed a hemorrhage due to cavernous sinus thrombosis,
00:32   and she was moved to the neurosurgical ward.
00:35   Last Sunday she underwent two surgeries in order to
00:38   remove the clot and to reduce intracranial pressure.
00:41   But eventually, it was all useless. After two days of coma, her body could not make it.
00:47   This makes the 2nd suspicious death in Genoa occurring a few days after an AstraZeneca vaccination.
00:52   The first was the 32-year-old Genoese teacher Francesca Tuscano
00:57   who died on Easter Day, April 4, after being vaccinated with the Anglo-Swedish serum on March 22.
01:02   These two women probably both wanted to be vaccinated to feel protected from this cursed virus,
01:07   to protect their loved ones, or simply to go back to a normal life.
01:11   What is certain is that these two deaths cast doubt
01:14   on the opportunity to vaccinate the younger generation.
01:18   Even the CTS [Scientific Technical Committee] is questioning this
01:22   in the very same hour as this latest tragedy.

Video transcript #3:

00:00   In less then a week, 12-17 year olds will be able to be vaccinated.
00:03   The Public Ethics Committee has been critical of the question of vaccination.
00:07   Their message is that there has been only a single study concerning vaccination
00:11   for this age group. “The existing scrutiny does not allow us to ensure the full safety
00:15   of these new vaccines in adolescents.” The Ethics Committee regrets
00:19   that adolescents are being encouraged to get the vaccine in order to curb infection
00:23   in the population more quickly. —The cost vs. benefit of physical health doesn’t favor
00:30   vaccination when it comes to children. Why vaccinate part of the population that
00:34   receives no direct benefit compared to adults, who could but won’t.
00:38   I know that my parents want me to get it, but I’m hesitant because there seem to be
00:42   many unanswered questions about the vaccine. It’s all vague.
00:46   I think it’s not necessary for us to get vaccinated, and the results of the
00:50   vaccine are unsure as well as what it will do.
00:54   They’re already required to wear masks. They’ve been required to remain in confinement
00:58   and they’re required to do enough other things. No. We don’t need to vaccinate on top of all that.

Video transcript #4:

00:01   China is responsible. The Chinese Communist Government is.
00:05   Communist, like your ally who is laughing right now,
00:08   who used to call himself Communist openly and keeps that secret now.
00:11   China is responsible for the pandemic at a global level.
00:14   The Chinese Communist Government covered up the data from the rest of the world.
00:17   The Chinese Communist Government controls and manages the World Health Organization
00:21   at their whim, since they helped them cover all this up.
00:24   That is why we think Spain should immediately withdraw
00:28   from the WHO and allocate all the funds which used to be sent
00:32   to that Chinese Propaganda wing to scientific research on vaccines instead, for example.
00:36   We need to report the responsibility of the Chinese Communist tyrants.
00:40   We need to demand that they compensate us for lying and for covering all this up.
00:45   And we need to analyze the consequences of a virus which, for so many scientists,
00:49   contains a suspicious artificial component.
00:52   And we have to prevent them from harming our industry.
00:56   By raising tariffs on Chinese products, if necessary.
00:59   Because, while China is growing more and more, Spain is going down, with you, gentlemen, in charge.

7 thoughts on “Roundup of COVID and Vax News

  1. Baron,
    I (in France) receive the message “Secure Connection Failed” for the four videos.

    Does any one else have a problem?

    • Yes, I’ve received at least one other report of the same thing. It has to do with the 3Speak platform that Vlad uses for his videos. It doesn’t happen on my machine, but it may depend on the browser. It has something to do with the SSL certificate for 3Speak.

    • According to my browser, the certificate has been revoked (SEC_ERROR_REVOKED_CERTIFICATE). I never thought about this, but it is another way in which wrong think can be attacked.

      In order to be accepted by browsers, certificates need to be signed by a certificate authority. That authority now has control over that certificate, and can revoke it. Since Google forced all websites to use certificates, it is now yet another vulnerability we need to watch out for.

  2. For those who wish molecular detailed high end descriptions of some of the extreme dangers of the vaccine, vs. the minor dangers to most of the virus, and a good explanation of why a few pharmacists who were friends, recommended against all vaccines to me, here is a very informative and technical, wonderfully so, 1.4 hr. interview of a scholarly PhD interviewed by Mercola MD, much is understandable, may need repeats for some, but you will get it, mostly. Dr. Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D. | Unintended Consequences of mRNA Vax | Dr. Mercola (25 May 2021) Sensesound

  3. VIDEO 3 — The term “VACCINE HESITANCY” is clearly psychopathic and Communist.

    It signals that the word ‘NO’ is erased from your vocabulary, to make you believe that you cannot escape the jab because there can be only one outcome of the dilemma. Therefore there is no decision: there is only YES, you just do not know it yet — they suggest. Its all about choice — and the perceived lack thereof.

    This is essentially manipulation into the rape of your bodily integrity, and personal autonomy by extension. The expression itself carries the sense of objectification of the person as such.

    No wonder that rapist psychopaths* have exactly this kind of modus operandi. Their victims are deliberately made to feel that they are just ‘hesitant’ to be raped — this way raping their minds before their bodies. The tactic and the goal of the rapist is to break the self-determination of the victim. That is the rapist’s ultimate joy.

    The term “vaccine hesitancy” had been coined long before the 2020 plandemic and had been used by the WHO; and it could be heard at Event201 in 2019, along with ‘proactive solutions’ to ‘handle’ it.

    Psychopathic annihilation of the individual = Communism.

    Look at the similarities between the tricks of our handlers who want to administer the jab and those of a child rapist, diagnosed psychopath:

    A Psychopathic Sex Offender – An interview with a real psychopath – Disturbing!


      There are even more insidious implications of using “vaccine hesitancy” against people.

      First of all, it creates the false notion that there is something to decide about. It is false because there is no need for a Corona-‘vaccine’ in the first place. But it suggests that there is indeed a need, creating a new reality in your perception.

      At the same time it creates the false notion that there is nothing to decide about — because it will be done anyway, since you will not say ‘NO’, you are just ‘hesitating’.

      So opposite meanings are present at the same time: there IS something to decide about, and there ISN’T anything to decide about.

      This is of course deeply confusing — but it is just another opportunity for control. If you are confused it means that your autonomy is suspended — a very vulnerable state of mind. Especially if you had believed that there is an urgent, life-or-death issue to solve by the jab.

      And this vulnerable mind is tense and therefore cries for a solution … from outside — to solve his own business!

      At this point the overlords offer the solution, to help you out: you get the jab because … ‘expert’-blah blah blah. And you will feel extremely relieved and happy when you finally manage to get it. And this is really happening: people say they feel relieved and happy after they got the jab!

      Like a junky… It is obvious that help from outside to solve your own confusion will ultimately deepen your confusion.

      (1) Therefore the primary vicious circle is now closed.

      To make it even more wicked: the feeling of relief is very similar to the feeling of freedom. So the situation makes one believe that he / she is now freed (of something).

      And this is true: they are temporarily freed of their overlords bothering them; but they do not take it that way. They think that they are freed of a problem.

      (2) And the secondary vicious circle is closed:

      Because now you start expecting the new ‘shots of freedom’ from your rulers. Not from yourself, as an adult person would approach freedom. Therefore the less freedom they give you the more freedom you feel you get the next time … FROM YOUR OVERLORDS.

      (Hence the Corona-demos will never work — they are in the framework of the psychopathology of the misuse of power.)

      This paradoxon confuses you even more — thus you come up with rationalizations to explain away your cognitive dissonance. (So you will not listen to anyone who utters the word “freedom” as this would make you imbalanced.)

      Your autonomy is over, and now you have new gods. (This is why the Powers hate God and want to destroy the Church and religion). Therefore your life and death is upon their whims. And you know it deep inside:

      (3) … which creates a tertiary vicious circle of dependence as it can modify the WHOLE perception of reality into a regressed, childish one. You NEED your new gods to feel safe. And this is the very reason you will expect them to make you feel unsafe.

      If they do not make you unsafe it means that they do not exist or care about you any more, and your new childish world collapses which would make you feel even more unsafe. In other words you need your Corona-tormentor because he is at least someone — if he stops tormenting you, you would be alone … in the fearful vacuum he had created for you.

      Now it perfectly explains why people DO NOT CARE about vaccine-deaths or vaccine-injuries. It would hurt their new world where their new gods decide about life and death. They do not want that kind of tension.

      Therefore if you stand up against vaccine-deaths, you are a criminal, a killer in their eyes — as paradox as it sounds. You kill their subjective new existence.

      So they think you deserve all the lynching you get — in the name of benevolence. Humanity is finished in the name of humanity. This is happening, folks. It is not just a theory.

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