Raped by a “German Citizen”

We don’t know much about a young man who raped a woman in the town of Aschaffenburg in Bavaria. We don’t know his skin color or his ethnic background. We do know, however, that he is a “German citizen”. Is he a blond blue-eyed chap named Hans, perhaps? Or is he Mehmet, the offspring of guest workers from Anatolia?

Oh, dear… I’m a WAYCIST for thinking such discriminatory thoughts.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

Mainaschaff: 18-year-old brutally raped — Man (35) in custody

Mainaschaff, district of Aschaffenburg — Early Sunday morning (June 20, 2021) between 5:00 am and 8:00 am, a young woman who was on her way home was sexually assaulted in the extension to the Preußenweg. After the perpetrator let go of the 18-year-old, he fled on foot in an unknown direction. As part of the subsequent search, a 35-year-old suspect was finally identified and temporarily arrested at around 2:00 p.m.

By Monday, the Aschaffenburg criminal police, under the direction of the Aschaffenburg public prosecutor, carried out intensive and extensive investigations, which ultimately confirmed the suspicion against the arrested person. Corresponding trace examinations were commissioned from forensics. The “German citizen” who lives in Aschaffenburg has already come to police attention several times for violent crimes.

The 35-year-old was brought before an investigating judge on Monday afternoon by order of the Aschaffenburg public prosecutor’s office. On the basis of the urgent suspicion of particularly serious rape in conjunction with grievous bodily harm, he ordered the man to be remanded in custody. He is now in a correctional facility.

Politik Stube: “German citizen” can also mean that the person concerned is an immigrant and naturalized person or a person born here with foreign roots.

3 thoughts on “Raped by a “German Citizen”

  1. In the original article the term “German citizen” is not marked with scare quotes, but is marked with red lettering: Der in Aschaffenburg wohnhafte deutsche Staatsangehörige ist bereits mehrfach wegen Gewaltdelikten polizeilich in Erscheinung getreten.

  2. I used google and found no reference to the a.., sorry perpetrator.
    So I would assume he is not a bio-german.

    • Exactly. There are two terms with similar meaning: “Staatsangehöriger” und “Staatsbürger”, which both could be translated to citizen. Though I have no statistics I am quite sure the first would only be used when a person is a citizen somewhere but not a native (ethnic) from the people.

      BTW: yesterday in Würzburg, not too far from Aschaffenburg, a Somali attacked people with a knife he took from the shelf in a shop; he killed the lady who was a seller there and 2 more women. Passers-by chased him, police shot him in the leg. How many this has happend now in Europe — at least 4 cases I remember now in Norway, Sweden and Germany.

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