Prison Time for a TV Tax Refusenik

The following article concerns a German citizen named Georg Thiel, who is currently languishing in durance vile for the heinous crime of refusing to pay the state broadcasting fee. It’s the equivalent of the “licence fee” for BBC in the UK, except that the latter applies only to citizens who actually own televisions. In Germany you have to pay the broadcasting fee whether you watch television or not.

Mr. Thiel didn’t own a TV or a radio, and made the logical decision not to pay a fee for a service that he didn’t use. The functionaries of the German administrative state viewed Mr. Thiel’s refusal as an act of rebellion, possibly the equivalent of the crime of “domestic insurrection” as it is now understood here in the Country Formerly Known as the United States of America.

I couldn’t find any news articles in English about the case of Georg Thiel, but here’s one in German.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this opinion piece from Politically Incorrect:

Anyone who trusted the Führer still had to go to the gulag

by Wolfgang Prabel

On Thursday there was a disturbing entry in Die Welt: “Those who trust democracy do not need to go to prison.” It was about the GEZ [TV tax*] refuser Georg Thiel, who has been languishing in the dungeon for months because he does not watch television and does not see the need to pay for it.

Incidentally, the author of the entry shot an argumentative buck when he compared the GEZ with a tax in his entry. The broadcast contribution is not a tax, but a contribution in the financial constitutional sense, according to the judgment of the Federal Administrative Court of July 18, 2018. This legal opinion is hair-splitting, but the Welt entry shows the argumentative confusion in Merkel’s power machine.

It is of course completely absurd to link trust in democracy to the consumption of forced television. Democracy is supposedly a twin of freedom. Two examples from the 20th century on the connection between trust and personal freedom:

Many of Stalin’s victims were devout Bolsheviks, but their trust in Papa Stalin was of no use. Even so, they were sent to the gulag to be worked to death and ended up as polar bear food. Even if a Jew had professed his loyalty to the Führer, it wouldn’t have done him any good. Trust in the prevailing ideology does not protect against dungeons, concentration camps and gulags.

Thiel wrote a letter to the only political party that “does something” for him. The AfD published his letter on social media on Thursday. “In the coming plenary we will give the other parliamentary groups the chance to commit to a modern broadcasting that does not take political prisoners,” commented AfD MP Sven W. Tritschler, who recently visited Thiel in prison. “We continue to fight for Georg Thiel and countless other citizens who no longer want to be ripped off by state radio.”

Georg Thiel now has reliable friends in the only liberal party in our country. Greetings to Georg Thiel. Hold out against the old termagant and her perverted court!

Greetings to the domestic secret service: “Television was invented to give illiterate people a good reason to wear glasses.” (Dieter Hallervorden)


*   Until 2013 the organization charged with collecting the TV tax was known as GEZ (short for Gebühreneinzugszentrale der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Fee Collection Center of the Public Broadcasting Companies in the Federal Republic of Germany). The tax is now known as the Rundfunkbeitrag (broadcasting fee).

16 thoughts on “Prison Time for a TV Tax Refusenik

  1. Good grief! The Germans are crazier than ever! This is the most stupid thing I have seen in years and years. The persecuted man is in the right. Why should he pay for somjething he doesn’t want?

    Scratch a German and you find another Nazi, I guess.

    I am glad to say I am not of German descent, that’s for sure. That Hitler in some Germans keeps coming out, over and over.

    • Hitler wasn’t German either.

      It matters not. They seem to be marching again towards tyranny quite well, Hitler or no Hitler.

      • UK has the same TV and radio law. To say that Germany is the only nation in Europe with this stupid law is more Allied propaganda from both of you about Germans. Actually Germans are the most Americanized of peoples because they lost WW2 and are a defeated people. Germans are subjected to more doctrinal warfare from Hollywood and NYC than any other nationality. Notice how closely Berlin follows the ideology of woke LGBTQ open borders climate change coming out of Washington DC or how much German youth is addicted to the American pop culture.

        • Not exactly; in the UK people without a TV do not need a licence, even if they have radios.

    • The failed painter, Doplhi Schickelgruber, was an Austrian, not German.
      Beethoven on the other had was German, not Austrian.

    • This of course is racist Germanophobe [material that I deprecate] in the original and accurate non-SJW meaning of the term “racist”. Looking to re-fight World War One as well, are we? Check out Harry Elmer Barnes.

      The non-payor, Thiel, is also German and a brave man, so check your racial logic, sister.

      Contrary to your [redacted], the German State’s compulsory TV levy occurs precisely because so many citizens are suspicious of the lamestream media there and hence require coercion.

      It is your “Nazis” , 4 German lawyers who founded the German Corona Investigative Committee, whose recent interview of cardiologist Dr McCulloch in Dallas is on Youtube.

      Prof. McCulloch states that the pandemic is actually global bioterrorism.

      Cunning folk, those Nazis, they subvert a US medical professor into using such strong language, just shows how little you can trust Nazis, irony off.

      • It’s a shame that there’s so much evil in the German makeup because there really is a lot to admire about Germans and Germany otherwise. Germans have always had a very cultured and well-educated society which values law and order. This is seen in the quality of their engineering as well, which while generally overly complex, perform their intended function perfectly and last forever.

        Why they insist on defecating in their own beds by importing hordes of orcs, and then forcing the same upon the rest of Europe is incomprehensible. Likely it stems from some part of the German psyche which feels compelled to control everything around it which has led to catastrophe for Europe several times in the last century and is already despoiling this century.

        • Evil makeup? Forcing the rest of Europe? Incomprehensible?

          As usual the level of political analysis at GoV leaves much to be desired. This is largely due to the writers between LA and NY having but superficial knowledge of the Continent and being unable to join the dots.

          In this case, Moon is overlooking that orcs are being imported into all previously White countries of long (Europe) or shortish (USA, Canada, Australia, NZ) standing.

          That import is entirely rational from the homoglobalist standpoint:

          reduce average wages; maximise internal tensions and minimise social solidarity of employees through “diversity” as AI and robotics advance; maximise aggregate demand and hence GDP for multinationals while imposing urban congestion and high crime rates on the victims.

          The killshot bioweapon Covid jabs? I am not sure yet where they fit into the Open Borders scheme, also because the answer seems to depend on whether Covid is deliberate or accidental.

          But I imagine the idea is for them to kill off the elderly who do not constitute much economic Demand (housing, food, transport, clothing) unlike a 10-strong Nigerian family fresh into Munich from the boonies.

          If the killshots kill off “too many” Whites, Homoglobo can refill the EU consumer stock from Africa more rapidly than even planned

          • Reconquista: If too many whites are killed then civilization fails and I cannot imagine our Overlords wanting to live like in the African bush.

            I read
            Very interesting.
            The pipline (closed because of the ransomware attack) could not be manually operated because the men that could do it are either retired or dead.

            If I want to have a nightmare I would really like to know where this no-longer-knowing is existing.
            (Must be all our industrial power)

        • The Germans are not evil, they are nationalist. The Teutonic standard is what everybody else strives for, now the leftist are going to get caught up in all the fun and games and the military will take over at some point.

        • If you want to know what happened to the German People after WWII ended, look into Sefton Delmer.

          He stated after the surrender in 1945 to the German international lawyer Prof. Grimm;

          “We won the war with atrocity propaganda.
          And now we’re just getting started!
          We will continue this atrocity propaganda, we will increase it until no one will accept a good word from the Germans, until everything will be destroyed that they still had sympathy for in other countries, and these themselves will be so confused, that they no longer know what they are doing.
          When this has been achieved, when they begin to pollute their own nest, and not grudgingly, but in a hasty readiness to please the victors, then victory is complete.
          It is never final.
          Re-education requires careful, constant care like English lawn.
          Just a moment of neglect and the weeds break through”

          “I did my best to promote the oldest goal of our psychological warfare in this way: incite Germans against Germans.”

          Denis Sefton Delmer (1904-1979) was a British/Australian journalist that grew up in Berlin.

          And when you look carefully, his methods have been taken throughout the Western World to destroy the People of European Descent.

          • Ahhhh, but nature once bad times arrive always come to the forefront of propaganda induced indoctrination. We shall see it in full bloom once the SHTF.

    • There is a lot of evil in every nation on Earth. Germans are not worse than the French or the English or Americans for that matter.

  2. Hitler Said communists were Nazis without the racism.that is the only difference e between them. Left and right are meaningless in that context. Most of them are still socialists but they dropped the racism.

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