Microbiology is a Risky Business

A few days ago I posted MissPiggy’s timeline of events related to SARS, gain-of-function research, the Wuhan Coronavirus, and the “vaccines”.

Hellequin GB left a comment in which he suggested additional avenues of research:

Suspicious deaths

The sudden and suspicious deaths of eleven of the world’s leading microbiologists.

Who they were:

1.   Nov. 12, 2001   Benito Que was said to have been beaten in a Miami parking lot and died later.
2.   Nov. 16, 2001   Don C. Wiley went missing. Was found Dec. 20. Investigators said he got dizzy on a Memphis bridge and fell to his death in a river.
3.   Nov. 21, 2001   Vladimir Pasechnik, former high-level Russian microbiologist who defected in 1989 to the U.K. apparently died from a stroke.
4.   Dec. 10, 2001   Robert M. Schwartz was stabbed to death in Leesburg, Va. Three Satanists have been arrested.
5.   Dec. 14, 2001   Nguyen Van Set died in an airlock filled with nitrogen in his lab in Geelong, Australia.
6.   Feb. 9, 2002   Victor Korshunov had his head bashed in near his home in Moscow.
7.   Feb. 14, 2002   Ian Langford was found partially naked and wedged under a chair in Norwich, England.
8. & 9.   Feb. 28, 2002   San Francisco resident Tanya Holzmayer was killed by a microbiologist colleague, Guyang Huang, who shot her as she took delivery of a pizza and then apparently shot himself.
10.   Mar. 24, 2002   David Wynn-Williams died in a road accident near his home in Cambridge, England.
11.   Mar. 25, 2002   Steven Mostow of the Colorado Health Sciences Centre, killed in a plane he was flying near Denver.

Our longtime reader and commenter Acuara sent this note after reading Hellequin’s comment:

I read the timeline and the list of the deaths of the microbiologists that preceded the timeline. My somewhat suspicious sense caught a whiff of something. May I politely request that you contact Hellequin, Gentleman Bastard, and request a compendium of the articles, theses, and/or dissertations that were written by the people that Gentleman Bastard listed.

My sense of things is that these people who died would have provided a credible challenge to what Messrs. Fauci, Gates, et al were planning to proceed with. We know from their increasingly defensive posture that they are running scared while trying to regroup. I would think that the Klieg Light of Public Awareness would result in the lot of them swinging from the gallows as they deserve, not that I am looking for vengeance as that is the Lord’s property, but rather and end to this chicanery and a return to responsible and ethical governance.

I passed Acuara’s message on to Hellequin, who applied himself to the task requested. He sent the list below, with an introductory note:

I think to go through all of these papers and understand the nitty-gritty of this, we need someone who can actually “READ” them, and not just the words. Because I don’t know enough to correlate this and connect the dots here, if there actually are any dots to connect in the end.

A list of the eleven with links to scholarly writings:

1.   Benito Que — It looks like he did quite some work on DNA coding during the ’80s.
2.   Don C. Wiley — A lot of work about viruses from Influenza to Ebola.
3.   Vladimir Pasechnik — His last work was on Multi-Agent Security System based on Neural Network Model of User’s Behavior with other scientists, published after his death.
4.   Robert M. Schwartz
5.   Nguyen Van Set
6.   Victor Korshunov
7.   Ian Langford
8.   Tanya Holzmayer
9.   Guyang Huang — the alleged killer of Tanya Holzmayer.
10.   David Wynn-Williams
11.   Steven Mostow

However, Hellequin advises us to have a look at a page he stumbled upon.

There is ample fodder for paranoids — of which I acknowledge myself to be one — in all of this material. However, the final link reminds us to keep Occam’s Razor handy and not to disable our inner skeptic.

There are plenty of hucksters and mountebanks on the Internet who make a good living off paranoid people, purveying rumors, exaggerations, and even outright fabrications as if they were established facts. Everyone would be well-advised to do serious follow-up checks on these incidents, even if it does mean diving down some very deep rabbit holes.

8 thoughts on “Microbiology is a Risky Business

  1. How can I get to the page that Hellequin stumbled on? I tried but it was like a loop and I could not access it.

    This column gives me the creeps and the heebie-jeebies. What is going on?

    If you can help me, I will be grateful.


    • Well, the Baron just made himself an even bigger target. Hopefully he has excellent physical security to avoid having something in common with these poor individuals, Epstein, and McAfee.

      • We all have a bullseyes painted on our backs – like al those who dont believe the official lies.
        I wonder how we will die:
        a) normal people wipped up into a frenzy against the COVID deniers? Maybe even burned like Joan of Arc?
        b) No Vax No Food. And when you try to get food by any means you are shot as a menace to society
        c) unknown disease (administered by Black Ops personal) like fast acting diabetus, self burning because of having been abandoned by girlfriend (like two witnesses in the NSU trial)

  2. So the suspicions evaporated when they were exposed to historical evidence. ‘Nuff said and thank you for your research. Facts are the antidote for paranoia, I only wish more people would take the needed antidote instead of continuing down the primrose path to insanity.
    Of course when you check in you are served a cup of insane it tea and then you get to stroll the ground staking various sociopaths and stop by the recreation area for time on the mood swings and attitude slides.
    Have a great Saturday everyone. 👍

    • oh, and I forgot about being fitter for a pair o’ no yahs.
      OK, so that one was a stretch, along with the stroll along the psychopaths.

  3. Concerning suspicious deaths, there might be something to the Clinton Death count.

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