Italian Cop Uses “Excessive Self-Defense” Against Violent Culture-Enricher

My favorite sentence in the following video from Italy begins with: “A policeman shot a convicted foreign felon in the groin…” I know it’s naughty of me, but I can’t help but feel a frisson of glee when I hear about a violent culture-enricher getting his just deserts in that particular fashion.

However, it looks like the cop is going to face legal action for using “excessive self-defense”. In this clip Silvia Sardone of the Lega expresses her solidarity with the vigilant officer who put a dangerous felon out of action, at least temporarily.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   A policeman shot a convicted foreign felon in the groin
00:03   in front of the Roma Termini railway station, in order to disarm him:
00:07   this fact has stirred a grotesque debate.
00:11   I will say this: I side with law enforcement.
00:15   And in my opinion this public servant should be awarded, not prosecuted.
00:20   This officer is being investigated for culpable weapon mismanagement and excessive self-defense.
00:26   The prosecutors say that they are investigating him because it’s the routine procedure.
00:29   Meanwhile the officer’s name is on the papers of a case that, who knows when it’s over.
00:33   The Left has immediately started with their ideological mantras.
00:36   That is, the officer did wrong, he shouldn’t have shot, etc…
00:39   They will end up saying: “poor delinquent”.
00:42   To the Left it is natural to side with criminals, especially when it concerns foreigners.
00:47   Rather than siding with men and women wearing a uniform.
00:50   The policeman is going through uncertainty. If the prosecutor charges this officer,
00:54   who just earns €1,500 a month, he will have to face trial
00:57   spending his own money on attorneys and expert witnesses.
01:01   If we were a serious country, the Ministry of the Interior would pay these legal fees.
01:07   We will always repeat that what the officer did was a dutiful act.
01:11   Why should he be investigated for culpable weapon mismanagement and excessive self-defense?
01:16   What was excessive? Meanwhile the prosecutor has dropped the charge
01:20   of attempted murder against the migrant,
01:24   who had tried to wound the police officers, after threatening passersby with a knife.
01:29   The officer who stopped the migrant, and protected people from him, may have to deal with justice.
01:34   Do you think it’s normal? It’s unbelievable how certain leftists feel bothered by law enforcement.
01:39   Leftists think officers are guilty a priori.
01:42   They are evidently allergic to those who enforce the law.
01:46   In contrast, we proudly side with all those people
01:49   who protect and serve our citizens with commitment and professionalism.

10 thoughts on “Italian Cop Uses “Excessive Self-Defense” Against Violent Culture-Enricher

  1. Need to publish the name and home address of the prosecutor; [intemperate recommendations redacted] should dissuade this kind of male bovine manure going forward.

    Good on the officer for aiming to ensure that the orc wouldn’t be doing any raping anytime soon.

    If there are any specifics of the officer’s identity, this would be a worthy cause for a GoFundMe or similar campaign to fund his defense.

    • I do hope that lefty prosecutor meets his/her fate that is both profound and absolute, for it must be a lesson for the next do gooding marxist idiot.

  2. Silvia Sardone – a wonderful woman. She need to look out for ‘problems’, the deep state will not like her sensible outbursts. If only we had more like her the fight the enemy.

    Tanti auguri, Silvia.

  3. As an American the concept of “excessive self defense’ is incomprehensible.
    Once somebody demonstrates an intent you harm you, the method used to stop him is irrelevant as long as it doesn’t harm anyone else or damage to much property.
    “Dead’ is the ideal outcome.

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