Enricher vs. Enricher Brawl in Valencia

On Monday a Senegalese mob did battle with an Algerian mob on the street in the Spanish city of Valencia. A huge number of police officers arrived to break up the squabble and tend to the wounded.

I don’t know which side to root for. Can’t they both lose?

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Las Provincias:

A brawl with sticks between two groups of Africans leaves six arrested in Orriols

Two of the men arrested needed medical attention for the blows from the sticks

[Photo caption: Three police cars yesterday in the street where the two groups fought]

June 8, 2021

A fight between two groups of Algerians and Senegalese yesterday left six men detained in the Valencia neighborhood of Orriols. Two of the individuals arrested needed medical attention for the blows from the sticks.

The violent acts occurred around 6 pm in San Juan de la Peña [street]. Two neighbors took videos of the brawl with their mobile telephones from balconies.

After receiving notice of the tumultuous brawl with sticks in the middle of the street, several patrols of the National Police and local Valencia police rushed to the scene and detained six of the people involved.

San Juan de la Peña was filled with police vehicles within a few minutes. Three of those detained are Algerians, two are from Senegal, and one was born in Gambia. On the ground, the officers found traces of blood and several sticks used in the fight.

4 thoughts on “Enricher vs. Enricher Brawl in Valencia

  1. I vote for all three sides to lose. The police are complicit in forcing the orcs upon the populace as well as enforcing the CCP virus decrees with enthusiasm.

  2. I am disappointed.
    Just six? Just sticks?

    Sorry guys, wont do. In Marseille they use AK-47 and the Bikergangs in Sweden (or so) use RPGs.

  3. The recent mental disease that has afflicted Europe was never anticipated after WWII. The Old Whore always had diseases: 7-years War, 30 -years War, The War the would end all wars. . . actually it was the war that happened in the midst of an era when in Europe you could hear the word Civilization as often as you can hear democracy today.

    The savagery of Europe, indeed humankind was patent after WWI when nations seemed helpless to avoid wars. Not letting A Great Crisis Go to Waste, Causers of WWI decided to create an entity supposedly bigger than themselves to guide them, to stop their madness, perhaps turn them to God and find that elusive peace.
    Again they were cheated: WWII came in a strange way: slaughtering Jews… that’s fine no problem as long as “others” are the victim not “us”. Then gypsies, then Catholics, then everyone.
    The recent preparations for prolonged wars, vast wars started in the 1970s with hypocritical claims: refugees, oppressed people come here and taste freedom. Then invension of new terms : diversity is our strength, the religion of peace, islam hijacked by perverted muslims. I can swear this was dictated to ” the Pres.” by muslims. “HE” was not clever enough to come up with something like this even if he wanted to.

    Never in the history of this miserable mankind has something like this happened: politicians turning traitors and glorified as geniuses, and meritorious in their skills. Actually skills in deceiving their own helpless naive people.
    If the west understood the aggression of muslims against Israel, they would avoid their similar fate. But the west is under islamic spell of magic and it seems they will never become aware of the danger until perdition.

  4. In good old spanish tradition, they should sell seats for such events, less blood thirsty than bull fights, and according to the time of day, located either
    sol or sombra, sun or shade( more expensive)

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