Down with Macrony!

Most people from time to time have fantasies about slapping the [solid waste] out of one or another of their elected political leaders. But how many of us ever get to act out that fantasy?

The video below shows an interview with three anarchists prior to a meet-and-greet event with French President Emmanuel Macron. One of the three — the guy in the green shirt — is the lucky fellow who got to slap Monsieur le Président upside the head a few minutes later. Mr. Macron’s assailant was able to get to the front of the rope line by remaining calm, quiet, and inconspicuous.

A slap in the face, rather than a poke in the snoot, seems a fitting punishment for such a wimpy toy-boy of a president.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   What are you 3 doing here? —Nothing, we’re just here to see our dear Mr. President Macron.
00:05   Why? To say what? —Not only to talk to him, but…
00:09   He’ll be arriving shortly. —There’s stuff we want to say, that we’re not able to say.
00:13   Unfortunately. —For example? —The decline of France.
00:17   So you think France is in decline? —Totally. —Why?
00:21   Because we have dear President in decline due to no culture.
00:25   I think that’s sad. —Are you politically active? —A little.
00:29   Which party? — Nothing in particular, but I’m interested in anarchy.
00:34   All 3 of you are anarchists? —No, no, not especially. —They’re shy. —They’re shy?
00:42   Is that right? —We know that the press twists words. —Can you name an example
00:50   of your words being twisted? —I won’t make any more comments. —Have a good day.
00:55   Good-bye. —Thank you, sir. —The reception was a bit cold so we left them.
00:59   However, the following images captured by Paul show them still standing there
01:03   awaiting the President’s arrival. And here, they are to the left of the shouting yellow vests.
01:07   Specifically, the man who attacks the President, the police officers go right past him.
01:11   The man who slaps the President remains quiet and doesn’t attract attention. He’s looking to get
01:14   closer to the barrier, to get as close as possible to the President.
01:17   At 2:30 pm Emmanuel Macron arrives.
01:21   Mont Joie! Saint-Denis! Down with Macrony!

8 thoughts on “Down with Macrony!

  1. Marine LePen had to denounce the action of course, but I don’t see an issue except that such a public act against a president disrespects the dignity of the office. Personally, Macron is a wimpy little worm of a male with false pretentions of grandeur, and arrogance and contempt for his countrymen. Although he is French by birth, he is globalist by choice and association and contempt on a personal level by being slapped is the least he deserved.

  2. This globalist asholle, Merkel lapdog should be gone long time ago !!, what a disaster He is for France ..

  3. They were anarchists..! I thought they would’ve been very happy with the Macromerkelization of Europe.

  4. You have not see our prime minister.He has on his desk “the great reset” in which he believes with fanatism.He is also a Merkel’s lapdog and he wants to vaccinate even the mosquitos!
    The great majority do not want to and it is said that whoever does not want to get the vaccine will have not the right to enter a shop.At the beginning of winter another lock down await us.

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