Culture-Enriching Turf Wars in Gothenburg

Certain parts of the Swedish city of Gothenburg — the “sensitive areas” — are no longer under the rule of law, or at least the rule of Swedish law. Clan-based gangs control the turf, and when conflicts over territory occur, they are settled in a good old-fashioned culture-enriching way: by a bullet to the head.

Gary Fouse has translated two articles about the violent actions of Gothenburg’s gangs. You’ll notice in these stories that the police don’t actually do any policing — their role is to “mediate” in the conflicts so as to help rival clans come to an agreement and stop killing each other.

There’s no mention of ethnicity in the two articles, but since the “Ali Khan family” is prominent in one of the gangs, one may draw the appropriate conclusions.

Here’s a report from Samhällsnytt from a few days ago:

Clan war in Gothenburg escalates. One executed with a shot to the head

On Saturday Samnytt was able to show video clips from the “vulnerable area” of Hjällbo in Northeast Gothenburg where some 100 men took part in a violent riot with weapons in the middle of a residential area. Police responded by making contact with the gangs to mediate peace. But already on Sunday shots broke out with new riots in the area. Two persons have been shot, one of whom died of his wounds. See the video from the scene below.

The ongoing conflict in the area is said to be between two clan families, including the Hjällbo Network with the infamous Ali Khan family at the helm, and has been going on since Friday. Christer Fuxberg is a police press spokesman in Region West and reports that authorities have been working to make contact with the network “to see if there is something we can help with so there will be reconciliation again.”

At 13:23, police were notified of a shooting in the area. According to information obtained by Samnytt, two persons were reportedly wounded in the shooting, one of whom was hit in the head and died. In total, three persons have been taken to the hospital.

At the scene police arrested one person suspected of murder. According to information from police sources, the shooting is an act of revenge in the ongoing conflict, which is based on rivalry in the area.

Samnytt can show pictures from the scene.

A follow-up article reports that one gang, the Hjällbo Network, has set up roadblocks in and out of the no-go zones. The police apparently do nothing, perhaps in the interest of “community cohesion”, as is the case in Britain.

Another report from Samhällsnytt:

Information: Criminals Set up Roadblocks in Hjällbo. Check ID.

June 1, 2021

According to information made available to Samnytt, criminal clans have once again set up roadblocks where they, among other things, check the ID documents of passersby. The information is confirmed by a police source.

Last August, Samnytt reported about roadblocks in Gothenburg’s no-go zones where incoming and outgoing vehicles to and from, among other places, Hjällbo and Hammarkullen, were stopped and searched. Erik Nord, police chief of Greater Gothenburg, commented that this is “completely unacceptable”.

According to information made available to Samnytt on Tuesday, roadblocks have been set up again and people are being stopped in the middle of the day. People who walk between Hammarkullen and Hjällbo are also stopped. Behind this are people reportedly tied to the Hjällbo Network, and this is done even though the area is full of police.

Those who are stopped are told to show ID documents and give their home address. Clan members at the roadblocks move about the area on scooters, dressed in protective vests and outfitted with walkie-talkies, according to the information.

Samnytt has been in contact with a police source who confirms the information. The source reports that it is people from Hjällbo Network who set up the roadblocks and carry out personal checks in the area. For this reason, the police are sending resources to Hjällbo.

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  1. Import the Third World, become the Third World.

    Such a simple concept even a Swede should be capable of understanding it yet they do not. Maybe a solution is to inform the police the checkpoints are manned by white males culturally appropriating muslim stereotypes while in brownface and misgendering vulnerable members of the transgender community. An accusation of vaccine denial along with suspected voting for the Sweden Democrats might actually motivate the Swedish government thug wannabes to get off their fourth point of contact and do their jobs for once.

    • I love it when a plan comes together. The bloody Swedes would go for it in a min. lol

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