Culture-Enricher Beats Up German Police Officer

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

“Protection seeker” from Afghanistan smashed the face of a Hamburg police officer. Where’s the outcry?

Hamburg: “Bad incident on Friday evening at 8:55 p.m. on Talstrasse / corner of Schmuckstrasse. Police officers expelled an Afghan (22) who sought contact with prostitutes and threatened to arrest them. Suddenly the man from Verden an der Aller (Lower Saxony) freaked out and hit an officer in the face. The colleague used pepper spray — without success. The thug fled in the direction of Great Freedom. The two policemen caught up with him. Again the Kiez visitor pounded the same officer with a fist in the face. The second use of pepper spray also had no effect. Eventually the man was handcuffed. The policeman (34) had to go to hospital seriously injured. Diagnosis: several facial fractures, no longer fit for duty.”


“We see this diversity as something positive that makes our city lively, attractive and strong.”

— Peter Tschentscher, First Mayor (SPD), May 2019

9 thoughts on “Culture-Enricher Beats Up German Police Officer

  1. These muslims were probably on drugs.
    If so, that would explain why pepper spray and probably use of force had no effect on him.
    The question is, do our protection services went to protect us or not? If they do, they had better find an effective way of neutralising these muslims.

    • You armed up yet? Because crying about it ain’t cutting it anymore. Wolf? Or sheep? Which are you?

    • There is an effective way of neutralizing them. The problem is the political will and the necessary societal consensus do not exist anywhere for those solutions, yet. General Curtis LeMay wasn’t talking about Muslims when he made the following observation, but it remains applicable and relevent to the current situation. According to LeMay, “if you kill enough of them, they stop fighting”.

      As good advice now as it ever was.

      • You are spot on.
        Or as Rhas al Ghul (Liam Neeson) said in “Batman Begins”: Training is nothing. Willpower is everything. The Will to act.”

  2. line 3, “threatened to arrest them….??

    It is not the main point of the article but the German article does not say that the Afghan was threatening to arrest prostitutes, presumably out of Muslim concern for their female honour:-))) . I tripped over that statement and so checked the German:

    The German says that it was the police who threatened to arrest the Afghan…drohte die Ingewarhname an.

  3. Turned that policeman into a potential death squad member with one punch to the face.

    • Potential is a good joke.
      The german police will not even cough without Mama Merkels approval.
      And do not even think of supporting or defending Germans.

      There is a german blog

      They have a growing group what they call
      Police: Against (native) Germans strong but when it comes to muslims they have their trousers filled
      (Trousers filled means that you loose control of your bowels if you are confronted by impending death)
      In this group you see how LEOs harm german citizens but muslims get away with everything.

      • Then long past time to form your own hunting groups. Police no matter where they are, will always follow orders.

  4. Muslims bring to mind an army separated from their hidden weapons caches. Only for the moment though. Western Europe buys time. Meanwhile wild Islam is about to have a go at something. This is not looking good. 1938 and a half.

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