Boys Will Be Boys

A pair of teenage boys in the German city of Essen was chased down, terrified, robbed, and stabbed by a group of even younger culture-enrichers.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

Incredible brutality! Migrant gang pursued and stabbed boys lying on the ground!

Essen: A youth gang in Essen proceeded with incredible brutality. The teenagers are said to have chased and robbed two boys. Not only is the estimated age of the juvenile offender shocking, but a victim was stabbed with a knife when he was already on the ground.

A 15-year-old boy was seriously injured in an attack in Essen. The boy suffered stab wounds that required further treatment in the hospital. According to the police, there was no danger to life.

As a press spokesman reported on Tuesday (June 22), the terrible attack took place on Friday evening (June 18) around 9:45 pm at the train station in Essen-Borbeck. At the time, the boy was traveling with a 16-year-old friend when the two teenagers were approached by a group of six to seven teenagers and asked for money.

The police said they were followed by the group when they ran away. Fearing the persecutors, the 16-year-old then handed over the last of his cash and hoped to get rid of the group. But they still did not give up on them.

They surrounded the 15-year-old at a property entrance, pushed him to the ground and kicked him.

Incredible: One of the alleged perpetrators pulled a knife and stabbed the victim lying on the ground.

When the 16-year-old tried to help his friend, a knife was held to his neck.

Before the group ran away, they threatened the boys not to go to the police. Passersby provided first aid and notified the police.

The suspects are said to be children or adolescents between the ages of 12 and 14.

This is how the alleged perpetrators are described by the police:

The alleged perpetrator, who is said to have stabbed, is around 14 years old and between 1.60 and 1.70 meters [5’3″ to 5’7″] tall. He has black curly hair and is dark-skinned. He wore a black T-shirt, gray shorts, a black baseball cap and a silver chain around his neck. The suspect who threatened the two young people with consequences is between 12 and 14 years old, about 1.50 to 1.60 meters [4’11” to 5’3″] tall, dark-skinned and has black curly hair. He also wore a black baseball cap, a black T-shirt with a camouflage-colored label, black cargo pants and black sneakers. The other suspects in the group were also between 12 and 14 years old and about 1.50 to 1.65 meters tall. They were all dark-skinned, had black hair and were dressed in dark clothes. The police are looking for witnesses as part of the search, but warn against speaking to the suspects themselves so as not to put yourself in danger. The investigators receive information on the telephone number 0201 / 829-0 or on the central emergency number.

Afterword from the translator:

When I think that growing up in Germany is like growing up in a South African Township, I can only say: “Well done, Angela. Your HATRED for Germany and its people is starting to pay off, isn’t it?”

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  1. Couldn’t we at least get some kind of uprising going? Seriously though. Do we have to wait until after every single minority has the opportunity to develop his own White privilege? Muddy waters.

  2. No words, just simply no words, and that rug still in the office!!!, and after Her I don’t think will be better, all this old parties are sane like Her maybe even worse ( Greens) , AFD it’s only hope but I don’t think they will win , but they too silent , Rest In Peace Deutschland..

  3. There is an imperative to extirpate these animals from every country in Europe including those who brought them in to our continent.

  4. While constitutions say you can’t discriminate based on religion, or national origin, all other measures will be like treating a gun shot with a band aid.

    Foreign criminals, or children born to immigrant parents, specially if muslim, must be dealt with incredible brutality by the penal system. And I mean physical brutality. These two criminals, and many others we got used to read about in this blog, must suffer an incredibly bloody, and painful treatment.

    Being muslim, or foreigner, must be an aggravating factor when determining a sentence, and before anyone starts with bs, I am an immigrant myself. I am not demanding anything that would not be applicable to me. The difference is that I am not a low life criminal, going around stabbing people.

    But this is all wishful thinking. People in the West would rather live in a colder version of Mogadishu, than to appear racist.

    • Quite a few people in the West deserve to live in a colder version of Mogadishu for their incurable stupidity. Minneapoli-Dishu comes to mind. The only problem with that is those who most deserve it don’t get it hard enough or raw enough for my liking. The Lutheran Social Services anus-hats that were most responsible for making Minneapolis unliveable likely don’t live in the clan infested neighborhoods they were instrumental in creating. And thus it is the same everywhere. Uber-wealthy neighborhoods and gentrified city districts populated by the over-educated woke hipsters should have rioters and looters bussed in at every opportunity. Piles of rotting entrails from slaughterhouses dumped randomly wouldn’t exactly hurt either.

  5. We must admit. The destruction plan is brilliant. Overlap as many as possible sources of social explosions. Erase the traditions, erase the self defence instinct, erase the patriotism, erase the family notion, erase masculinity, promote and develop constant conflict in Islamic world where the west is perceived as aggressor, get few generations of muslims born and raised with the sound of bombs and image of death as normal daily life, delivered by crusaders. Then, import those muslims in the heart of crusaders countries. Corona and vaxx is just an additive. Brilliant. While they want us dead, we are not even capable to understand what hate is. Is forbidden to hate. Not for muslims. For us. I said few years ago. What bible said, is true. We are going to be hunted and slaughtered like animals. This is not even the beginning. When we will start running in the forests to seek refuge, we will be at the beginning. Let’s be correct. We all know the earth is overpopulated. Is it? All media said that and we know is true. Do we? Then, what better method to depopulate you want? Cheap and efficient. War means costs. Hate is free. Oh…and the internet is splendid. Comments on internet will release your tension. Next day you can go to work. If there was internet 30 years ago, no communist state in the east Europe would fall.

    • What is brilliant about this “Plan”? Any clown can kill and mass murder. Moslems have been doing it for 1500 years.

      • Guy,
        Brilliant is the methods used to make you see the sword that is about to cut your head and still not believe it.
        To convince the sheep to welcome wolves, because at sheep school sheep learned that wolves are vegetarians. The long teeth are just a genetical error. Ignore grandma’s history about wolves eating sheep.
        And you think is not brilliant?
        Any crazy guy can be mass murderer…but only a genius can convince 3 continents to commit suicide.

    • You are right.
      When I look at my fellow germans I see sheep, ready to be slaughtered.

      I am still capable of hate and rage, but for my fellow germans I am an aberration. When I raged in the past they wanted to give me drugs so I would be docile as they are.

      Sometimes I feel more kinship with those muslims. Because hate and rage means you live.
      So I see my fellow germans not only as sheep but also as zombies.

  6. <>

    She is a narcissist living in her own world. My impression is everyone else are just playthings to satisfy her whims and ambitions. I do not think she cares unless someone steps in the way.

    • I excited a bug in the reply-editor which swallowed the contents of the opening quote:

      [quote] When I think that growing up in Germany is like growing up in a South African Township, I can only say: “Well done, Angela. Your HATRED for Germany and its people is starting to pay off, isn’t it?” [end quote]

  7. I was in Essen shortly after the invasion when a criminal act was presented on the TV which could only have been perpetrated by a cultural enricher. I stated this fact and was sanctioned by the working-class relatives of my wife. These people have lived under the communism but still do not recognise the big lie. I am evidence that humanism has failed under Habermas’ criteria; no matter that I have lived amongst them and engaged in their culture for years, I still cannot understand them and that is despite operating within the same Christian heritage. The west has reached the backstop of the armed forces and the generals know the trajectory of the corruption that is currently being pushed onto them. Nothing is more certain than those in charge have plans to shape military action to achieve a final goal. However, we have had the Trump surprise so we may yet have another Cromwell. Resistance is required to demonstrate to Cromwell that there is a foundation on which to rebuild. Your resistance is not futile.

    • Be careful what you wish for. Charles I was an arrogant so-and-so, and got his just deserts, but Cromwell was hardly an improvement.

      Perhaps you’re familiar with The Who’s “Won’t Get Fooled Again”:
      “Meet the New Boss, same as the Old Boss”.

      • Hi Mark,
        what I wish for is irrelevant, as shown in the Gilens and Page analysis of the data; Testing Theories of American Politics: Elites, Interest Groups, and Average Citizens.
        Apparently the algorithm knowns my wishes better than I do, which leads to my second point regarding old and new bosses (a song embedded in my grey matter from multiple plays at high volume).
        Old and new may have comparable motives of power, but they have qualitatively different possibilities – the latter have god-like powers.
        Today’s Cromwell sees the same tranquility in his surrounds as I do and attributes it to a thousand year foundation. The new foundation consists of the laws of physics and the arbitrariness of humanism. So we have a choice of humanism’s total freedom constrained by good faith (in practical terms a vacuum) or God ie Pascal’s Wager. Yesterday we thought that the wager rested on the consequences of afterlife, whereas now we see that acting as though there is no God is a losing strategy in any case.
        If we had followed the prescription of Bertrand Russell to develop the Brave New World technology behind closed borders and then distribute it to all, then we would have no conflict. The prescription is relatively simple and obvious so the question then is why it was not followed. Economics does not provide an answer as the trajectory of debt without collapse of confidence indicates to me that the confidence is embedded in a wholly different system.
        Back to Cromwell, he would insist on the dignity of man such that we would not have today’s atrocities in Esson, Aschaffenburg, Wurzburg , and all the other places in Germany not reported. Cromwell’s address to Parliament would drive out their Political Speech as defined by Orwell, and Enoch Powell would get a mention. Cromwell had sufficient cause and conviction to act and my evaluation of his merit is based on a comparison of England before and after his taking responsibility. (As an Englishman your knowledge and awareness of Cromwell must far exceed mine).
        I have no model for the future, just the wish to have the conversation about it rather than the current deluge of propaganda and emotionalism. The role of Cromwell is to allow the conversation, and as I said before I think it most likely that his rise would be channeled toward destruction our civilization. I am not fooled insofar as I know that I am talking about what would probably be the last move of our civilization but the do nothing option is probably accepting that humanity is superfluous.

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