A Midsummer Daydream

Dymphna died just four days before the thirty-ninth anniversary of the celebration of our marriage. The photo at the top of this post was taken forty-one years ago today, on June 21, 1980 (our actual marriage had taken place the previous fall at the county courthouse). After the service we held a reception for relatives and friends back at our house, which is now known as Schloss Bodissey.

I’ve blurred out the face of my good friend in the background who officiated at our little service, and cropped off the maid of honor on my left and the best man on Dymphna’s right.

My mother had given Dymphna her own mother’s wedding ring, and I’m wearing my late father’s wedding ring.

1980 — just the other day!

13 thoughts on “A Midsummer Daydream

  1. What a beautiful photo of you and your beloved.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love the picture of you both. Good memories for you. I feel the same about the photos I have of my husband who is now deceased.

    God bless you, dear Baron!


    • For a moment I thought Santa Barbara Courthouse California 1980. Very free wonderful time. I have a similar photo I cherish.

  3. Lovely Picture.
    On September the 9th. it will be our 25 Year Anyversary.

  4. I never even knew. Im quite new here, and I’m very Sorry to hear about your loss, but love has both pain and joy. In spades!
    It also shows your great dedication to keeping this great site alive. For several reasons i suspect.
    Long may you continue ….

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