There is Nothing so Cheerful as a Brightly Burning Car

In the past fifteen years I’ve posted extensively on the cultural enrichment of Scandinavia. In the process I learned an important word: bilbrand. It’s the same in Danish and Swedish, and it means “car fire”, what is commonly known in the Anglosphere as a “carbecue”. It’s what happens frequently in or near the “sensitive zones” where firemen and EMTs dare not enter without a police escort. If I need a photo of a carbecue in Gothenburg or Rinkeby, I search for bilbränderna (“the car fires”, Swedish) in Google images.

The following video and article describe the bilbrand of a handicapped woman’s car in the town of Eskiltuna in southeastern Sweden. Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

The accompanying article from Nyheter Idag, also translated by Gary Fouse:

Wheelchair-bound woman’s car burned out in Eskilstuna

by Jonathan Norström

Eskilstuna — In the middle of an “Efterlyst” (“Wanted”) interview with a wheelchair-bound woman whose car was burned in Eskilstuna, two young men come and threaten new fires.

“That will happen to more cars soon,” says one of them in the clip which has been posted by Efterlyst’s Facebook site.

On Sunday evening about 20 fires were started around Eskilstuna, and burning objects were thrown at the police station in the city.

Police suspect that it was a coordinated attack by criminals in retaliation for the arrest of a major criminal some weeks earlier.

The program Efterlyst spoke with wheelchair-bound Leila, who had her handicapped-marked car destroyed in the fires.

“People think she got the car free because she is handicapped. No, she buys the car just like you and I, and she will now buy another with her pension,” says Leila’s daughter.

During the interview, two masked young men show up and act threateningly.

“F*** TV3, man. That will happen to more cars soon,” says one of them, giving the finger to the camera before walking on.

“What have we done to them? We have done nothing to them. Why do we deserve this here?” Leila’s daughter asks.

Video transcript:

00:00   Looking for a car for her, it has to be customized for her.
00:04   And people think she gets a car free because she is handicapped.
00:10   No, she buys the car just like you and me.
00:13   And now she will buy another with her pension.
00:16   They think it is incredibly hard what happened to me like this.
00:21   Hello. Which are you? —We are from TV3.
00:24   F*** TV3, Man. There will be lots like this car, soon.
00:33   Did you get that there too? Respect for us, then? What have we done?
00:37   What have you done to these people that you deserve your car here like this today?
00:42   I can feel it and all the others in Eskilstuna, too.
00:45   What have we done to them here? In other words, we haven’t done anything to them.
00:48   How do we deserve that it should be like this here?
00:53   See more about car fires in Eskilstuna tonight at 8pm on Viaplay, Viafree and TV3

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  1. I have no sympathy nor empathy for these weak feckless and useful idiots, especially these women with feelings. LOL You voted for the same people and feminaxis who now bring this to your doorsteps and you do nothing but wring your hands looking for someone, anyone to save you from your dumb choices, well nobody is coming to save you but you. Until and when you get up off your backsides and actually get the bloody job done, this will continue.
    If these 3rd worlders had come to where I live and tried to threaten us, there would be no 3rd worlders for they simply disappeared and everybody pulls a 3 monkeys of hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil. Get it yet!?

  2. What have we done to them?
    In their own logic: you let them in and thus surrendered.
    It is their territory now.

  3. They need woodchippers. Lots and lots of woodchippers…

  4. Agree with other posts, either you didn’t vote, or you voted for the wrong politicians, these politicians can now be expected to blame YOU, for what has taken place. So you see, you madam, are the cause of this fiasco.

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