The Nattering Nabobs of Negritude

The photo above (taken by my friend Steen) doesn’t have anything directly to do with the article below, but I was reminded of it because the product it depicts was the subject of the same type of idiotic “anti-racism” controversy that demands the renaming of products, people, and places because they are WAYCIST.

Fifteen years ago the popular Nogger ice cream bar was the target of politically correct agitation by the Swedish Center Against Racism (Centrum mot rasism) because its name was too close to the word “nigger”. It didn’t help that Nogger had what it called a “black” variety (to distinguish its toffee/chocolate makeup from the original nougat bar). If I remember correctly, Nogger has since caved to the cancel industry and renamed its product. And not to “Eskimo Pie”.

The same kerfuffle also reminds me of Coon Rapids, Minnesota, which is under pressure for obvious reasons to rename itself. The last I heard, the town was still resisting the anti-WAYCISM mob and had not changed its name. Yet.

For today’s scandal of negritudinal nomenclature we journey to the northern German state of Schleswig-Holstein. Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this brief article from Der Spiegel:

Village in Schleswig-Holstein: Young Green politicians want to rename Negernbötel

The name of the place Negernbötel is said to go back to 1306. The Green Youth are now calling for it to be renamed because it evokes racist associations [Negern = Negroes — Niggers — Blacks]. Apparently in the village itself they hardly think about it.

The translator adds this note:

When you translate the name from Plattdeutsch (Low German) into High German, then it means “Naeher zur Siedlung”, or in English; “Closer to the settlement”, and this has bugger all to do with race. But what else can one expect from those ideological retarded and academented morons and utterly uneducated journalists who don’t even know their own language?

13 thoughts on “The Nattering Nabobs of Negritude

  1. Dear Baron,

    What a fun post! I loved agerdemented — what a great word that is!

  2. We had something similar in Australia: A very popular cheese has had the name “Coon” for the 85 years it’s been in production. An Aussie iconic product, it was named after its creator, William Coon (which is probably, ironically, a version of “Cohen”). Long story short: The woke brigade demanded it changed as the word “coon” is also a WAYCIST slur against Aboriginals. The outcome, predictably, is that the US owners of the brand have caved and from July it will be known as “Cheer” cheese.

  3. Here in Nth Canterbury N.Z, I recall a decade or so ago an uproar over an uninhabited part of countryside called Nigger Hill.
    Named by the early settlers in the 1850’s because the tufts of tussock grass resembled an African head dress.

    Come to think of it, I don’t remember hearing the outcome. But I think I’d probably give this one a pass and not be bothered about a new name.
    Some did protest any change. But I doubt many others would’ve heard of the place so no huge cultural loss, in my opinion anyway.

  4. Nigger, kike, cherry blossom, yid, Brit, Yank, cockney, tyke, scouser, Jerry, Frog – we have let ourselves get tied up in knots over words, which then diverts our attention from real, fixable issues, I am sure Conrad and Twain did not see these things as problematic, John Buchan uses the idea of a Polish Smoozer, and I guess the East End of London was full of them at the time of his writing. Ever been to Petticoat Lane?

    Anyone remember “Curry and Chips” with “Paki Paddy?”

    That was when we Brits could still laugh at ourselves (and the new communities we erroneously expected to become part of our culture)

    To smooze is yiddish, it is a word that describes a child or a salesman cosying up to a victim, an Aunt with sweets/candy or customer with money to spend. It is in common usage still in the London Jewish community and does not make Buchan an anti-Semite.

    We need to fix the sticks and stones before we worry about the words. Hamas missiles are a real cause for Islamophobia in my community, if Muslims don’t like the Islamophobia they should stop Hamas flinging missiles at us rather than chunter about racism.

    I am sorry that Muslims are jealous of the Holocaust (which they supported), but maybe we should consider arranging one for them in Gaza, then they could happily claim real Islamophobia rather than just making up a convenient word play.

  5. I remember as a child we had Crackerbarrel cheese.
    Is it still in production? It sounds racist to me and I think its name should be changed.
    I suggest it be changed to honkey white cheese.

  6. The problem is, we are letting the commie left and their 3rd world pets to control the narrative. Time to fight fire with napalm, because overkill is highly underated, when they call you racist, say no, you are because you hate white people, always turn it around on them and be bloody loud about it, time for politeness is gone.

  7. What about Brazil Nuts in the shell? Many years ago they were called “nigger toes”.

  8. My wife just reminded me that we had here in South Africa something called “Nigger Balls”, a big round “sweet” that was on the outside black going to lighter shades and different spicy flavours the more you licked and you can’t get those either any longer for at least 10 years now.
    The Suth African Blacks and Coloureds LOVED them
    Until, I guess, some Liberal, Female, White Lesbian got offended.

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