Resisting the New Order

Our Hungarian correspondent László sends this report on his latest encounter with the Corona Stasi in Budapest.

Resisting the New Order: My Stealthy Freedom Without the Corona Hijab in Budapest

May 13, 2021

Nothing to see here, it is just tyranny.

by László

A female shopkeeper started to SCREAM at me in the grocery store the other day when I walked past her with my naked nose, as the mask did not cover it.

As she was incessantly screaming “PLEASE PUT THE MASK ON”, her unpleasant, high-pitched voice sounded like that of an angry goose. But I somehow managed to keep calm and did not respond. I also did not obey, so another shopkeeper, a man, joined her and he started yelling at me too: “This lady asked you to put the mask on,” “Did you not hear it?” etc. In the meantime she kept on screaming, repeating her order to “PLEASE PUT THE MASK ON” many times, like a maniac. I did not show any reaction to either of them, as if I were deaf. I kept silent and deliberately avoided eye contact with them. Looking in the other direction I slowly moved on. They did not pursue me just continued screaming.

After screaming and yelling for some five to ten seconds, seemingly at nobody, they started to sound crazy in the crowded shop and it probably became embarrassing for them. At that point, amazingly, they went about their business, with an absolutely indifferent face again, and let me walk away despite my sinfully naked nose. So the situation dissolved by itself.

Looking back on what happened, the shopkeepers clearly wanted to intimidate me with the yelling, to make me quickly submit to their will. They did not even try to be polite! There was no sign whatsoever that they were doing it because they were worried about my health or anyone else’s. Perhaps the woman might have been afraid of Covid; I am not sure. But the way they were yelling sounded literally NAZI, and I am not joking. It was loud, impolite and slightly psychopathic.

In Hungarian stores the staff have been authorized by a new government decree to deny service or call the police if someone does not obey, and as a result they have become very emboldened. They probably expected me to OBEY immediately if they screamed loudly enough. But I did not obey, nor did I quarrel. Thus, when they met with passive resistance they just shrugged their shoulders. That was it: the SWAT team probably would not have raided the supermarket for one bare nose, so they just had to leave it at that.

The moral of the story: the Corona rules are not absolutely unbreakable. But I must admit that confrontations like this are a bit strenuous for me.

However, on my way out the same woman was already sitting in the checkout. So I had to put the mask on my nose otherwise the store would not have served me, and we had no food at home. This has happened to other people — they just do not give you food if you do not behave… So Bill Gates won the second round.

In the store, while they were yelling like animals, I realized that what they were playing was just a POWER GAME, and I knew that I had to win it, or at least not to lose it. You cannot let tyranny proliferate. I think this power game itself is the GOAL of the ongoing Corona-psyop. The Powers That Be want us to SUBMIT, and they want us to feel it. It is was never about health; it was always about power. All totalitarian systems use average people as enforcers like those otherwise innocent shopkeepers. In Hungary we call it the “janitor spirit of Communism”. Janitors, employed at blocks of houses, were often covert spies or agents in Hungary in the Communist era, who would act as whistleblowers or behave in a tyrannical way because they tasted power and liked it.

[When you read ‘spies or agents’ do not think of James Bond. They were simple, ordinary people who became petty government stooges / snoops in the state-owned blocks of flats. Their covert function was to keep an eagle eye on the people living in the building and make sure that everyone obeyed and behaved; and they informed the authorities about any dissidents. You always had the strange feeling that the janitor was lurking somewhere in the house and knows too much about your private life — and you were often right. So the word ‘janitor’ in Hungarian became a kind of synonym for ‘informer’. However, the janitors were only one tool in the system of total control in the Soviet era.]

Let us make it clear: I am not a snowflake and normally would not care too much about such trivial incidents. It is not that personal; and I also have some compassion for shopkeepers, as one of my relatives works as one. The reason I do care, however, is that this tyranny is already all-pervasive and we seem to be going down a very dark road. Society has gone mad: never ever before had I witnessed such aggressive behavior displayed by shopkeepers. Not even back in the socialist system before 1989, under the Soviet occupation. Those people were just bored and neglectful but not as rude and power-drunk as some of them are now under the Corona rules.

Not everyone has turned into a yelling fascist though. In another, smaller store three weeks ago, I told the security guard that I had a chronic disease that makes it difficult for me to function properly without sufficient amount of oxygen (which is true), and he generously let me do the shopping without the muzzle. He asked me if I could prove my sickness with a paper and I told him that I could (which is also true). However, he was nervous that inspectors may come in at any moment and he could get punished, so he told me to hurry up. This means he took personal risk for my health, which is very humane and noble. The shopkeepers who were present in this store knew about the organized mask-crime that was taking place but they did not seem particularly frightened that they might catch the “lethal” Corona just because someone was maskless.

My experiences with the Corona Hijab remind me of the (much harder) ordeals women have to go through in Iran — as they show their bravery at My Stealthy Freedom. Corona Islam has descended on us.

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  1. I had hopes that Eastern Europe, having experienced totalitarianism first hand, had thrown off those tendencies. It appears not and that does not bode well.

    Fighting against the EU, Islam, and mass immigration is all well and good, but if you’re freed of those scourges only to succumb to home grown tyranny, you’ve accomplished nothing.

    • True. But I do not think this tyranny is ‘home grown’ in the traditional sense of the word. Our administration has become a puppet government of the global deep state, to some extent — like many others. Even if they stand their ground against the Hijra.

      • Once your relative dies because of Covid, you will have a different opinion about what really restricts your precious freedom. Or if you yourself end up in an ICU.

      • @ László

        You may not know it, but there are plenty of Americans who know of and respect Hungary and the Visegrad Four nations (with Slovakia, Czech Republic, and Poland, in addition to your nation). Do not be deceived: The “European Union,” if one studies its roots in depth going back to the early-mid 20th century, had totalitarian roots and it has not changed its essential character since.

        The mandarins in Brussels hide behind high-sounding language and bland policy statements, but these are only to camouflage the fact that the European Union is a globalist enterprise. As the old saying goes, necessity is the plea of tyrants, and in the case of post-war Europe, the EU was sold on the basis of efficiency, and matching the economic power of the United States.

        It may have achieved some of those things, and some culture accomplishments, too, but these amount to “small change” (which is an American expression meaning something unimportant or insignificant in case you didn’t know).

        The real goal all-along, according to men like the late multi-billionaire David Rockefeller, was to set one more stone in the edifice of globalism into place. Which is why Brussels has been working so hard to dissolve European borders and admit “immigrants” and “refugees” from the diaspora of the Third World. Eradicating any trace of Old Europe is one of their goals, the better to bring about that “New World Order” they’ve been talking about for the last several decades.

        In a very real sense, the globalist counterattack to the rise of populism as evidenced in the recent past by the Yellow Vests in France, Donald Trump in the U.S. and Bolsonaro in Brazil, and “Brexit”in Great Britain – has been the covid-19 event. They have gone to great lengths to hide the fact, but much evidence now points to covid-19 being biologically-engineered as a weapon of mass destruction.

        The problem for the globalists is that events forced their hands before the roll-out of the NWO was ready for its debut. They had not yet finalized plans for a cashless society in the developed world, nor vaccine passports, nor chip implantation, to name a few of their agenda items. This is why they have tried to prolong the “crisis” as long as is feasible, and it is also why they are also stirring up crises in various other places around the world. Crisis, real or manufactured, is how those guys operate; it is how they advance their agenda.

        So please encourage Hungarians and their friends and neighbors to remain strong. Now more than ever, people who cherish freedom and the verities of European civilization, are needed.
        The globalists want people to conclude the new order cannot be fought, that it is inevitable – but this is precisely an inversion of the truth. They are powerful and rich, but few in number. If the great mass of humanity refuses their program, they won’t get to implement it. And that is precisely what should happen.

    • Wrong! You have by your own hand allowed the strongman to take control, for you thought you could vote your way to the treasury and expect utopia. Welcome to reality and you are going to get it good and hard.

  2. The covid psychop breached a barrier in eastern Europe.

    In the US, meanwhile, I had lunch today with some friends. They have all been vaccinated, and they all dutifully wear a mask anyway. Though the mask mandate has been lifted here, they still do it! I told one of them as we were getting ready to walk out and she was getting the mask ready, that we don’t have to wear them anymore. She knew about the dangers of too much CO2. She put the mask away. But in a while, took it out again and put it on as we were leaving. For the other people, she said. Argh.

    • You must be aware that there are self-transmiting “vaccines”. You inject one individual and the rest of the group get the “vaccine” by contact. I think this technology is used in this new mRNA injections.

      • Wow, that’s extraordinary. Even needles and syringes will replicate in this manner?

  3. Oh, and a thought for our hungarian correspondent here. If you shopped first, and then came back with the mask down, and if they challenged you at the cash register, you could leave the goods and go. That way, they’d have to put them away, and suffer a small consequence of their tyrannical ways.

  4. The way it sounds, Hungary is screwed along with the Rest of us, because of some Power-mad Tin-pot Dictators in each and every aspect of Life.
    But us, here in the South African Country-side, they make you only wear the Muzzle in certain Shops ( Franchises), Pharmacy and Doctor.
    Most small Grocery Stores don’t bother at all, there’s only one in our Village were the Owner is completely propagandized, but he doesn’t enforce the “MASK”, a Handkerchief or Bandana is fine, even at the Franchise Shops.
    At our weekly/monthly Markets hardly anyone bothers with the Nappy.
    I’d say, maybe 1/3rd to a quarter of people wear those things outside, and it seems to me that it gets less and less.
    I’ve been using an old Military net-scarv if I’m forced to cover my nose and mouth.
    And they don’t even think so far that I’m just doing this out of Mockery towards those petty tyrants.
    A fossilized pea has more reasoning power than those type of people.

  5. Thank you for the stories of sanity of some people here on these pages. I wonder will the totalitarians try to stretch out the Covid rules through the US’s next election (2022), or will they unleash something else on us?

    Since I am a Christian, I was shocked to see how quickly the USA (and California, where I live) became fascist. – Can the ‘Mark’ be far behind? I have food and medical allergies so I’m not taking the jab with a reason, but I wouldn’t get it anyway.

    Since Gates and Fauci are involved with the faux vaccines, at the minimum, they must have their beloved ‘sterilization’ for population reduction in them. I don’t trust anything that’s going on now.

  6. As I said before, I believe Orban want to have all magyars vaccinated with Sputnik, a cocktail of classical vaccines, instead of mRNA. Once the majority of population is vaccinated, he can declare vaccination close. In this way, he will not expose magyars to mRNA vaccines. My opinion.

    • Good observation. I have had the same impression that he wants to protect us (from his own globalist overlords) with the non-mRNA vaccines. But it is not completely successful: the ‘vaccination’ programme of the age-group of 16-18 year-olds (!) has already been going on, ONLY WITH PFIZER. The kids have been blackmailed into it by the government program of “No Vaccine, No Party” — seriously:

      ‘No vakcina, no party’:

      Plus a HUGE shipment of Pfizer jabs is on its way to Hungary…

      And the legal system seems to have been infected and hacked by The Virus, like in many other countries — actually this provides the opportunity for the abundance of adventures I have written about and GoV kindly posted.

      • I didn’t know about new developments regarding mRNA vaccines in Hungary. Then, you are right. Something happen with Orban. Something over his power to control.

      • I am not against the vaccines for adults, but I sure do wonder why are they pushing it on kids?

        As people already know, why are colleges making kids get vaccination cards, or they are not allowed to participate?

  7. In Virginia: – Went into a store to buy guitar strings yesterday. Young masked girl employee told me I had to wear a mask. I politely told her the mask mandate was lifted in Virginia yesterday(I haven’t worn one anyway). She said “Not in here” By this time the store manager and other customers were watching. I held up my wallet and said ” I was going to spend this $500 and buy a guitar. I’ll take my money elsewhere” and walked out. Manager wanted me to stay but I said “too late”.
    Took my wife to a clothing store – same day – no mask for either of us. Got a few strange looks at first but no one said anything. Several people watching then took off their masks and smiled at us. We must be the leaders we are looking for.
    God Bless.

  8. Yes. Some people die from Covid, but it is most unlikely that they caught it because someone was not wearing a mask in a grocery store. It’s absurd. There is no evidence that masks prevent the transmission of the vurus. Same with lockdowns. Many of the current policies are completely irrational.

    • A physician commented not long ago on the idiocy of using a disposable mask to prevent transmission of viruses, saying that using one was akin to “using a chain-link fence to catch mosquitos.” And he was precisely right. I am a biochemist with years of medical R&D experience and an advanced degree, so I know whereof I speak. Paper masks are nothing more than political/healthcare theater at best, and a form of psychological warfare at worst. As time passes, the evidence tends more and more to favor the latter conclusion.

      Lockdowns, etc. are “irrational” only if viewed through the lens of a person with a functioning moral compass who liked life fine as it was – say two years ago – but the actions taken by the powerful figures in the shadows are perfectly rational – greatly evil but rational – if you take into account their agenda, which is to gather as much power, wealth and influence to themselves as possible.

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