Move Along!

In the following video from Paris you can see police officers with machine guns in a public square ordering café patrons and bystanders to go home. The context is not made clear, but I assume it’s because of COVID.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:04   You go home. Right away. —Ah, yes. —Now.
00:37   Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. You must leave and go home.

10 thoughts on “Move Along!

  1. 4 cops against all those people, and only 2 of the cops have machine guns. This could have gone a much more entertaining direction.

  2. Why? Why use Covid as an excuse to do this now? Thought cases were going down? Was that really the pretext?

  3. In France we have a curfew between 21h and 06h. This video probably was taken just before the curfew was to start. There is a fine of (at least) 135€ for ignoring the curfew, or for not having an ‘attestation’ giving a valid reason.

  4. I would say that this thuggery is unbelievable but sadly it has become commonplace for the cops to behave like criminals when it comes to innocent citizens. This is as true in NY city as it is in Paris.

    Today in NY you can get in more trouble for not wearing a mask or a Political crime than you would if you assaulted, raped or even killed someone.

    Does anyone wonder why there is not a lot of support for The Blue?

    I take my life in my hands every time I am in Manhattan in certain neighborhoods and no way will I use the subway.

    I have seen the cops drive away at the first sign of trouble on the streets. All they care about is their paycheck and their pension. It’s not about protecting the public.

  5. So with a curfew you need to send a swat team arm with machine guns to get law abiding people to leave a cafe at 0900 PM??A little over kill ?

    • A little bit of preparation and tactical thinking to such idiocy could be the key to scoring several actual machine guns and other assorted useful police equipment.

      Leaving a bunch of wannabe thugs naked and tied together in a circle around a lamppost for passers-by to mock would be priceless.

      • The people that I saw were prototype “cheese eating surrender monkeys”. Not the type(s) that wrote those three missives to warn about impending civil war…

        I like you TMiaHM. Hope there are more of you out there. The anger is getting increasingly overt. Maybe a superfluous comment but even so; “Der Feind hoert mit”

        • Paul, I do hope if you are in Europe that you have armed up by now, get what you need in the east if you haven’t. The bad times are a coming so don’t be the sheep for the slaughter, be the Wolf.

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