Jorge Buxadé: “The Future of Europe is at Stake Today”

Jorge Buxadé is an MEP and spokesman for the Spanish anti-immigration party Vox. The following video shows Mr. Buxadé’s remarks in the European Parliament about illegal immigration into Europe. (His previous remarks in the EP may be found here.)

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Thank you, Mr. President. An unprecedented act of aggression within the last fifty years:
00:03   yesterday more than five thousand Moroccans, aided and abetted
00:06   by their own government, illegally crossed Spain’s borders.
00:09   It is a planned invasion, where they use minors as weapons against Spain.
00:13   It doesn’t deal with the mafias anymore: it deals with a radical Islamic government
00:16   that aids and abets this illegal entrance into the territory of the state.
00:19   A government that receives billions from Brussels every year.
00:23   I guess that rich globalists are glad about the arrival of a cheap labor force.
00:27   Nevertheless in Ceuta, in Melilla, in Andalusia, in the Canaries, in the humble districts
00:31   of Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia or Seville, people are not, I can you promise you that.
00:35   Do show us the European solidarity. We demand that any payment to Morocco is immediately suspended.
00:41   That sanctions are imposed on Morocco. That we immediately stop issuing visas
00:45   and certificates of resident status or citizenship to Moroccan citizens.
00:49   We demand the mass deportation of all illegals to Morocco.
00:52   And that those children be given back to their parents. The future of Europe is at stake,
00:56   not in online debates about federalism and climate change.
00:59   The future of Europe is at stake today, in the streets of Ceuta with the deployed Spanish army.
01:03   Do choose: either civilization or barbarism.
01:07   Maybe there will be conflict, and if that happens, money will be useless.
01:11   Thank you so much.

7 thoughts on “Jorge Buxadé: “The Future of Europe is at Stake Today”

  1. No one political party started this, and no one political party can turn it around.

  2. As an outsider stuck in Ireland right now I can’t help but notice how the streets are filling up with Arabs and Africans. Interesting. Imagine. Don’t be late.

    • And the crime rates are through the bloody roof. Where is the IRA to deal with them? Or is it just the bloody Brits they have a problem with?

      • As far as I remember, the IRA was deeply in Bed with those Arab Terrorists for decades, so why would they now turn against their Ideological Friends?

        • As a Catholic who was in Northern Ireland during the troubles on an exchange program, I found the IRA not Catholic at all but bloody marxists who I very much enjoyed sending to the after life, even the Brit Marines who I worked with found it odd because I could walk into any Republican pub without a problem, until there was a problem. LOL

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