Green Flag Warning

Remember the Confederate flags carried by marchers at the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville in August of 2017? Some of those flags looked brand new — you could see they had neat rectangular creases, as if they had just been pulled from the box and unfolded. Even though the marchers at the rally had been “white supremacists” all their lives, some of them had evidently never unfurled or displayed a Confederate flag until that day.

I was reminded of that occasion by last night’s news report on the arrest of a domestic terrorist in Texas. Last Friday a young man named Coleman Thomas Blevins was arrested in Kerr County by state and local law enforcement, the FBI, and the U.S. Secret Service. Mr. Blevins is alleged to have planned a mass shooting attack at a Walmart store, and has been charged with making a “terroristic threat to create public fear of serious bodily injury.” The authorities confiscated “white supremacist” materials when searching his home after his arrest. (For more details, see this CBS News article.)

As you can see from the photo at the top of this post (see the article for a larger version), one of the confiscated items was a green flag with a sword and the Arabic script of the shahada in white. Casual viewers might assume that this is a jihad terrorist flag, but it is not — it is the flag of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (seen from the reverse side).

One assumes that when Mr. Blevins developed an admiration for the mujahideen of the Islamic State, he hurried on down to Shahids ’R’ Us with the intention of picking up an ISIS flag. But they were fresh out, unfortunately, so he grabbed a Saudi flag instead, which looks similar, except for the color and the sword.

The rayat, or black flag of jihad, which is sometimes used by the Islamic State, looks like this:

It is flown by mujahideen during operations in Dar al-Harb, the House of War, where the rule of Islam has yet to be established and the jihad is still being fought. The exact same design with the colors inverted — black on white — is flown in Dar al-Islam after the jihad has been victorious and the rule of Shariah imposed on the conquered population.

Mujahideen for ISIS are more often seen carrying the archaic version of the rayat:

No self-respecting Islamic terrorist would carry the Saudi flag in his jihad, because the princes of the House of Saud are viewed as enemies of Islam. One may assume that Mr. Blevins had not yet made contact with any actual mujahideen, who would have swiftly corrected his inadvertent error.

Like some of the flags at the Charlottesville rally, Mr. Blevins’ Saudi flag bears neat rectangular creases, as if it had just been taken out of its box, possibly by the FBI agents who arranged it for the photo.

I wonder if the embassy of Saudi Arabia has weighed in on this unseemly use of their country’s flag. It seems unlikely that they are pleased by it.

6 thoughts on “Green Flag Warning

  1. Added to which, those T-shirts hardly look as though they’ve seen the inside of a washing machine even once…

  2. Note that on the ISIS flag (the last one above), the white circle contains the text — in English! — “alll Jews Dog”. It’s a sign of Allah’s providence that the right-to-left Arabic phrase in the circle (part of the Shahada) becomes, when read left to right, an anti-Infidel taunt in the kufaar’s own language.

  3. Actually, to me at least, ALL those Flags look NEW, taken out of the Box and quickly crumpled into a ball and then displayed.
    And those T-shirts look like nobody had worn them – EVER
    Also those books look in a far to good condition for someone that is a Ideological Retard and needs his views constanty validated by reading them.

    I really look after my books, some of them I’ve read more times than I can remember, but those books that are lying here on display for the Photo-shoot…. maybe “read” ONCE, if that.

  4. The last few years I’ve often pondered the likelihood of some connection to all these random mass shootings that never have a satisfactory explanation, especially when it is discovered from a third party that the FBI had a heads up, interviewed, then simply walked away.

    Is it so bizarre that some agency could be using these events to “nudge” society in a particular direction. How hard would it be to modify the marketing (behavioral predictive) algorithms of big tech to search out unstable persons on the internet and then apply proven marketing (behavior influencing) techniques to push them further away from rationality and deeper into schizophrenic paranoia until they lash out, something akin to Mel Gibson in “Conspiracy Theory”? It wouldn’t have to be precise or fool proof. If they identified and “nudged” a thousand people over a two year period and only one or two were responsive enough to create an event, it would probably be considered a successful operation. How hard would it be for the investigating agency, which invariably takes possession of the subjects electronic devices and seals their social media posts immediately, to expunge anything that might appear “off” if viewed by a curious public? After following events of the last five years who could effectively argue that such a scenario is simply beyond the pale?

    • Not to put too fine a point on it – Is it so unlikely that Qanon was such an operation? That an algorithm scanned headlines daily, formulated cryptic pronouncements and then scanned feedback to fine tune subsequent responses to agitate and foment reaction to confuse, misdirect, and ratchet up emotional reaction. Is it impossible to consider that it was a psy-op aimed at Deplorables?

  5. Regarding Charlotte, I noted also that the Nazi flags were new, with the package creases showing, and _stapled_ to a 4ft closet rod, exactly as Antifa/ BLM riot flags are.
    Their khaki pants were also brand new.
    AFAIK, the organizer of that mess was, 1.5 yrs before, an organizer of Occupy Wall Street.
    And who the H*ell on the political/ conservative right wants now or then to “unite” with the Nazis or the Klan? Only the Demonrats want to make that association.
    John in Indy

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