German Doctors Warn About the Dangers of the Corona Vaccine

Below are two articles from PolitikStube on doctors in Germany who warn about the dangers of the COVID-19 vaccination. Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translations.

Article #1:

A doctor’s experience with Corona

As a family doctor, I would like to describe my experiences here.

We have around 10,000 patients in our files. With the surrounding practices we supply the outskirts of a small town.

We see side effects and vaccine damage, far beyond the usual extent. And by that I don’t mean the “harmless” ones like high fever, headache, tiredness, skin reactions and the “vaccination arms.”

One patient is blind, confirmed by an ophthalmologist to be vaccinated, and has also had a stroke and a seizure. A severe allergic reaction. A total loss of the sense of taste. A case of unclear sensory disturbances. Nevertheless, the vaccination continues, because you want to travel again.

And now it is supposed to be the turn of the children who are not at risk from Corona.

Although we had and still have very close contact with Covid-positive people, nobody in our team got sick. And at the beginning of the outbreak, we didn’t even know that the patients had Corona and treated them without protection.

Our practice has never been overloaded, as it is sometimes with a flu epidemic. On the contrary: last year we sat around and got bored. The patients stayed home out of fear.

Now we hardly see an increase in Corona cases: Anxiety disorders, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, loneliness, existential fears, especially among boys.

Few of our patients have died. All of those were over 80 with multiple previous illnesses.

Personally, I’m afraid of the future, the social and economic consequences of the completely wrongheaded Corona policy. Healthy people are forcibly tested, vaccinated people no longer meet with non-vaccinated people. Those not vaccinated are further punished by isolation in the old people’s homes.

The vaccination is sold to us as salvation.

It is frightening how quickly society has turned into one with dictatorial features. As a doctor, you can no longer express your opinion publicly without experiencing restrictions.

Source: Telegram / care and hospital staff for education

Article #2:

Appeal from a pediatrician: “Please warn all parents about the Covid vaccination for children”

Hello! I am a pediatrician and currently work in a clinic. From the beginning I had the impression that this was not about fighting a viral disease, and last April there was an article in the Ärzteblatt that only a vaccination can help us out. I found all of this very conspicuous.

Most of the doctors in my clinic are “vaccinated”. I warned and tried to enlighten my colleagues because they hadn’t been informed. We received weekly requests to be vaccinated, were told that all vaccines were safe and effective, although at the same time it was announced in the chief physician’s meeting that vaccinated employees in Berlin had sinus vein thrombosis. It’s all so schizophrenic. My boss knows my opinion and doesn’t want to be vaccinated, but doesn’t know how long he can take the pressure. For many, it is ignorance and fear of being a bad doctor. My colleagues don’t want to grapple with the truth. I am extremely disappointed in my professional group. We should have got up and stopped it, but this phenomenon of fear does not stop with us doctors either. I have now seen almost more patients in the adult emergency room with vaccine side effects than with Covid. Please warn all parents about the Covid vaccination for children. There is a video available from doctors for individual vaccination decisions.

Afterword from the translator:

From Dr. Tenpenny: “If you can’t question the largest science experiment in history, if you can’t opt out, if you can’t highlight all the problems with it, and if any medical professional who dares to question it is silenced, then you are living in a state of global medical tyranny.”

7 thoughts on “German Doctors Warn About the Dangers of the Corona Vaccine

  1. My wife woke me this morning and asked for my passport. When I regained consciousness, she told me they needed it to provide my details as they were planning to vaccinate the whole village next month. OK they were doing it free of charge by I did not know where the vaccine was coming from. There are certain vaccines that I will not allow anywhere near me but I have heard that severe restrictions will be imposed upon those who refuse vaccination.

    To date, Thailand has been pretty relaxed about its Covid restrictions but if they are going to impose vaccines from a suspect source upon the population, then I might as well go back to England and endure bungling Boris and his chums.

    • Hope you don’t get that desperate, Peter! Although to be fair, the vaccination programme is the one thing the UK government got right, and I had the option of rejecting the Pfizer (not advised for those on immunosuppressants) in favour of the AstraZeneca.

      Looking forward to Tuesday, and my first pub visit since last year.

      • Have one for me, Mark. They are still not selling alcohol here as part of the lockdown.

  2. If there was real pandemic, people dying in the streets and such, and someone had a working vaccine – people would come from afar to get it and paid big money for it…

    But in this so called pandemic, governments buy vaccines for billions, governments pay billions for pro-vax propaganda, and then governments make incentives for vaxxed people, and in extreme cases send an army to jag all people…

    Something’s not right with the scenario we live in today.

    • Check out German Professor Stoecker who already had a “Vaccine” ready in April
      His “Vaccine” works, has no serious Side-effects, none that are threathening your Life or Health.
      It’s cheap, it’s a Antigen…..thingy and it apparently protects you for Life against all tose so conveniently appearing “Variants”.
      Unfortunately for this, they, the German Government and the Big Pharma Lobby want to lock him up.
      Check out their Company Site “”, they have Representatives/Doctors all over the World.
      Professor Stoecker even said in an Interview that anyone that wants this “Vaccine” should contact them and they’ll send it to their GP.
      That stuff doesn’t need special Freezers, because it comes in a Powder form that your GP, with instructions turns into a Liquid….or at least that’s the way I understood it.
      There’s a Article here on Gates of Vienna about it, and one on RAIRfoundation.

  3. It’s a big scum “ crime against humanity “ mafia try to depopulated people, that why they created this “ vaccine “ if they ok now after this experimental injection they will be suffering later !!, cancers, brain tumours and other different deadly illnesses..

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