Virulent New Strain of COVID Discovered in Myanmar

Yangon, Myanmar (Reuters) — Researchers at the King Tharrawaddy Virological Institute in Yangon have discovered a new variant of the COVID virus which they say is more virulent and possibly far more deadly than any earlier variants, even the British one.

Zaw Wai Soe, the acting Minister of Health, made the announcement on Wednesday during a Zoom conference call with high-ranking officials in the military government. Dr. Zaw Wai Soe, after consulting with the World Health Organization, determined that the new strain of coronavirus differs genetically from previous variants to such an extent that it will be given a separate taxonomic designation, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 3 (SARS-CoV-3), and be referred to internationally as COVID-21 as a convenient and easily recognizable shorter form.

The potential lethality of COVID-21 is a result of two additional partial nucleotide sequences within the entire viral RNA genome, one of them remarkably like a partial sequence from the Ebola virus, and the other resembling the Nairovirus that causes Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever. Microbiologists in China and Canada have ruled out any possibility that this new strain was artificially created in a laboratory, but do not offer any explanation for the mysterious appearance of the new sequences in COVID-21.

Epidemiologists who have studied the new virus say that the following characteristics are to be expected:

  • Symptoms of COVID-21 may include: high fever, coughing, sneezing, wheezing, eructation, bowel stoppage, bleeding through pores in the skin, and sudden fractures of bones in the chest, hips, and legs.
  • The virus may propagate via earth, air, fire, water, tree sap, motor oil, and magma.
  • Individuals may spread it by coughing, sneezing, talking, singing, exhaling, or looking at one another.
  • Virus particles may linger on surfaces and remain viable for up to nineteen years.
  • Standard hand sanitizers, whose active ingredient is ethyl alcohol, will be ineffective against COVID-21. New sanitizers containing acetone or toluene will be required, although a buffer for them that would limit skin damage has yet to be devised.
  • A person may be infected with the COVID-21 virus and remain symptomless and unaware of the infection, but the virus has the capacity to encyst itself in the spleen, lungs, or bone marrow, and then re-emerge years or decades later to ravage the body and cause disability or death.
  • The wearing of at least six (6) layered N-95 masks will be required.
  • A social distance of at least seven (7) meters [23 feet] between individuals must be maintained at all times.

Pfizer and AstraZeneca are already developing vaccines against COVID-21. Rollout is expected to begin in two to three months.

At a hastily convened press conference at the foot of the steps to Air Force One, President Joe Biden warned the American people that new sacrifices would be required of them in order that they might remain safe. He said, “Now, I know that I told my subjects… uh… citizens that we would soon be moving into the New Normal. But — c’mon, man! You can see that this… uh… new thing changes everything, and all that.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci took the microphone at that point to provide additional details: “As the president so eloquently stated, the New Normal will be delayed. When it arrives, HHS will notify citizens via a special app on their smartphones, which will also display the new rules and give people basic information about healthy practices, plus instructions on how they must behave to remain safe. The same app will also monitor their movements and activities to ensure compliance with the rules.

“I can’t emphasize too strongly that, unfortunately, we won’t be able to return to our old way of life. COVID is here to stay.”

In response to the dangerous new coronavirus, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson added a new, higher alert level to the four-tier system (Tier 1, Medium alert; Tier 2, High alert; Tier 3, Very High alert; and Tier 4, Stay at Home): “Tier 5, Stay in Your Bedroom”.

Under the new Tier 5 restrictions, residents may only leave their bedrooms to go to the lavatory or get food from the kitchen, and must be back behind a closed bedroom door within three minutes. Using new powers granted them by the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill, police will monitor citizens’ compliance using drones, thermal imaging, and microbots inserted through mail slots or under doors to surveil the interiors of homes.

28 thoughts on “Virulent New Strain of COVID Discovered in Myanmar

  1. April fools joke. You had me until the hand sanitiser solvents. Acetone is a ketone and would kill a virus after dissolving a lot of things, but Toluene is a stable aromatic hydrocarbon with no effect on viruses. Linking them as both active against viruses blew it for me.
    I would not be surprised if the Chinese were stupid enough to splice ebola and SARS. they are stupid enough to think just because they have the stolen technology to do it they should.

  2. If it’s in Myanmar, we also need to know whether it can be transmitted via high-velocity rounds.

  3. Who else of you thinks that they will discover one deadly strain of Covid 19 week after week after week?
    And the endresult will be the eternal lockdown (I claim TM Trademark for it!).

  4. You almost had me there. But then again, that probably is the future the Davos crowd want for us.

  5. I do not like, when we giving ideas to the Globalists. (Even when its an April’s Fools joke)
    They will use it!

    • Definitely. They did it with Orwell, Huxley, Kafka and Soloviev as well, and combined the worst parts of each, to create the dystopian world we face today.

  6. Baron, you left out that we will be forced to wear full hazmat suits in order to visit Walmart branches, air refils will be available in the airlock at a reasonable price for those with purple passports. Those without will be expected to hold their breath until shopping is completed.

  7. At the same press conference Biden admitted he had taken numerous trips with Epstein to Myanmar where they both enjoyed the company of small boys. Biden also admitted the same small boys were later brought to the USA where they helped scan millions of fabricated ballots for Biden in Phoenix, Atlanta, Detroit, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, and Las Vegas.

  8. Portugal nightmare! Communist tyrants who are running this banana republic, today voted to forcing people to wear masks in the streets up now to middle of June!

    Torture! Temps in portugal in June July aug are 40c or more!

    This enforcement comes with fines from 100 to 500 Euro, so some thug gnr Portuguese Nazi gestapo can beat you down, put huge fines on you or legally murder you if resist these communist tyrant killers.

    Portuguese are sheep! There’s no balls here, no protest only compliance with the Gestapo Portuguese Costa and some 80 year old commie president, who are all on big pay checks living in palaces, and killing Portuguese people and foreigners who are trapped in this commie hell hole.

    All news is propganda, all Portuguese papers, tv, radio, even Portg news in ENG news is propaganda and lies!

    The land border with spain is closed, everyone in portugal is in prison, unnotvallowed to drive or go outside of the council area yiu live in!

    They keep lying, promising to open up the lockdown, but every 2 weeks they decide to keep it going!

    This is hell!

    People in Portugal need to rise up now, go in streets, go to homes of these Portg communists who are behind these lockdowns

    Many people are dieing, Portg hospitals only admit covid people,

    If u have any other illness, then just stay home and die!

    This genocide all Portuguese politicians must be arrested detained, for Nuremberg 2.0 trial.

    Punishment must be capital punishment in public.

    Portuguese people wake up! Do something.

  9. Portugal continues to be terrorised, and people murdered by neo Nazi communists/ the citizens are in prison, and under totalitarian tyranny of communist Portuguese president and politicians, and medical bureaucrat liars, who have destroyed the people and country, they continue the terror!

    Portuguese people wake up, organise!

    Go to telegram or gab,

    Find: “the great reopening”

    Organise and Fight back!

    • How is Portugal different from the Fraud Biden’s fake mail in ballot junta Amerika?

  10. You had me going until I read Biden’s statement. It was too lucid.

    Happy Easter to All my fellow Christians.

    • He had me going too until the motor oil and magma! I was forming a theory of deliberate Chinese recombination of Ebola and Covid genes!
      Good one Baron, and thanks, I needed a laugh today!

    • Haha! Had me going too until the magma and motor oil part! The Wuhan Virology Institute are at it again I was thinking… good one Baron, and thanks, I needed a laugh today!

  11. I almost wanted this to be true. Myanmar. Soros and his Open Society grand junta kicked out of the country by the military. That COVID-21 would show up there first – despite the claimed denial – would be pudding proof that COVID (whatever the number) was bio-weapon lab created. This time as a Deep State revenge.

  12. You had me up to magma (although the sudden appearance of ebola raised an eyebrow).
    Lol you (affectionate mild expletive).

  13. I didn’t see this until today. I caught on at the broken bones and recalled what yesterday was. This reminded me of why certain people litter the past with lies.

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