The Vaccination Blues

Below are three articles from Europe about “vaccines” for the Wuhan Coronavirus. The first two concern deaths from blood clots related to the experimental AstraZeneca treatment, while the third is even more ominous.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating these reports from PolitikStube.

Article #1:

EMA representative confirms link between AstraZeneca vaccine and thrombosis cases

After weeks of uncertainty, a high-ranking representative of the EU Medicines Agency (EMA) drew a connection between the corona vaccination with the AstraZeneca vaccine and the occurrence of blood clots (thromboses).

It is “clear” that there is a “connection”, said the head of the EMA vaccination department, Marco Cavaleri, in a newspaper interview published on Tuesday: “In my opinion, we can now say that it is clear that there is a connection with the vaccine,” said Cavaleri, referring to the thromboses after AstraZeneca vaccinations, in an interview with the Italian newspaper Il Messaggero. In the interview he let it be known that the EMA would officially establish the connection “in the next few hours”.

However, according to Cavaleri, it is not yet clear how the AstraZeneca vaccine triggers blood clots in vaccinated people. The EMA had scheduled a trial of the AstraZeneca vaccine for Tuesday through Friday this week.

Source: Epoch Times

Tweet from Karl Lauterbach, a politician for the Social Democratic Party in Germany:

The result is important because many elderly people have had problems with venous thrombosis. Based on all available data, the AstraZeneca vaccine is safe for them and can be recommended to them.

Article #2:

AstraZeneca: 63-year-old dies after vaccination — family files a complaint

After a 63-year-old died of multiple thromboses in eastern France after being vaccinated with the AstraZeneca corona vaccine, relatives filed charges of negligent homicide. As the public prosecutor of the city of Annecy announced on Tuesday, the complaint is directed against unknown persons. According to a report in the local newspaper Le Dauphiné Libéré, the man died around three weeks ago.

“Within a day and a half, problem after problem accumulated, thrombosis in vital organs, the liver, kidneys, brain,” said the deceased’s brother in a video published by the newspaper. The 63-year-old was brought to the intensive care unit. “It happened very quickly,” his brother recalled.

The family, who were “95 percent” convinced that there was a connection between the death of the man and the recent vaccination, tried to have the incident recognized as a result of the vaccination, according to the information. It also reported the case to the ANSM Medicines Agency, which requested more information to clarify the cause of death.

Political room: Can’t be anything. As we know from Panik-Karl and the rest of the political actors from Germany, AstraZeneca is safe for people over 60 and will be therefore used.

Article #3:

Revealed: The introduction of vaccination records was planned as early as 2018

Ken Jebsen: Many countries are planning to introduce vaccination records soon. The government and the media claim that the measure is a direct result of the corona pandemic. In Europe, however, vaccination passports were already being worked on 20 months before the corona outbreak.

The European Commission published a proposal on vaccination records on April 26, 2018, well hidden in a document (see HERE) that the mainstream media did not make public. After the publication of the 10-page document, a global vaccination summit took place, which was hosted by the European Commission and the WHO.

This summit took place in Brussels on September 12, 2019, just three months before the Covid-19 outbreak. Participants included senior politicians, health ministers, senior scientists and UN officials.

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  1. COVID-19 Wuhan protection has nothing to do with health, but everything to do with graft, stealing, and above all, control.

    Hand washing is the new head on a swivel. Because COVID-19 Wuhan has 0.02% of a Mattis plan.

  2. I’ve known six people who had the virus early this year, and two died. They were both elderly and frail, but if the vaccine had been available 2-3 months earlier, they’d probably still be here, and I was especially fond of one, my neighbour, who was just short of her 97th birthday.

    I’m a mere 73, but was happy to have my second (AstraZenica) shot today. I’m high risk, for age and because of my medications. So far, I don’t even have a sore arm as I did with the first in January. I want to live, spend time with the people I love, meet them for a drink or meal, invite them round… maybe (?) complications will affect me later, but at least I’ll live fully in whatever time is left.

    • We know two elderly people who died after taking the first vaccine. You have a false sense of security.

      Make the most of your remaining time. I could say what the gene therapy injection will do. I won’t though as its too scary for you.

    • You are political correct good luck with you vaxine hope you get carma very soon humans proofen the most stupid of all life forms
      Arthur schopenhauer philosopher
      Lived in the 1700 I agree 1000 percent of his view

    • I received the Johnson and Johnson shot on Tuesday. It felt like a rock going into my muscle. The only symptom I had was extreme fatigue on Wednesday. I did lose my appetite for one day. I am glad I caved in and got it over with.

    • The only people who are dying from Covid-19 are very old or very frail with compromised immune systems. Healthy people with uncompromised immune systems have nothing to fear from Covid-19, not even the very old, provided they are not on their last legs due to other illnesses.

      The vaccines are powerful things, and have strong side effects which can knock down the young and the healthy. Doctors in the UK have stated whole teams of NHS workers have been laid low after being vaccinated at the same time.

      Giving these vaccines to the old and the frail will kill some of them. The weekly death rate in England shot up in January and early February from an average of 11,000 to 15,000 dead. This was precisely in line with the mass vaccinations carried out on the old and the frail in the old folk’s homes.

      Just to let you know:-)

  3. That last dude making the comment about covid is [someone whose intelligence I question].

    His friends didn’t die of covid, and if they received the vaccine they would likely be dead.

    [ad-hominem redacted]

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